Paripi Koumei

So what did you think of the new episode?

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will it ever be good again?

Bitches and whores

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I was fully expecting Kongming's keikaku and it to play out as he prepared but the drink for Kabetaijin's stomach ulcer was above and beyond. Fun episode. If Kongming's rap was more modern and appealed to his audience, he wouldn't need anyone else. The man does it all.

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>class lesbians give you a chance for a bi 3P since you're cute
>blow it
his fault

Eiko sex

What killed the hype?

Your wack rhymes

Bodied the shitposter.

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The Rap Battle was everything I expected it to be and more. Sasuga Kongming. As such, it made the creation of this abomination so much easier.

Rap sucks

koumei is definitely a fucking wizard

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Eiko's hips are a miracle of the universe.

>class lesbians
What? There were no signs that implied that they pretended to be lesbians.

Disregard women, acquire brothers

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Eiko is very hot

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That's because it wasn't pretend
It was normal

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based benevolent leader

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Okay, this anime and ZLS made me fall for the seiyuu rabbit hole and now im 100% a follower of Kaede Hondo.
Her singing voice is great and her squeal are just the best.

Bros are eternal, always remember that

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She doesn't sing in this one though.

One thing.
In the Kongming actually Kongming? Some poster in the last thread said the manga and story dropped hints its actually some guy gone schizo and not really reincarnated kongming.

I'm weary of these recaps

The Sleeping Dragon vs. the Fledgling Phoenix in a rap battle.
It was good.

It does not.

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She doesn't? Who sings the songs then?

They will suck his dick in an instant if they go to one of his rape battles.

All I see is you spouting nonsense.

Reminded me of this.

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You now remember this classic.

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This is Zombie Land Saga buy without lesbians, right?

96Neko, who is quite good in her own right.

>rape battles.
Sounds like they won't have a choice then.

>masters rap in a matter of hours
Is there anything he can't do?

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Episode finished
I really liked it

>rap battle
*MC batoru

I thought he was the better rapper.

He would have undoubtedly been trained in poetry. And good rap is just poetry set to a beat.

I really loved the jump to the old poem

winning the northern expeditions.

I don't know a thing about rap, but he's much better with the words. He should have won.

Keep Shu-Han around.

koumei is my favorite rapist

Kabe is best boy

bretty good user

Imagine you
Up in here trolling at me
Because you are salty
That girls are having fun flicking their beans
And not Kabe's small peen
And don't continue replying to me
Cuz you can't touch these beaz
Just hope Kung Fu will teach Kabe to get some fuckin' bitches

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I want to rap battle now

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Best background girl still hasn't been topped.

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Very nice

How wet did Eiko get after his performance, especially after declaring that he doesn't want to return home after because of her?

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But when will Kongming top her?

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I liked it more than episode 5 but it was still somewhat weak.
I'll have no other anime to watch for the rest of the week. Fuck!

This. C'mon PA Works, I want more of her cameos

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Kongming is for Eiko


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A servant doesn't fuck his master.

Did you see her face when he said he didn't want to go home because of her? She'll make it happen

That is really bad side mouth syndrome

>this nigga actually got a degree in chinese lit from Tokyo U

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>That is really bad side mouth syndrome
bruv you ain't seen shit

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What the fuck lmao

She's honoured and slightly embarrassed, not horny

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Sauce, pls

Pretty much.

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The rap, who cares about rap.

plz post more EIKO legs

It insists upon itself.

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Eiko out there making any outfit look good.

if Koumei shaved and went full bishonen Eiko would be all over him.

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he'll grow twice as much beard and get all the bitches

This, I just don't like rap, I guess that it can be used as a joke(which it is) but is hard for me to give a single shit about anything related to it.

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i love rap but japanese cant do it at all.

>filtered by poetry put to a beat
back to your focus-tested pop music, mongrels


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