Daily Shoulder-a-Coffin Kuro Side Story: Nostalgic Travelogue chapter

Chapter 6

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Done. Maybe Sen was Irish all along? That might explain a few things.
What sins from your past still haunt you?
See you tomorrow!

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>we know each other for like 15 years and we’re traveling 24/7 together for almost as long and are like father and daughter … but only now I'll tell you about my past life.

This is definitely the work of mushi.

Thanks OP. This was a great story, and almost too important to be just some side chapters.
>What sins from your past still haunt you?
Aside from all the murders and robberies I've mentioned in previous threads, there isn't really anything I can think of.

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They're relationship started off as promising to only be allies to get what they needed and it took them untill just recently to admit they've come to see each other as family.

Heck I keep finding out things about my parents and we've always been close.

this is my favorite chapter, didn't remember it was from the extra volume. there's just enough character interactions, magic and agricultural information that makes it great
>What sins from your past still haunt you?
nice try but I won't start a mental breakdown just now

sorry for the delay, here it is. I made kuro's hair darker and added a white border to them all like you did. I'm not sure if the "swing" frame will look good but I can redo it quickly if needed.

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lovely mo

as much as I tried I couldn't properly replicate all her cuteness and smartness

This is great, love the Sen.

A tall order for sure.

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I think it's the eyes. It's hard having to match 's intensity while keeping them closed.

Just look at this.

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I took the chance to make a lot of Mo crops, but I had forgotten just how fucked up her chapters were.

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I remember "experiments" like that as a kid

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Why am I moved?

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too soon

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Thank you girls

Sanju taking revenge on all them butterniggers

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This must be how they determined she was so cute and smart.

>gentlemen, we can rebuild her
>better than she was before. Cuter, smarter

saved all mos

Beautiful Kuro.

And yet you couldn't save her with it mattered the most.

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Thanks Op. Really glad we got to learn a bit more of Sen's story, and see them get on after the finale.

That one time when I was 7 I wouldn't be part of a group photo for no real reason. Why?

>Maybe Sen was Irish all along?
Potatoes were considered a sin by the local clergy, no way they were paddies

How many chapters does this go up to?

I wish we could have one more extra story of Sen's brothers meeting their new niece.

And that they're little bro can turn into bats.

Given that Kuro doesn't have the coffin andwe don't see the rest of Sen, I wonder where they are?
Maybe Sen can handle them well enough to keep them put in a cosy roost somewhere.

oh damn, not just kuro, but the mo, the dog, and the bat too

One or two more, I think.

maybe now that he has control over his powers he can concentrate all the bats into a single bat