Fat, love, and mitakes! Chapter 11 storytime

I'm in a romance, murder mystery mood, so why not?

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Of fucking course there's a spelling error in the op subject.

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Is it normal for girls to think guys would just let them keep their good suits?

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Rikako was pretty cute before she went nuts.

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There's having hope, and then there's just straight up denial.

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I made the font grey and thin to make it obvious Minami is talking under his breath

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Re-enter! Yumeco's mother! (No papa this time)

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It becomes more obvious along the series who tried to her. He is sorry for what he's done and hates himself for it

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Yuemco's face is drawn more like a dumpling starting in this volume. She'll also shrink in the next one.

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And I'm not sure which one I prefer. Her old design had more detail, but her new one is easier for rushed 10 episode netflix anime adaptations

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Yuemco's mom's kinda icey

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I think its explained later that Minami doesn't have the best parents in the world, which is why he gets snippy here.

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On that day, Minami learned that those javs were lies. Proper fat girls wear BIG underwear. Not those bikini's

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This part could've been better. Yumeco and her mother bonded in ways they hadn't before, and not even flashback? Could just be rushed. Other chapters in this volume have much better pacing

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I was gonna draw the text to fit the bubble, but what's the fucking point?

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This is a better example of the dumpling shape I was talking about. Her face looked longer in the first volume, and she got shorter.

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End of chapter 11! Get used to cliffhangers and later on, copouts in this manga.

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Of course, not only did I skip a page, but the text was meant for this one.

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Digging that aizawa chic

Yumeco's mother aint half bad. There's no good flash with her though.

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Starting 13! (These chapter covers get way goofier as time goes on.

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Do people even care much for package art? I'm guessing it's different depending on the coutry.

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Tamai's so used to this by now.

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He's still not telling her for obvious reasons.

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