Iori Minase

It's still Iori's Birthday in the west! Show some love!

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Show me your ass and I will show my love.

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>her looking at your posts

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The aftermath.

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>making a birthday thread when her birthday is already over in Japan
>not posting in the on-time thread yesterday
You are a bad husbando Vert.

But I was there. I was half the thread. I'm in the /jp/ one too that still up.

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Fuck off and kill yourself, shouldn't you be banned? Or did you suck a mod's dick after crying on video!


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____ Princess.


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What do you think it tastes like?

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Very expensive soap.

Oh shit, I didn't know that A's birthday was so close to mine.


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>not her birthday anymore

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I think Inori Minase chan is the better Minase!

I like her poorfag friend better

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She's a nice tsunderie and a good girl and don't even do buttstuff in canon

You think she'd be opposed to cleaning her shit off my dick with her mouth?

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You think she'd be happy with vaginal for her birthday?

I think she would probably do it in order to save herself the embarrassment of the guy seeing it and having to clean it up himself. Whether or not she would come to enjoy it is a different question.

My two favorites on the same bed

Which two?

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Iori and Hibiki

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People who draw iori with breasts need to be beaten to death

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Iori has C cups.