Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon

He'll "take" responsibility, right?

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Nice chorogon jokku, Iruru....

She's a reptile. There's no way they can breed, no matter how hard they try.
They probably end up adopting.

>Take-kun has a breast fetish
>Gets the boobiest chorogon
>Iruru literally does not care if anyone sees her tee-tahs

A better couple does not exist.

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>breast fetish
"Is male"

>"Is male"
Is human; we're all born wanting to suck on them.

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Join us in the future, user.

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Everytime I see Kanna's horns, I can't help but imagine that she has to occasionally floss them because of random debris getting stuck in between them

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How would it even get there?

Imagine if the wind just blew crumbs, dust, or hair into her horns

He's walking her home gently.

Dragons are unfallen demons. They can breed with anything.

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Spinoff when? I'm already polishing my scanlation skills.

Which spinioff do you mean?

Would she like, lay an egg then? What would happen if she changed between human and dragon form while pregnant? What would the baby even be, a half-dragon? How long would it take the baby to grow up? How long before it could use magic to disguise itself? Would They have to move to the fantasy world while raising it because it wouldn't be able to use magic? What would it's lifespan be like, would Take even live long enough to see his own children walk and talk?

I'm referring to a spinoff manga centered on Ilulu, the rest of the dragons already have one, so I assume that sooner or later Ilulu will have one as well.

Which one would be lucifer? (first of the angels and then fallen angel / first devil)

Tohru tries to get Kobayashi to use a magic cock to impregnate her on multiple occasions

>would Take even live long enough to see his own children walk and talk?
Dragons seem to mature at different rates given Illulu is the same age as Tohru but looks and acts younger. One could assume a half-human dragon might age faster.

>multiple occasions
Iruru has given Kobayashi a dick only twice, user.

She probably scrubs her horns while bathing.

we see that Tohru looked vaguely half as old as she does now when she met Kanna who was a toddler. given that they both appear to have aged by about 8 years in human terms in the same amount of time, that implies that kanna actually is half as old as tohru, matching their apparent ages as humans.
tohru makes a bunch of different comments about her age that make her either billions, a few hundred thousand, or about 2000 years old, depending on how you interpret them. so at the fastest it took kanna 1000 years to go from "2" to "9", meaning it took several human lifetimes before she even made it to "2".
Meaning it will be another 1000 years before she makes it to adulthood. Poor Saikawa.

Humans can become eternally young in Dragon Maid. Azad certainly is. Tohru also said she can make Kobayashi inmortal but she wouldn't like it.

post elmas

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Why does Maid Dragon have such extensive lore if it's just cute dragons doing cute things?

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Do you think Tohru would make Kobayashi immortal against her will? Is she capable of letting her die?

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Because the pathos hidden under the cute adds contrast, making the cute even cuter.
We appreciate the moments we have because we know that they cannot last forever.

I think that's what the tail meat is for?
Or if not immortal at least much stronger and more longevity.

Yes I will

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the more lore the better

I wanna suck on her horns

Tohru's Toorus.

nice to see someone knows what the REAL delicacy is

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Make sure to feed Elma!

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Another for Elma fag

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>ywn be Elma's househusband
feels bad

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how are dragons maid?

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user doesn't know...

with love

How was the second season? I never bothered to watch it, but I'm interested in the tit midget.

can you do one for Kanna's 9th volume (chapter 81-90)?

i blame Coolkyoushinja's attempts to connect DM to the rest of his mangaverse

Would she fuck me if I payed in sweets?

Pretty good, Ilulu was a nice addition to the cast.

>would Take even live long enough to see his own children walk and talk?
Thor already said there is immortality things for human in her world no ?

With our hearts.

dancing doragon

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iruru is deceased

Of course, she almost did it with a random guy in her manga.

here lies iruru
she never scored

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Fucking Elma would be considered bestiality?

Wait till they hear the full version:

Probably a special case in every respect. Could maybe still possess someone to perform a mockery of the immaculate conception though.

If any of your race has comparable intelligence and empathy to any of their race and attempting to fuck with reasonable preparations won't kill either of you, you can always ask.

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Tohru is sure to be furious when Ilulu shags Take before she does it with Kobayashi.

I think that gives it more charm.

Anyone got good 1920x1080 wallpaper ?

i almost did not watch this because i thought it'd be a mediocre moeshit snorefest