Plottwist of the decade so far

Plottwist of the decade so far

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Really now? Babby's first shonen?

Kubo did it first in the post 9/11 era

The good guy is secretly a bad guy all along?!?!?! I sure hope our heroes Yuno and Asta beat him so they can fulfil their dreams.

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Show me a better one

Shut up Jeremy

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This is what revolutionizing the industry looks like
Take notes chainsawchuds

i thought jeremy was anti-BC

Not much competition to be honest. That being said BC turned out way better than I thought it would at the start

>Planned since the start of the series

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Who the hell is jeremy

a schizo like anti-bastek or thk that spends his free time spamming pictures

is that the fire punch guy?

Loser i guess. Reminds me of the guy who makes the csm posts with the exact same words

It’s just fun to say Jeremy

this decade just started

Once I finish bleach I'm going to read this and I'm not going to speedread I'm going to try and pay attention to every detail and if I don't see proper foreshadowing I'm going to say it

THK doesnt spam pictures
Or the original one didn't

Unironically chapter of the year.

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Does anyone actually read Black Clover? I thought it was just a running gag. It seems like the most absurdly generic manga possible, bordering on parody

I hear yet another sheep bleating "I am part of the herd"

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>This is the masterlist of the stuff that was foreshadowed by Tabata. You should save this image and look back on it once you catch up

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Add this to Yuno Star Magic

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the start is kinda like that, but it's genuinely solid battle shounen with decent character development, and probably has some of the best team battles in the genre. It's very very derivative in many ways but that doesn't make it bad

Looks pretty interesting hope its good also thanks

Thanks, I'll add this to this to the chart

I noticed it randomly a few days ago lol.

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When would you guys say chapter wise BC picks up?

I think it's good from the beginning and slowly but steadily gets more interesting.
From chapter 1 it's already more interesting than a lot of the shonen from before 2000, I've been reading some older ones and they just don't match up.

hope this bait thread dies.

I read the first couple chapters and didn't think much of it maybe I just gotta get over the hump. I feel like it should resonate with me cause i love working out but something isn't hooking me with Asta's character I think it's cause he's short lol

So what made this one so good? I don't read black clover.

Second this

>The art is one of the best things about this manga. The style is pretty consistent from beginning to the current arc. It actually gets a lot better imo. Tabata actually has a good sense of fight choreography so the fights are fun to read
>The main characters are great and loveable
>CHADsta aka the main character
>The side characters are great as well because the author actually knows how to use them. They also get as much spotlight whereas if this followed the typical shonen pattern, they would be left to the dust but Tabata doesn't do that
>Good female cast that actually does stuff. Has a well developed heroine that people genuinely like as well. (She won first in a character popularity poll which is rare for shonen leads)
>As you read, you begin to realize that the author is actually a competent writer. He's good at setting things up and using it later down the storyline

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Unfathomably based

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indeed, Yea Forums hipsters will seethe but it is the undeniable truth.

Its a very clever set up plot twist actually that was hinted in a competent way and fixes many things you could consider plotholes. Easily raised the arc from 4/10 to 7/10

Its extremel generic at the start and i personally assumed the author to be one of those retards who can draw well but simply cannot make a story stand out. Turns out tabata cares about the side cast too and develops them unlike e.g. Naruro where everyone was thrown in the garbage at some point

The question is about the plot twist

This was predictable though

didnt everyone call this as soon as dabi was introduced? the main theory around him was that he was related to endeavor

I asked about the plottwist you retarded shonenshitter.

>Generic 'good guy is actually evil all along' twist that's been done a million times already
>BCfags eat it up and claim it's the best twist ever
Lol. Lmao

I disliked the anime because everyone was shouting all the time like an infinite gag and this put me out if immedesimation on the world building

>Generic 'good guy is actually evil all along' twist that's been done a million times already
Unironically what are some other examples in battle shonen? I don't recall

> anime because everyone was shouting all the time like an infinite gag
Yes, we know Pierrot is retarded.
> immedesimation
LMFAO the absolute state of Black Chadver detractors

One Piece




>good guy
he was a fat bastard with shit tastes from day 1

LMFAO how do you expect anyone to take you seriously after this

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>Horribly written plot twist
>Asta will just get another asspull to win
What are you retarded faggots celebrating about?

He was a fat bastard who goes from being ideologically aligned with luffy, countering bellamy's cynicism to being luffy's greatest threat in a twisted version of their ideals
Great twist that didnt need hundreds of chapters of foreshadowing, it was all done the moment he was introduced

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Blackbeard was very obviously a bad guy from the beginning. Even ruffy was suspicious of him

My mistake, I just love BC. Since you're the one genuinely asking the question I'll answer you instead of the other retard below.

As for the plot twist, it's one that people didn't really see coming. It's one of those twists that people though people who actually theorized it were stupid but once revealed, the build up and set up the author has done makes it actually make sense.

The Wizard King is the strongest mage and his job is to protect the entire Clover Kingdom. His status is equivalent to a King (almost) so this twist of him being the final villain is a pretty nice twist. The one saving the entire Clover Kingdom is also the one to bring it's downfall.

Though shock factor had to be a part of it, it makes readers question everything that the Julius has done in the past. We know Tabata had this set this up since chapter 1, so it makes them question every action Julius has taken whether it was intentional or unconscious or not.

His magic also is Time Magic which was used the entire Lucifero fight that people assumed to be shit. This one twist changed how people viewed the entire arc.

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It was good but not the biggest one

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Power ups aren't twists

And the dude in BC wasn't?


>This is what revolutionizing the industry looks like
>Take notes chainsawchuds

No, THIS is what a revolution looks like

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>Time's up
>I'm full of time
Why do the translations differ? Anyway I just caught up to like 40+ Blacked Lover chapters because you fags were being annoying about this, and it wasn't all that great. He's clearly being possessed or something, and not a keikaku chad. He'll fight his evil dark side and become le wholesome again by trying really hard and screaming, like every other conflict in this series is resolved. It's a twist, I guess, but I don't get the big uproar.

I'd read somewhere in one of the threads he was actually rewinding time everytime they failed and THAT would've made for a good twist and explained the unrepentant shounenshittery throughout the series, but it seems like that was just bullshit.

In conclusion, Axed Clover is and always was as inoffensively shounen as it could physically get away with, and this changes nothing. Good art and interesting magic system, but terrible story-telling skills.

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Nah, a children's show already did that several years ago

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Julius being evil was predicted years ago, ignore clovertard gaslighting