Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 107

TL out, dumping. Selene vs. Ignia.

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Not the smartest idea.

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PTSD Natsu.

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This is from the guy who says 12 minus 5 is 10

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That's the end. Selene's seen better days.

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Also new twitter art of Wendy for Children's Day. And something about him working on a third project now, obviously that new thing he mentioned a while back in conjunction with EZ + 100YQ.

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Not like this...

>And something about him working on a third project now

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Might be. I wonder if it's another series or a game, or something else entirely. You never know with this bloke.

That's cute but, Why a cactus?

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>Rough sketch for the new original game that came up in the news (maybe it will be killed)
Would be another gacha?

>Selene returning to her human form

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>jobbed (on purpose) to Suzaku
>jobbed to Ignia
>only victory is jumping Georg
Selene is a loser

I don't care that she lost, I just don't want her dead.

>Another series
Based on the desings alone, what could be, another spaceseries?


So why is Ignia a dragon god when Igneel wasnt

I remember him saying his next main series is likely to be in a medieval setting similar to Fairy Tail. Whatever this new project of his is, it's probably something on the smaller scale of things, rather than his next major work?

They're 'gods' in name only. It's just a title because of how strong they are.

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Not cool!

>The five dragon jerks
I would have called them the five dragon assholes

The more accurate translation would be "Five God Dragons".

Wherever I see a spread like this, the first thing I think is that it needs more reactions

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>Natsu helps Ignia
>befriends Ignia
>Natsu and Ignia beat the dragon magic god (Acnologia but stronger)

And thus all lacrima technology on the planet was turned to sand.

Interesting that Selene seems to really like humans. Would even prevent the resurrection of dragons. What's the angle with her?

>Ignia was the coolest guy!

She just headbutted him. What a woman.

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If Natsu will kick Ignia's ass, I hope he does that by turning into a dragon. So far he only grows scales I think.



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I want to see his dragon form from the second movie show up again.

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Natsu incinerated him from inside out
Selene will live

How would be the dragonification for Natsu, would his dragon form keep his pink hair or some feature to distinguish from Ignia?

Is it too much to ask this level of animation for the 100YQ anime?

For the love of god what chapter is this from

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Chapter 86

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Probably. Even the first movie looked great, but I'm not going to get my hopes up.

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