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New thread for today's episode.

Ganbare Shamiko

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Lico a cute!

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How do we stop Mikan?

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There is no stopping her. She will tang everything.

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Her pee is probably indistinguishable from lemon juice.

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the original Yea Forums translation wasn't minced up, it was ripped open.

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What one year on an all Shamiko diet will do to you.

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All I can say is Sunrise translation destroys all the implications behind the line.

Synsepalum dulcificum. As much Synsepalum dulcificum as we can possibly harvest.

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>tfw last thread died right before image limit

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Who voiced Sakura? Her name is not on the credits.

Anime makes some characters super flat, but I don't know if they're supposed to be or not.

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JC staff fucked Sakura's breasts up as they did Ryou. How is this allowed?

Her tail might not be as expressive as Shamiko's, but her ears are here to make up for it

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How ironic.

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by the time seven seas catches on the tankobans, volume 7 probably still won't be complete. do we have the technology to rebuild ito better, stronger, faster yet?

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So, if Lilith and her kin can invade the "minds" of non-sentient things, did she accidentally invade the mind of the stone statue that she currently inhabits?

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Everyone is 2 ranks flatter in the anime.

Even Momo has "some" breasts in the manga. Not huge, but not flat.

And I went back and checked, they made the Lilith Yoshiro mostly flat in the anime, while they're busty in the manga, since Momo designed them to look like Shami

The only character who doesn't get reduced is Shamiko ironically, and Mikan, and maybe Seiko.

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They're hoarding all the breasts to be used later

Lixpo wasn't hit too bad, depending on the scene

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No, when you get sealed you basically turn into a useless nicknack.

Its implied Shami clan can invade the "psyche" of anything, Mikazuki kinda tells Shamiko her real potential alter on, although she doesn't realize it yet. Shamiko is nowhere near realizing her real power yet, even in the manga.

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Its the lack of any cleavage that really makes it look like there's nothing there sometimes. Even when there should obviously be some cleavage.

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Its really hard to tell if that's skin though. It has the same color as her skin, but that could just be confusing coloring.

Not much new fanart so far, I guess they're still making it.

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Hocus Focus.

What kind of """straight""" girl wears very expensive and probably kinky for a date with her "platonic" friend het bros?

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She took literally everyone's advice there; Ryoko's advice for a riot shield, Honya's advice for leopard print shirt, and Seiko's advice was lingerie. Momo couldn't differentiate good advice from bad advice there, but she took Seiko's advice to heart at least.

I always wear elaborate lingerie when I'm hanging out with the lads

Two volumes later we'll eventually find out that necklace is some sort of deep lore, and Ogura planned it all out.

Ito will always go the way of the deep lore. Look at Sata Anri being from the clan of Satan for example.

i can see it happening.

There it is, the first KIKIKANLI of the season.

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>reused animation

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Great episode monmo was very cute and abusive,the Tapir and fox va did a great job too

>Changes back to her school uniform just to immediately take it off again
Very strange Mazoku

So many cute scared shamikos

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Magical girl puts Mazoku into a coma(gone wrong)

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>instantly falls asleep
I wish I had this demonic power.

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There was an abundance of Shamiboobs

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At long last, キターーーーーー(゜∀゜)ーーーーーー!!

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Wonderful Shamithighs too.

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Don't forget the citrus menace

They're a real problem

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I see flat chests run in the Chiyoda family.

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the biggest dork

shamiko brainwashing cute magical girl

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False, they are a solution

You are the problem for not believing in them. I believe in Shami-boobs. They can save the world one day. Ganbare.

Momo has some mounds outside of the anime.

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In this dark world where all hopes and dreams have been extinguished, the shamitits are only filled with despair and lead.

>They can save the world one day.
So would you say that they are a final solution?

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The modest hills of Monmo look flat next to the mighty Shamiko mountains

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JC mustn't have breasts too big.