1 year later... I am forgotten

Not a single Berserk thread on Kentaro Miura's death anniversary.

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Let us remember him the way he would want to. By listening to the newest im@s song which tells you to not give up and do your best and that your idols love you:

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It really do be like that, man

Holy shit has it really been 1 year already? My life's still a mess.

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Well now if I, or anyone else after me, posts then we'll be poseurs.

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RIP man. I loved berserk :(

We moved on

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>iPhone filename

>It's been a year
FUCK, well at least I started trying out the PS2 game a yesterday. fuck whoever thought infinitely respawning enemies was a good idea
even if it's cannonalso fuck tree monsters absolute cancerstill enjoying the game, swinging Dragonslayer is satisfying as fuck

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Fuck Miura, he failed his story, his fans and himself.

The sword threads were nice. RIP

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fuck me, it's really been a year already
I've been re-reading Berserk lately, motivated by the fact that my gf was paid by a weeb student to write an assignment about architecture in berserk lmao

>Kentaro Miura
literally who?

S-shut up...

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Berserk is overrated.

How could you manage to hold such a dogshit opinion in a human brain? Are you more than a human, or less?

He's a Chainsawmanfag so less, and I say this as someone who enjoyed that book but it's not THAT good

every berserk thread for the last few months has just been shitty bait.

I'm sorry, Miura-san, I failed you.

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Still no plans for a continuation?

Editor tried to check Miura's computer for notes but only found drawings of naked Schierke.

I believe that those may be on the 20th

I don't know it just feels like a copy and pasted formula used to make money without any real inspiration behind it

To me it feels like it's already been three years since he's left the land of the living

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Fine, listen to M@STERPIECE then youtube.com/watch?v=VAIx8aNlpXU

The only solution to prevent Eclipse from happening.

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Everyone is too frustated with his indecisiveness in life to feel sad. It's a shame he died relatively young, but he was also either lazy or unable to let go which led to him never finishing the series nor cancelling it. People are so used to wait for the series to get back from its hiatus that even now they keep theorizing about manuscripts that have never seen the light of the day.

Has it seriously been a year? What the fuck, I thought it was like 6 months ago

He worked harder on Berserk back in the day than most of you miserable faggots ever will in your entire life

It's not uncommon knowledge that staff thought he worked too hard, even by Japanese standards, and drew in too much detail and it wasn't sustainable. The digital transition was slow and a obviously a struggle.

Not to mention the way he died may have been affected by how he worked in prior years and worsened his heart

Dude, I'm just preparing my folder for that day, give me a break

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>He worked harder on Berserk back in the day than most of you miserable faggots ever will in your entire life
And yet he couldn't even finish his most importnat manga.

>most important manga
But the goldem and loli manga was finished, what are you on about?

It has been his death anniversary for literally 35 minutes. He died on the 6th.
He will never be forgotten.

Now where have I seen this before?

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Not to be a dick but why the FUCK isn't the pyblisher saying anything? If nothing's happening just tell us so i can let go already.
The wait is torture.

>It has been his death anniversary for literally 35 minutes.
Nigger do you not know how timezones work? It's 8:40 AM on 5/6 in Japan, it's been the 6th for almost 9 hours.

Miura was only the peak of the iceberg of what I loss in these two years, I'm in the post eclipse phase of my life, all is shit, matbe I will recover at someooint hoping that who write the stori doesn't die.

Nigga you dont understand that this isnt acutally a Japanese website.

You're literally on Yea Forums, if you don't have a second clock set to JST you don't belong here.

They should just compile those and release a new volume.

retard, he’s japanig

>1 year later... I am forgotten
Not really forgotten. it's just that there is no need to make a thread here, since after Miura's death it got more exposure outside.

imagine if he sacrificed himself to save Casca from being raped, so Guts gets raped instead.
When i think about it, this is a lot more fucked.

Why the fuck would you make an anniversary of someone's passing? That's like celebrating his death. Berserk already has billion threads every day and it's growing more popular each day with zoomers.

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why even bother with forums anime if you aren't paying attention to nip time

>doesn't remember Japan Time threads

Damn I remember, that was cool. I can even see my shitty katana. It hurts ....

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There were a few of those images, my shitty sword aint on there so here it is.

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This. His whole life was a giant waste. Serves as a reminder to me to not waste my life further.

soul vs. soulless

I like Chainsawman, but fuck you for implying it would replace Berzerk in any shape or form.

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My memorial speech is on hiatus, I'll get around to it eventually.

Time is moving too fast.

He actually died on the 3rd but news was not made public till the 6th.

Did he not leave notes of any kind on how he wanted to end it?

It took almost a decade for the artist to finally officially kill HOTD in an interview after the author died.


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It's a beautiful sword.

To be fair it's not that good of a manga.

>considers Berserk "not that good"
it's still lightyears better than CSM

Still crying for Miura.

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Still struggling