User, why do you like evil women?

user, why do you like evil women?

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The overwhelming aura of superiority leads to the smuggest of mugs.

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Anal correction

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All women are evil, so it's that or be a faggot.

stop projecting, user-kun

because I'm also evil

Somebody has to.

Big evil booba.
Fat squishy villainous milkers.

>on her clothes

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the only interesting female characters are villains.
a vast majority of heroines are doormats with no personality besides male character-kun.

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She needs a man in her life to straighten her out.

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I don't mind evil women, but I hate retarded bitches like Kushida.

quiet sociopath mcs are lame
smug bastard mcs are based

There Hotter then when they turn good

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Because they have more character than a pure boring maiden.

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Proactive, sometimes cunning, and hot

I want to tame them.

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I can fix her.

I can't fix.

They're more honest than women who supposedly aren't evil

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Why can't you fix Homura?

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Wait. Is her plan actually to implicate the guy for molesting her by claiming they can dust her blazer for fingerprints?

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I can save her.

I miss her

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Bad girls are hotter than good girls

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Unfixable, the carpet munching is too strong.

Evil is relative. It's fine if she doesn't enjoy stepping on puppies or torturing kids or something

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Because I'm evil as well and they're realistically the only kind of woman that would be able to tolerate me.

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Women can't be evil, retard

That is her plan.

>That is her plan.
Jesus she's retarded then. At least use a fucking hidden camera or something.

she's a sociopath who pretends to be the perfect pretty nice girl who's competing with the main tsun heroine.
When MC sees her sperging out about tsun girl she drops the act and tries to entrap him with blackmail material.
Except that blackmail material is his fingerprints on her clothes' boob so it's all pointless.

For me, it's evil women who have a gentle ''normal'' appearance

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Would you really trust an evil woman to be the mother of your children?

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that look is so hot

There is no non-evil woman

Fuck I need to stop putting off this VN


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what's the point if she wouldnt find joy in popping a dog's head between her teeth like a grape?


Dies Irae is peak fiction.

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Cuz the thought of them killing me is hot.

if you're in middleschool

in middleschool the big thing was Highschool DxD and Rosario x Vampire

That'd be naruto or other popular shounenshit
Dies Irae is legendary

MC uses the fact that she's stashing one of her blazers as "evidence" in his own scheme anyway.

evil girls fuck the best

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Because good women are boring.


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What is the context for this scene? Does she have a reason to strip or is she just a petty pervert?

IIRC characters in that DtB universe have to do certain things when they use their powers and it's different for each character, in her case it was stripping.

In Darker than Black people with powers are known as 'Contractors'. When using their powers they are compelled to perform what's called a renumeration which is some kind of action. Basically think of it as OCD where a guy that teleports has to arrange pebbles into a 12x12 grid or some guy that can control gravity has to break one of his fingers everytime he lifts something up. Gravity manipulation chick's remuneration is stripping off cloths.

It's the cost she has to pay for having used her ability, if I remember right

Evil games are only good when you can marry them and turn them into the mother of your children.

>most evil character in the whole ridiculously edgy series
>gets a truly wonderful and wholesome happy ending
>marries the love of her life
>starts a family
>husband makes her the happiest woman in the world
>everyone else dies horribly or suffers

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Thanks, anons!

Not in the anime, which is the only thing I cared to watch because AGK is awful.

Because of electric light orchestra.

>most evil character in the whole ridiculously edgy series
She's not Poncho the rapist clown, the Prime Minister, or the Prime Minister's son. Hell, she's not even Esdeath or Budo the Jobber.

Can someone post that pic with the villainess and MC's kid? I think it was from light novel or VN

Dykes can't be fixed.