New short in two hours, followed by subs for the full episode later today. Come watch the onikko invent new ways to win your heart.

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Episode 4: "Club Activity Oni"
The onikko are living a quiet life, having even grown used to school now. However, they've grown so used to this life they've completely forgotten their mission to improve the image of oni! After they come to their senses and realize things can't continue like this, the trio decide to follow Momo's suggestion of partaking in club activities!
As they check out the rather strange club activities at Oha Suta Middle School, they run into the mech club, which is about to be shut down. The trio decides to join the drone race the club's existence hinges on...!

>Blue in thighhighs
Thank you.


>Thank you for watching today! Oh my, at this rate it seems the mecha club is going to get shut down! To avoid that happening, they have to make a machine the entire school thinks is awesome...! What's going to happen to the club?! Tomorrow a really cool machine is going to appear! This is an absolute must see! Stay tuned!


>It's the last day of Golden Week... and we got to see the trio in their Inventor Style! I actually really like this one, lol. Will they be able to prevent the mecha club from getting shut down?! By the way, I'm in the going-straight-home-after-school club! Look forward to the next episode!! -Mika

And this one too:


>CD preorders are avilable for the Onipan anime theme song "Onipapapan! Pan!", releasing Wednesday June 1st! If you buy the CD at Asmart or certain other stores you get a 2L photo of Onipan's in uniform on location as a bonus! It's a bit larger than standard size! Please get one!

>By the way, I'm in the going-straight-home-after-school club!

Blue will save the day again.

It's for science!

reminder blue is a lazy bastard and the worst oni

reminder blue is a lazy bastard and the best oni

>promo pic for today's short
>everyone has oil stains on their face and labcoats from working on the drones
>except for Blue because she didn't do shit

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Blue is literally me.

Blue best girl

Cute Emmett Brown cosplay.

>in real life it's Yellow that's the lazy one

Best girl.

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Real life Blue apparently isn't in any clubs at the moment either, since she only mentions one she used to be in

Transformation scene today?

I hope so. Might be fun to see them put onipan on over their onipan outfits if they go that route.

She wears her skirt so short this shouldn't be embarrassing to her

20 minutes to go, yo.

Ready for more Blue.

Here we go!

Sunshine is on drugs.

He's hilarious.

I miss when Shokotan was part of this.

So is this RizSta thing what kids in nipland are into these days?

Yellow skirt girl was cute.

Today's quiz from the Nazotokingdom anime: What word do you spell when you follow the shortest route through the maze?
You should be able to solve this.

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I love how they take the piss out of Pokemon like this.

>she cracked up during the weather report

>they cut the transformation scene AGAIN
Why is this allowed?

Was that parodying Star Wars episode 1 or something else?

Episode 1 is what I took away from it.

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Very nice animation on some of those scenes.

>already out of their scientist outfits
>no proper shot of Blue's thigh-highs
>still no onipan-putting-on scene
>don't get to see them in the onipan during either transformation
Maximum bruh.

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This is what it would have looked like given the school setting so that's probably why they skipped them, but still, you've caught lightning with this show, don't drop the bottle now.

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Maybe they DID get used to transforming after all

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What did they call the new style? Couldn't catch it. Racer Style?

And now we wait for subs and news about next week.


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How long until subs, 4 hours?

Sounds about right.

>almost all Onipan lewds are of Blue
What did they mean by this?

She's worst oni so they don't feel she deserves to have her body respected.


Previous Oha Suta short character cameo when?

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Blue is for marriage, not lewding.

wtf I love Japan now!?


>Thank you for watching today! This episode involved a drone race with the mecha club's existence on the line! And the Onikko did an Onipan Change into their Racer Style and gave us a tense race, don't you think? The case is now closed and the club avoided getting shut down! Look forward to next week!!

Best girl is best

They'd better not start cutting the onipan scenes when they're back in outfits we haven't seen them in yet.