Which Precure team do you girls wanna have a pajama party with?

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Team - Either TR, Heartcatch, or Splash Star.
Able to pick any Cures, I'd pick Tsubomi, Himari, Minori, Emiru, and Hime.

What do you do at a pajama party

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Me in the comments.

The Hugtto so I can get fizzy with Saaya.

...the GoPri girls, perharps

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Cute kig princesses.

Also cute hmrn sqrl.

>9 replies / 8 users
That's an insane ratio these days.

What's insane about it?

Apptempt to masturbate in chastity while all the girls tease and step on you.

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No bully

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I feel like the Kira kigs must have screwed around as much as the Doki kigs but there's not much documentation of it outside Yukari kig

I want to comment about how much I want to eat Kome kome's pussy.

From the thumbnail I thought they were staring at a huge horse dildo.

Imagine the zeqx...

Cute and canon

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We mainstream now.

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When does Precure stop getting 1080p BD releases? Are they all upscaled after a point? It looks like everything but Futari wa got one and it's going to literally murder my hard drive space.

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Dunno, I had to buy a HDD to store my cure seasons to share with my friends.

/pc/ seasons:

>Eps 1-6
massive influx of tourists and people burned out expecting the new season to become a Madoka-lite and subvert even the most minuscule Precure traditions like in a "Why Team Rocket doesn't use guns!?" kind of way among other complaints.
>Eps 7-12
Filter already working, tourists get bored and the thread is slowing down to more traditional speeds.
>Eps 13-24
Build up and conclusion in the second cour, probably one of the most comfy and positive stretches of the year.
>Eps 25-36
Thread starts becoming more grumpy, in the secons half of this period multiple pipes in user houses break causing them to yell "leaks!?" in the thread, they're desperate for tips.
>Ep 37-44
Thread realizes the show is reaching its final stretch, more and more tourists and people who dropped the season start to come back making the place more hectic again, especially to inform that their houses have leaks.
>Ep 45-48
This period pretty much merges with the beginning of the next season, tribe wars are at full force by this point and the hype is not unlike a typical popular show in Yea Forums.

Prepare to set aside literally 2 terabytes of space. Like the other user I bought a whole hard drive just for precure. Luckily it isnt the old days and they're relatively cheap with good space

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star twinkle. did someone ever rip the bds? anyway you might as well get a new hdd for just precure mine is several tbs at this point.

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ST got BDs I think, the ones that didn't were HG and TR.

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No sleeping on the job!

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From Yes5 and up, everything has 1080p, I don't think the post-Healin' Good seasons have BD uploads specifically but Precure got into Crunchyroll so we have weekly 1080p raws, Precure is not the kind of show to fix stuff in BDs so nobody is excited for them recently (even if the audio is technically improved).

Personally I only downloaded like 2 seasons at a time, took the screenshots that I wanted while I watched then I deleted the seasons.
Need to find out which episode something happened? Open Precure wiki and go to the episode lists, they have a gallery there so you can grab a screenshot in case you want to illustrate or highlight something in your post.
Want to rewatch a specific scene or episode? will be enough, need to rewatch a whole season? Well why not just download the season again?
I don't see a reason to sacrifice a HD just for those 800-something episodes.

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Star Twinkle got BDs like 3 months ago, before that we had the japanese Netflix raws.

>Rin, Ako and Iona's faces
Reika just told them something really lewd.

I don't have a better version of this pic either so I'm not criticizing you in particular user but why can't I find a better quality version of this picture

I'm kind of glad this became a joke.

Yeah man there's no shortage of passable sites for streaming anime, tokusatsu on the other hand is only tucked away in J-Drama streaming sites and I never found a good one, hoarding seasons in your HD is the way to go.

Reika told them about the time she femdom'd me.

She told them they had to keep the bitchy cures together.

I like having anime downloaded just in case something happens. If I end up disliking it I'll just delete it from my drive. There's been times where I don't have access to the internet so it's occasionally useful.


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Precure needs more looking after babies episodes. They are always fun.

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That's very cute.

God I love these two.

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It'd be a cute episode, all the girls except Asumi suddenly being turned into little babies and Asumi now has to awkwardly take care of them, always stopping to ask Lady Rate what she should do.
We can even have a fun scene where Nodoka refuses to grow up again so she can live out the childhood she was denied!

Does Saaya wish she was android?

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Are you from the Tedain Precure hentai world? GIWTM in any of them.

I could see the episode playing out exactly like that.

>scene where Nodoka refuses to grow up again so she can live out the childhood she was denied!
This one would hit in the feels.

It's cuter when you realize that Nodoka didn't have the chance to have a normal childhood with friends of her age because she was busy being stuck in a hospital so she going back to her childhood with the rest of the HGs is a good thing.

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>We can even have a fun scene where Nodoka refuses to grow up again so she can live out the childhood she was denied!
Oh god, that would hurt.

Saki's cutelewd midriff

I reckon there'd be a scene where the virus of the day is attacking the town, and all the other girls have decided they need to grow up and do just that, and Rabirin is asking Nodoka to do the same, and we get one of those sad close ups of Nodokas mouth with her eyes in shadow, and she asks "why" in that sad way she sometimes did, and she pours her little soul out about how she deserve the years that were stolen from her. Although in the end Nodoka isn't a girl who lives selfishly despite what some people would incorrectly say, and she would age herself back to the proper Precure fighting age, but it'd be something nobody would ever forget, yeehaw

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Only a few more days until the next episode.

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Good face on Ran in the first drawing, and that back...