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He will return.

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>Created with a more OP quirk than the MAIN villain.

Hori will forever be retarded for this.

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Everyone knows Overhaul and Lemillion are the best in that garbage series

Since Dabi is a zombie that smells like shit, what are the chances he could have gone to Kai and become his permanent test subject in exchange for fixing his body.

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With quirk technology, anything is possible I suppose. I'm sure there's an mpreg quirk out there somewhere.

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>Dabi and Kai in the same orphanage

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Sex organ switch with Mirko so she can knock up boys and give us the bunny filled future we deserve.

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Lets end did debate once and for all, should quirkless heroes and villains be a thing?

Deku, Ochako, iida
Deku vs Nagant
Shigaraki in PLW
Shigaraki's current


No, its retarded.

inb4”Read capeshit”

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Go read american capeshit if you want that.


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Name one good reason why they can exist?

Because you self-inserting is not evidence that they can’t.


Too bad the manga said otherwise.

Well as you can see, user said “should” they be a thing. Not “are” they a thing. I understand you’re a very slow reader, or maybe seeing someone not describe quirkless people as garbage sends you into a frothing rage.

Mirio surviving fighting him quirkless was BS

>AFO is behind ALL villains, not society
Schizofrenic manga is schizo

I ask him why they can exist, not why should they be a thing retard. Learn to read first.

Because it’s a manga you idiot. Don’t go calling other people retards when you’re the stupidest fucking guy here. What next, are you going to whine about quirks not being realistic?

Could Deku have done it? No, not with his background. But if you had someone with Stain-level physicals and the best technology/gadgets the verse had to offer, they could make a pretty good hero.

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>Stain-level physicals
>best technology/gadgets the verse had to offer
You are basically giving them superpowers at this point, why even bother to pretend they are normal in the first place?

Also Stain's deal is impossible for quirkless since its canon that the human body adapt to quirk and become stronger than those won't have it.

I really want to overpower and dominate deku

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Because quirkless people are a discriminated minority and in MHA heroes are celebrities, so a quirkless person becoming one would be interesting. It isn't canon that Stain is stronger than a regular guy, it has never been said anywhere.

>it has never been said anywhere.
Movie 3, when Bakugou go out to blast humarise members, Deku has to remind him to be careful since some of them are quirkless and more squishy

Isn't that because they literally don't have quirks to defend themselves? If not, fair enough, but aren't the movies are dubiously canon after Bakugo got OFA without getting quirk AIDS?

>Isn't that because they literally don't have quirks to defend themselves
No, they have guns. Its just that they are weaker than the one that have quirks.

>but aren't the movies are dubiously canon
Don't care, if he said they are weaker, then they are weaker.

Damn, you sure are invested in your hyper-specific interpretation of an incredibly vague line. A line Hori had nothing to do with, no less. And you call other people obsessed.

If you are going to give your quirkless hero superpowers like Stain-level physics, then don't pretend that they are normal.

It's about the in-universe distinction. No one is pretending shonen characters are comparable to normal human beings.

I need this bun in my life

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They practically already do as half of all quirks are fucking garbage

If vigilante is canon, then movies are definitely canon.

they're all canon, but they're all the type of canon where the main series isn't allowed to acknowledge them because the owners of the property don't want people who haven't seen everything don't get confused at mentions of stuff seperate from what they do know
i dunno, franchises are fucking dumb sometimes.

Canonically made for Bakugo only, confirmed by Hori

>but they're all the type of canon where the main series isn't allowed to acknowledge them
Ok so they aren’t canon then, that’s not how canon work.

0, because he thinks he is superior, accepting help from anyone would be wrong.

Holy based taste

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>No one is pretending shonen characters are comparable to normal human beings.
The guys who think quirkless heroes are badass normals certainly are.

Do…do you not know how fiction works?

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is Deku's bitch.

Does MHA fumble its potential?

>JOBBED to Infinite 100% DeKEK
ftfy. If you actually cared, you wouldn't downplay the opponent he faced.

no it's a basic bitch battle shonen stop treating it as anything other than that
also, who

Sure, as long as it makes sense.

oh definitely,
>OVA about OFA predecessors
We only really have detailed info on AM, Nana and soon maybe Yoichi. I would hesitate to call En or the danger sense guy characters at all.
You'd think OfA in general would get more..spotlight or care put into it. But nope.

If my hero had some kinda power system outside of quirks. Kinda like having in one peice.

I kinda wish they did sometimes similar to luther strode or demon slayer where there could be techniques that increase strength and other bull shit.

Most characters feel super weak int he story. If you had something like that, you could have "powerless" characters still be intimidating.

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