Haruhi bunny

Haruhi bunny

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My wife

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Thanks user I needed this

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Good, Haruhi's breasts were so perfect. Quite large, but not so large as to feel grotesque or comical. I want this manic girl to be my girlfriend so bad. And not right now, but as in I want her to be my girlfriend in the mid-to-late 00s. That would have been my ideal teenage life.

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Oh God she is so hot I would go to jail for her.

Haruhi's meaty thighs!

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woah, it's a haruhi bunny!!

Would she be considered a tomboy?

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>Haruhi's breasts were so perfect.

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sure, why not. she could beat up all the boys

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Find me sexiest anime girl than Haruhi.
Protip: You can't.

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Half of this cartoon looks like Clannad, the other half looks like K-On

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I don't care about Clannad or K-On but I love Haruhi and Lucky Star.

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Dumb, useless, and not even the best girl in her show.

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Need long-hair Haruhi

haruhi made me into a misogynist

Haruhi made me into a haruhiist.

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Do you guys watch all of EE when you rewatch

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I tried. I made it two episodes in and then skipped to the end.

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when i rewatch or show it to people i just do the last one, it's more surprising finding out they're in a loop when you only see it once

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Yeah I reckon it works fine as a standalone.


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I only rewatch the original 14 episodes in broadcast order.

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How do Haruhifags feel about Evangelion?

why she sit

maybe her butt

Love both


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Yes, but I never rewatch.


>Yet another Haruhi collab

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>Yuki chan designs

It's not THAT bad.

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Wait for it.

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I have been waiting for several minutes now and she still hasn't sat on my face.

wait longer

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>I have been waiting for several minutes
>I ve been waiting for several minutes
>been waiting for several minutes
>waiting for several minutes
>waiting for minutes
Some of us have been waiting for ten fucking years.

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That's because you're not Kyon.

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Now do haruhi reverse bunny

>Now do haruhi
Excellent idea.
>reverse bunny
Die in a trendy fire.

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what would you do with a tiny ryoko?

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