Re:Zero WN: 57B

Chapter 57B of arc 7 dropped today

How do you enjoy Emilia's return, user?

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I fucking hate it

It's amazing!

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I'm done

it has madeline so its good

Flop will survive

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He flopped to his death user.

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Wasn't as bad as I thought it would be desu, timeframe makes no sense but the fight was pretty cool.

There is no character called "rowaal" and Tia was never interested in Subaru that way.

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That post didn't mention Subaru
Looks like you need better reading comprehension

We get Remcuck meltdowns so its 10/10 in my book

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>「私の名前はエミリ……エミリー! 通りすがりの精霊術師よ!」
Muscle brained!

fuck off with that shitty art
the arc is bad cope more

Has Re Zero genuinely gone to shit or is this just Yea Forums being contrarian.
I’m caught up with arc 5, vaguely know what happens in arc 6, very vaguely in 7, and I remember recent spoilers mentioning a huge fuck up for Subaru and a game changing event…so I thought the story was going well

Frederica and Petra sidestory with volume 30?

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what remcuck meltdowns alternate reality user? people are mad because all the build up and tension is gone, Madelyn already jobbed hard

No japanese fans were complaining about it, only Yea Forums

>Still on Arc 6
At least finish it user.

>It's bad's bad
Nice non-argument, moron.
The arc will probably shit the bed from now on, but the prior bits weren't as bad as the fags here claim.

>He thinks the shitposter is going to care

>「その、キュージンショウもだけど、リュウビトって何なの? 亜人なのよね」
Moblia's braon at work.


I’ve honestly been trying to catch up on more manga.
I’m about to finish Shut Hell, in the middle of Usogui, and about a dozen or more so other series I really want to finish.
I love Re Zero. But it’s a bit of time sink and with how hectic my finals have been, I just haven’t had the time or concentration for just reading light novels

I should quoted the reply.

Arc 7 has generally been looked down on in most places I've seen, not just here

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We’ll have to wait and see how this plays out but Emilia showing up, now, basically takes away any uniqueness this arc had. The B plot now has lost all of its stakes, Rem will be united with Ram without Subaru. The whole Subaru Rem dynamic that this arc had, with him trying to build trust through his actions, literally is over now. Because Subaru now has retard and co to vouch for him. Rem no longer has to find herself and find meaning, She’ll just be dragged along by miss icy sonic speed over to where ever Subaru is. Subaru being separated isn’t that big of a deal now, since miss break all land speed records now can just go over there if Beatrice tells Emilia where he is. I really enjoyed the arc so far. Now this? I’ll give it a 2 more chapters before completely losing hope.

Yeah, the fight choreography was fine. For better or worse Emilia is better when her being an idiot is used. But why she's even here and what she's doing is extra retarded.

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>Rem will be united with Ram without Subaru
Not if Ram is outside the city and refuses to go near it, because apparently their whole camp is just fucking around waiting for Emilia to kill all the dragons herself.

Moblia is alone, she came in by herself.

Eh I think I get the picture now.
Doesn’t seem to be as bad as it Yea Forums is making it out to be, but definitely a decline.
Tappei seems like one who actually reads what people say about each chapter and how it’s progressing. If it really starts getting that bad, he’ll probably change things up and come out of the quality slump

>Tappei seems like one who actually reads what people say about each chapter and how it’s progressing
He doesn't, actually.

Any minute now Mizelda is going to come out of the basement with all the Shudrak and show these dragons who's boss... aaaaaaanny minute now.

I always got the vibe from comments I Read about him and web novel that he was the type who could understand criticism.
Guess I’m wrong

Sure but what do you think will happen when the fight is over? They won't wait for Subaru to reunite the twins. Subaru failed. Subaru failed Rem. Rem's confidence is rebuilt by Priscilla. Emilia is bringing her back home. Emilia is reuniting her with Ram. Guaral and Priscilla camp gave her a purpose.

Subaru did nothing for Rem. His efforts were pointless. He handed her over to others.

She saw the dragons and rushed in. They wouldn't know to go to Guaral in the first place if it wasn't for Ram.

half of the chapter was wasted to infodumb and repeat the same shit again like what a general is or spiriteater,

yes it was

He can, but IIRC he doesn't have time to check comments or something. It's not that he's completely unaware or anything, but he's not reading lots and lots of stuff and reactions or anything.

The fight is over.

She soooooo fasss looook at her go

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With one fell swoop, Tappei has solved the Rem problem and Emilia’s glorious heavenly mandate will now rein supreme as the only ship in Re:Zero. All hail the greatest heroine in all of human history.

Subaru hasn't been Rem's hero. Priscilla and Emilia are being Rem's hero instead.

Some hero they are with Flop dying

>They wouldn't know to go to Guaral in the first place if it wasn't for Ram.
They aren't going to Guaral. Nobody else but Emilia wanted to help but Emilia can't leave it alone and apparently their not wanting to help extends so hard they don't want to help Emilia either. There's no mention she's leaving the dragons or protection to civvies to her allies or any mention of them doing that, the only one who contributed anything was apparently Petra telling Emilia they don't like the cold and to have fun. A better end to the chapter probably would have been Ram intercepting Madelyn's attack or something but they apparently both aren't here and aren't interested in being here or dealing with this.

>Tappei seems like one who actually reads what people say about each chapter and how it’s progressing.
I don't know man, Emilia who's the suppsoed main heroine isn't improving as character, I don't know why he would ignore fixing something so vital and potentially detrimental as we have seen in these recent chapters to the novels, unless it's something only criticised here.

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Specs daily dooming

Place your bets on how Flop lives
A) Rem heals him with some extra super healing she pulls out of her ass
B) Priscilla comes in and soul marries him
C) I can't believe Flop is fucking dead
D) Emilia comes in and heals him better than Rem ever could

I noticed he got upset on twitter the other day at being accused of not being a real Rem fan.

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Well maybe he shouldn't spend all his time saying Rem is dead forever and his 50 exciting theories on how Emilia has already solo won.

E)Petra kisses him.

>yes it was
No, it wasn't. But keep beating the drum if you think it would magically make them bad out of nowhere.

Got to see if she's even still at Guaral since Madelyn was defeated.

But he's clearly not? His concern trolling is paper thin.

>Emilia sneaks off convinced she has properly hidden her identity
>Everyone else is just back at the wagon and rolls their eyes when she gets back so they can go do important things
>Ram says the town is shitty and there's nothing important there and Emilia shouldn't have wasted her time
>Lots of people died but everyone just has a big laugh that Emilia is so muscle-brained

Spec's anything but a Rem fan
His posts ooze Rem aversion

>Emilia just coincidentally fucks off without seeing Rem and re-unites with everyone else
That would be gag manga-tier shit, but at this point I would take it. Though nonetheless I doubt that would happen because Ram exists and she can sense and detect where Rem is even if Emilia goes full Gorillia.

Eh honestly....they might genuinely not be criticizing him.
Otaku and light novel readers are the type who like that innocent pure japanese ideal woman. Its boring as shit, but for the specific sub audience...its what they like.

>Though nonetheless I doubt that would happen because Ram exists and she can sense and detect where Rem is
So you would think, but apparently not.

What if Ram is detecting Rui?

Emilia has better radar for a person she doesn't even know exists or that she needed to hunt down than Ram does for Rem.

If they've come to Guaral, it's because they're detecting Rem

Possible, but I think it's unlikely. When Rem was a potato she could tell where she was and if she was alive. And the thing she does at the end of arc 6 requires her to be connected to Rem's body itself. So she should be detecting Rem's body.
Unless there has been the mother of all weird fuck ups and Capella was actually there and Rem's body isn't actually Rem's body. But that's retarded.

>Arc 6: Emilia counting the stairs
>Arc 7: Emilia misses Rem even when she's right in front lf her
Going by how her IQ seems to drop with each arc it might be possible. Kinda horrifying how in-character this would for our main heroine don't you think?
Actual nice theory. But let's how it pans out. As one man said let's expect the worst for now.

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it went to shit after tappei abused his "writer training wheels" to erase any character that posed a threat to emilia's popularity, the worst offense is that he left one alive in case he needs to erase another character

>posed a threat to emilia's popularity
Can't threaten what doesn't exist

Posting this again from the last thread but I updated the Pastebin with the final ver for chapter 60 and the WIP for chapters 54-55B

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They haven't though. They are traveling in this vicinity because that was the general direction, but they had no interest in going to Guaral and none of them except Emilia wanted to defend it. They are just nearby and saw the dragons and Emilia rushed off to deal with it while everyone else wanted to ignore it. If they thought something important was there they would all have rushed over.

>while everyone else wanted to ignore it
That wasn't said.

So that means they're not detecting Rem? How is that possible, Ram doesn't detect Rem?

Emilia's entrance has dulled my enjoyment of Arc 7 in a way I never thought it possible. Now I'm not even looking forward to her finding Subaru and possibly even confessing or something.

Fucking hell, man. Even my confidence in Tappei writing a good story til the end is affected by this.

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Ok but why is Emilia alone? You would think that someone would be with her to save her ass if nothing else

It was a very long trip and Emilia got hungry

Because Emilia just needs to be so good
So where are they? Emilia doesn't say she has any allies, there's no mention of them at all. It says Emilia couldn't ignore the problem and ran off alone, which means everyone else could ignore the problem. Emilia isn't so much faster than anyone else in the camp that she can skate across the entire city and have a giant fight and then more time to pass after the fight for Madelyn to crawl over to where Rem is without a single other member being in the city unless they simply aren't coming. Especially if they should know where to go and have done it to secure Rem immediately, but they didn't so clearly that's not what they're doing.

Tbf iirc Ram and Otto aren't the fastest, though Otto not rushing after her in order to fix any misshap she might do is weird. Garfiel should have been able to keep up.

That's not the problem. How can Ram not detect Rem?

All these recent chapters and side stories is proof that Re Zero is worse when Subaru is not the focus. You cannot refute this

Petra is at the very least alive because she told Emilia about dragons. No mention if she still has eyeballs though.

Because the plot needs her to not so only Emilia can be interested in saving the city and only out of the goodness of her heart and everyone else is assholes who would let people die in front of them even though that's not how most of them have been characterized before.

Why would Petra know about Dragon being weak to the cold ?

No, they're proof that Tappei lost his touch and got in way over his head with the lack of any detailed plan whipped up beforehand plus the need to make every single sidestory entertaining with deep lore that muddles things to the nth degree

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>So where are they?
That remains to be seen, but you are lying when you say they don't care and aren't coming. Plain and simple. Nothing about the topic was brought up.

sure EOP

>Tbf iirc Ram
Ram is literally the fastest if she is concerned about something. And Rem being eaten by dragons would count as something concerning to her. Only Roswaal is probably faster since he can fly extremely quickly.

Quit your antics focusing on Emilia fest, Ram not detecting Rem has a lore reason. Are we certain Ram doesn't detect Rem?

Speaking of the rest of the camp, was the clown with them? If Emilia was so fast in going there then I would expect him to at least be behind her at least since he can fly, and her dying would be a problem to them obviously
Maybe Rem is truly dead DOHOHOHOHOHO
Just kidding, I know the link won't work if she's dead

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