Mitsuboshi Colors

I'd give up EVERYTHING to be where that faggot policeman is. And you know you would do the same.

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Surely Yea Forums still cares about the Colors.

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To be shot in the dick with a dud rocket?

I love the ACAB lolis

Same but to be their sex slave

That is a small price to pay to get stomped by JS gamer goddess.

>gamer goddess

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most gamers are

Im more into doing the dominating myself

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Is this what you want?

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stupid sexy kids

I only want Kotoha and to protect her smile.

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You sure?

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Sacchan is just stupid

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where did you get this screenshot of me

New series from Katsuwo fucking when?
I miss Bocchi and the Colors so much.

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Sacchan's smooth and soft thighs. You need to get with her early before she becomes a super famous model.

Ah, there's no hurry.

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Why is Yui such a bitch? She ruined the whole chapter!

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I'm wearing my 三星カラース tank top right now.

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He's already done JS and JC stories, the next one should be JK.


Leader leading.

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>Hang on, this isn't Mario Kart!

Eh, funny as a one shot thing, but definitely wouldn't work as a full series. It'd just be weird.

I just want more cute girls doing cute things in his style. He's real good at it.

Meanwhile Sacchan is playing another kind of game

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I don't like this drawing. It makes me feel sad and uncomfortable.

She's pretty happy though

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Here's a much better one.

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>Mitsuboshit Colors

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Shut up, Miu

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Thanks, I feel a lot better now.

I like both series but Colors is better because it has no gross smoker in it.

That's a bit far, I don't even smoke but Nobue is lovely

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>Ichigo Mashitmaro

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is this by the bocchi mangaka, designs look very similar

What if Kotoha was really your gf? What would that be like....

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>Colors is better
Sales numbers say otherwise.

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>just kotoha
>not dating all of them simultaneously

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I like how their outfits change from episode to episode

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They do have massive wardrobes.

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dressing her in cute outfits is one of the reasons I want daughters

Exactly. I love it when shows do this. The outfits add so much personality to particular situations and make them more memorable. I think a lot of shows would benefit from this

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Though I wouldn't cheat on my wife Koto-chan, I will say that whoever falls for Yui is a man of culture as well.

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Sacchan is....average.

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>I love it when shows do this.
yuru yuri, card captor sakura, and ichigo mashimaro come to mind
yui is cute too

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For you.

Do the colors need correction?

The one getting corrected will be you.

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I listened to the whole thing, it was very nice.

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For me? It’s a second season of Colors, Bocchi, and Strawberry marshmallow.

The amount of lolicon anime recently makes me hopeful

Too bad it’s all sterile garbage with no eroticism

>no eroticism
That really depends on how much of a pervert you are.

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No male characters or even nudity. Loli is in a sad state.

Just bare toes, bare feet, bare tummies, bare thighs, nopan, bare foreheads, bare backs, skin-tight clothes over flat chests
You just need to be more of a pervert and more of a lolicon
>no male characters
self-inserters BTFO

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