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She got robbed.
Fuck you Tokutaro.

In what way?

Thank God they don't show her ugly boob mole.

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No focus arc unlike literally all the other main girls.
The beach chapter where she says she's gonna become Aoba's support just so a few chapters later the the one who get Aoba out of her depression being Hotaru rather than her.


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for old men

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Is she constipated?

This expression instantly makes a girl 3 times cuter

I miss Hifumin's extremely sexual and erotic body so much

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You confess your feelings to Hifumi and she says that she only likes you as a friend. She wants to continue talking or hanging out for a few hours every day, though, because she really does like you as a best friend even if she'll never date you. What do you do?

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Have sex with her. As a friend.


Be grateful I dodged a bullet. She'd be fun to fuck but having to deal with her crippled personality the other 23hrs would not be.

game developers look like THAT?

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I'm a guy
with hair that long
and it's not that fucking easy to wash your hair
when it's that long
that is all.

user, you're 3D and she's 2D. Imagine how much easier your hair would be to manage if you got rid of a whole dimension.

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Seriously or are you just memeing?

How can I nail an interview like Nenecchi?

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sexy female made for rape

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You nail the interviewer.

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fucking SEX

I like that outfit

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I'm not even into that but she needs some more junk in the trunk.

try to get her into femdom

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Is a game dev a "gamer girl"?

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Is it weird the hair flip made me the hardest?


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That sounds painful.

How did this series end?

I banged Aoba

A big orgy

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