Dragon Ball Super

What's next for our heroes Goku and Bejita?

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Dragonball is washed up

Dragon Ball Super is relevant and rejuvenated

This is the thread.

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I can't stop seeing the mouth creases as little moustaches

Verguita will get his boipucci fucced

Fight you? No, I wanna kill you!

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When did Skillet draw this?

They know making DB lose is gonna attract seething and views no matter what.

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They will defeat the movie villain.

Kneel now

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Is SSGSSJKKx20 canon?

You forgot the first J.

>Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan
Holy fuck the concept was so bad they couldn't even find one good name for it

Now that the dust has settled, can we agree that years of hanging out with Bejita made Goku respect his saiyan heritage?

Post the rest of this. I think SSJ4 having a non Hairy ass is hilarious.

Skillet is a trans. Are you new?

CHADllet is a masculine GayCHAD

Is Ultra Ego canon?

Will Eggo waffles do a Bejita cross promotion? Ultra Eggo Bejita waffles would be cool.

Those words don't mix.

Everything after the original DB manga isn't canon, that includes GT, Goku and his friends return, BoG, RoF and Super.

Canon to the manga, yes.


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Yeah, that's for sure! Now come with me SHITgeta, we've a bad guy to beat and I need you as a fusion fodder!

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According to Geekdom’s top sources at Toei, no.

I would like compelling stories

Why are you replying to that post like you were Goku and reply to it like the poster was Bejita? Are you ok?

I can identify Lorna Morgan, Gianna Micheals and Angela White.
I know the other two but I can't remember their names, the one with the pale blue bikini could be Nicole Peters but I have doubts, the one with the pink bikini, I know her very well but I can't remember her name.

Why is he gae?


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CHADS of /trash/

>Brown dub
He hardly makes a sound in the CANON Japanese audio.

CHADS of /treasure/.

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Should I buy it? It seems like an interesting read

>Asian American

>Yes, my favorite character is Jiren. How could you tell?

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Goku? A JirenScholar.

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That wouldn't look so homoerotic if he did it all in one quick movement, the fact he stops and gets close to your face then does it makes it suuuper gay

hello wifebeater-sama

what's your fucking problem

What happened to the thread?


Why did Toriyama choose Toyotaro for the Dragon Ball Super Manga? He has deep connections with some of the biggest names in Jump, deep connections with Toei, and Dragon Ball has received multiple spin-offs and one-shots. Why are we dealing with an amateur fan-fic artist, when we could have Nakatsuru or anyone else?

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Toyotaro is a starry-eyed fanboy who would be happy to work for minimum wage.

Also, it wasn't Toriyama the one who chose Tracerhacko. Don't believe the marketing hype, it was all a Shueisha decision.

No one else is humble enough to trace Toriyama's work and get the artstyle right.

>In b4 I get killed by scholars cause the art still sucks
It's passable.

A Dragon Ball Super thread has reached page 10.
Truly, these are the end times.

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Unfortunately everyone is in the SHITgang thread
We lost...


When will the anime return?


I can't speak for the others, but I am stunned how hard janny is pushing his homo act. He seems to think being gay un public is a victory for him.

This is concerning because he is VERY gay, so his life must be a non-stop string of victories

We are...



This was set up for a joke btw.

Yes they do? Bejita is gay and is an uber Chad.

>Manga is barely discussed
>Gatchafags are the only people talking about anything
>Super Heroes has 0 hype
>Anime is dead
The only other time Dragon Ball was deader was when GT ended.


>Trains every fucking moment of his life
>Weaker than a washed up cop and a dirty oldman
LMAO there isn't a soul more cucked than Tenshinhan.

Chichi when she was young

Manga had an ultra instinct chakra mecha after Goku gave a senzu bean to a Buu-tier magician that eats planets and copies powers by touching you...

I'm still stunned.

NO, we are The CHADS of Yea Forums

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Who's winning this?

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