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Zero episode today

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She really went from Shimakaze to Enterprise in that time skip.

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God that's hot

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Hey, you finally spelled the title correctly (assuming you're the retard who made the last few episodes' threads).

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Nope, went out of my way to create the thread while episode is airing to not have to deal with that faggot anymore.

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My wife

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and that's a good thing

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What's with this retarded name. Was he a villain from the prequel?

Did you not watch it?

poor brown tits never stood a chance

he wasn't in the anime, but he could have been in the books

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Pretty sure he was in the anime, if only in flashbacks.

Ugly hag

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Are you ready to acknowledge sensei supremacy?

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Holy based, I actually thought about doing that myself but never got around to doing it.

Zero sure grew up

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Are you cat?

She's a hag that lost her main appeal.
See Loux for how to hag it up the right way.

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That's not just mana transfer, that's a sloppy Prisma Illya style kiss. Anyone who thought the brown deer had a shot is done now.


Aren't witches supposed to be eternal?
How the fuck she and the blonde shota grew up to hag tier in only 10 years?

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They literally spelled it out for you speedwatcher-kun, magic keeps you eternally youthful and Zero has lost much of hers by this point.
no idea what that means for Albus though especially given her heritage

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Are they fucking?

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Unexpectedly wholesome.

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Japanese subs doko.

antlerfags absolutely demolished

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Is literally every woman in this series paired up with furry and/or disproportionately large cock?