>Chapter 105, free time
>Naga and Naoto on their way to the zoo
>Met Shikki on her way to Shinsengumi
>She gets flustered when she sees him
>Tries to compose herself
>Feigning focus to Nagatoro, but steals a lot of glances to senpai

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How soft are Gamo's gamos?

Question for Shikki:
What is bigger, the big senpai cock, or his bravery?

>respectful of her senior
>isn’t afraid to show a little skin
>is also dorky
Bonus: she’s cute and have a sexy body
Any man who reject her is a moron.

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>>isn’t afraid to show a little skin

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Watch your mouth.

Warning: extremely erotic

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Shikki's shikis

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>She gets flustered when she sees him

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Literally a meal.


774's big tittied autists are the best.

>gap moe shikki

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I’m gonna say it:
Shikki is a boring character outside of her basic narrative potential. She brings almost nothing new to the table outside of maybe helping Naga with judo in the future.
>Pres is a better shameless booba behemoth
>Suno is a better autist and “wingwoman”
>Orihara is a better judo rival
>Her lackeys already fill the role of antagonists

Horrible thread.

>>Pres (Sana Sunomiya) is a better shameless booba behemoth
>>Suno (Sana Sunomiya) is a better autist and “wingwoman”
Why list the same person twice?
>I-I meant the other on-
Then specify that next time, retard.

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The rest of the cast only refer to Sana as president, and Hana as Sunomiya.
It’s already implicitly specified.

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How can someone be this rude?

That's because the Shikki spin off where she dates my self insert isn't out yet

She's pres if she had a mean streak and utilized her popular status. After her 'redemption' she became more self-aware as well, something pres lacks

Next time instead of trying to defend your horrendous post just straight up kill yourself.

Get out of the closet user don't worry we will not judge you

betabuxx detected

Quit seething so hard, Hayase, it's embarrassing.

Her boobs are way too big

Prez IS self aware, she's just half autist and half "i know what am i doing", while Hana is downright autistic.
That said, Prez and Hana are god tier and any post that says otherwise is made by Nagatoro Hayase

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Hana > presidente

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Hana is absolutely adorable in every way!

While i hold them to the same regard i understand, every man to his own taste, all that matters is that we know of quality my man

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My Naga would bootyblast all the frauds in the NBA

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I want to manhandle nagatoro

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>only 581x1014

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Nice. Thank you.
Naga would be shook by Satsuki, sadly.

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some user posted a link to this and one other naga pic on catbox the other day, both literally over 200 MB, which is fucking hilarious to me

That's because constant generals made by spics with nothing better to do kept happening, and now we get to suffer the consequences of avatarfagging and literal fanfics being posted all the time..

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but so far you're the only avatarfag in these threads senpaifag

The Angel of Art
The Beauty of Brushwork
The Champion of Composition
The Diva of Dadaism
The Empress of Expressionism
The Fraulein of Flashiness
The Giantess of Graphic design
The Hallmark of Hentai
The Imperatrix of Impressionism
The Joconde of Japonism
The Kunoichi of Kalligraphy
The Lioness of Lewdness
The Mistress of Marble
The Ninja of Nudity
The Ordained of Opera
The Princess of Pornography
The Queen of Quills
The Ruler of Rococo
The Star of Shading
The Temptress of Tempera
The Utilist of Ultramarine
The Visionary of Vanitas
The Wielder of Water paint
The Xena of Xylography
The Youngster of Yellowing
The Zealot of Zackenstil


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>On vacation next Naga Monday
I haven't experienced one of those live in more than a year.

Fair point, user. Curses.

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Gamo x Paisen is the best timeline

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Pause can survive a cardiobunny like Nagatoro but not a straight up brawler like Gamo.

Last nagamonday was pretty based

Hana x Presidente

Based dubs

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Anyone got an archive? I miss it half the time but I missed it for like a week this time.

I know it was just a minor spelling error, but calling paisen
is hilarious

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Based, love between cousins is the purest form of love


Good timing. It's gonna be a real fun one.

Senpai ni Necchuu! - Senpai, Oppai, I'm Lovin Her Hip

Thank you!