What do you even do after watching Ojamajo Doremi? There is literally nothing that will ever touch this anime

What do you even do after watching Ojamajo Doremi? There is literally nothing that will ever touch this anime.
There is so much love and soul poured into every corner of it. It is a life changing experience. It transforms your entire world and makes you a better person. It is literally the greatest piece of fiction ever written. Human creativity peaked with Ojamajo Doremi and there won't ever be another show like it.

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Yes, that is true.

You read the doujins.

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Any recommendations?

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>What do you even do after watching Ojamajo Doremi?
Watch it again, of course.

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My wife is so pretty

Tomorrow is Momo-chan's birthday!

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Never forget, we saw cute little Aiko nakid once.

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And when you finish what? commission more?

Tried watching some episodes and found it boring and formulaic. Love it as a kid though.

There are wholesome doujins too.

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Nice words user. It is definitely one of the best anime ever realized.

I never finished watching the last few episodes because I didn't want it to end. It's been about 10 years since then

We aint allowed to do that here.

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> he thinks he could finish

Probably has the most doujins for a series out there.
There is no finished.

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I think they look cute as boys too.

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Well, there's also the game. As I understand, it's basically an OVA with interactive elements. Also the novels, the 2020 movie, and the shorts, including the Heartwarming Theater thing that I think it's still being produced.
There's also the manga, but no one has that.

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there are scans of the manga in italian

boy doremi doremi boy boy doremi doremi boy boy doremi doremi boy

After I fell into the Precure rabbit hole in 2017 and watched everything, I came back to this and was impressed, I do think it's one of the best children's TV animation ever made, it doesn't fear tackling issues while it still has tons of fun doing that, it's cute, it's entertaining, it has 200 episodes for your brain to completely immerse into the world, it has a great balance of everything and you'll 100% leave the show with an empty feeling because there's nothing quite like it to watch anymore, first season of Aikatsu came close to reminding me of my times with Doremi but only the first one, the rest is still a decent kid's anime but they lost something in the transition.


For real? Could you dump?

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I'm normally not into shota... But...


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how many times have you seen doremi?

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Boyjamajo is nice.

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There are few episodes I've seen only once, but I saw the whole show from beggining to end only once.

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You think they grow one when they do this?

was hard to finish watching the whole thing with kaboom, almost as much as with precure star twinkle, I'm getting old but magical girl shows are still the best for me out there right now.

Her mom is also hot as fuck.

Judging by the size of Boyremi's shoes he's pretty equipped

>first season of Aikatsu came close to reminding me of my times with Doremi
This was the push I needed to finally watch Aikatsu. Thanks user

That's a myth.

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I already miss the Yea Forums thread.

Last night's thread?

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Funny, I was OP of that one. Glad you liked it, my cunny-living friend.

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Cute little boys.

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I want to humpu onpu

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Yes! Yes, happy birthday, Momo-chan!

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Watch it again.


Look who drawed a Hazuki

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