One Piece

Rivals always get the main girl in shonen

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When will I see Katakuri?

>Top 5 Sexiest:
1. Yamato
2. Yamato
3. Yamato
4. Yamato
5. Yamato
>Top 5 Cutest:
1. Yamato
2. Yamato
3. Yamato
4. Yamato
5. Yamato
>Top 5 Prettiest:
1. Yamato
2. Yamato
3. Yamato
4. Yamato
5. Yamato
>Top 5 Funniest:
1. Yamato
2. Yamato
3. Yamato
4. Yamato
5. Yamato
>Top 5 Personalities:
1. Yamato
2. Yamato
3. Yamato
4. Yamato
5. Yamato

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Why is this allowed?

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I can't take Kidd seriously, he wears lipstick.

I will get the main girl

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Why waste your time tracing a screenshot? You might as well post the original instead of your bad copy.

smoker won and luffy and ace lost, and luffy will never and I repeat never beat smoker in a fight.


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This but with Krieg

How hard is gonna be the rage when Yamato marries Momo and stays in Wano

There's not a single character I loathe more in One Piece than Nami. She's a greedy violent bitch who instigates and beats up all the male characters FULLY knowing that they're indoctrinated into not hitting a twat back and will NEVER smack her ass back because they're all pussy whipped. Even as a kid before Arlong showed up, she was already a greedy whore. And I hate how Nami is the real Captain of the Straw Hats. She knows where to go, how to get to places and she always tends to assume the role of giving the orders when there's trouble. If only Luffy wasn't retarded and understood how to sail so he could ditch her ass.

Sanji is also the absolute worst. He drags One Piece down a notch every time his face shows up. Always hated Loser Horndog type of characters since Brock from Pokemon. This fucker lives and is ruled by his dick, and I genuinely hope he gets castrated. Even better if it's done by the object of his worship (Nami), that way he can be redeemed in my eyes and his dick can never control him, prompting him to sell out his friends. Seriously, if the World Government sent Sanji a prostitute, he would put all the Straw Hats on death row in a second.

Boa Hancock is also despicable. She's an example of Oda's sickening woman worshipping views. Her catchphrase is bragging that she will get away with ALL of her crimes and EVERYTHING evil under the sun because she's too beautiful and then we have a legion of supplicating simps supreme for pussy agreeing that they would excuse her immoral behavior. About the only character who can see through her bullshit is Smoker. I want Boa's Shichibukai title revoked so that she gets Buster Called into Hell. Conveniently, Boa is the ONLY Shichibukai to NEVER get into an actual brawl because Oda doesn't like drawing pretty women in pain and bloodied. Wimp.

You sound like a spiteful little cunt. I beat faggots like you within a inch of their life IRL

WHERE IS 1048???

>Hating Nami
>Hating Hancock

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In my ass
Reach deep user, I can almost feel it.

Okay, no one cares, but okay.

post power levels

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God I fucking hate what Wano has spawned. Yamatofags and Ultifags are the worst people on the planet. If I was in a room with an emotionally unstable Yamatofag (tranny for short) and I had a gun, I would kill myself so it (barely if at all human) would have to live with survivor's guilt which leads to its slow and excrutiating death while it ponders all day, everyday that if it wasn't such a faggot, maybe things could've gone differently. It would mindbreak it to the point where it finally kills itself (again, not human in my eyes). If I was in a room with an Ultifag and I had a shotgun, I would melt the shotgun and slowly inject him with the melted metals until his blood flow stops.

This bait sucks but here's a (you) I guess

Only garbage artists are attracted to that character.

I don’t think they’re that bad personally but to each their own

> Noland not in S

>Yamatofags and Ultifags are the worst people on the planet.
Ultifags are cool though even if they sometimes spam fan arts too much. Not in any way comparable with troonfags

where do you see noland?

No way Denjiro is the same tier as Oden.

I really don't see what Ultifags ever did to deserve such hatred, Yamatofags I entirely understand.

>Top 5 Sexiest:
1. Reiju
2. Nami
3. Boa
4. Shirahoshi
5. Robin
>Top 5 Cutest:
1. Nami
2. Shirahoshi
3. Tama
4. Pudding
5. Vivi
>Top 5 Prettiest:
1. Shirahoshi
2. Vivi
3. Robin (Pre-TS)
4. Nami
5. Robin (Post-TS)
>Top 5 funniest
1. Pudding
2. Baby 5
3. Perona
4. Nami
5. Robin (Post-TS)
>Top 5 in Personality
1. Nami
2. Robin
3. Vivi
4. Pudding
5. Yamato

Didn't read
Meds now


Right no, but there actually is some sperg that seethes about Ulti whenever she's mentioned and I don't get it, is it autism?

Not in S and that's the problem. Guy constantly went back forth on the Grandline between New World and Paradise and even kills a massive serpent with a simple sword swing. Same goes for Ryuma. They are both S Tier Grandline Legends

>I really don't see what Ultifags ever did to deserve such hatred

their tummies probably hurt from all the laughter

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Shanks is weaker than Kaido and BM
Lower bounty than them. Cope

Left or right ?

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Both ones are from me. I genuinely have nothing but hatred in my heart for Ultiniggers and Yamatrannies.

I can't understand why people exist that post the same posts and images in every single thread every single day.

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So you agree Kaido is weaker than Whitebeard and Roger in their prime?

Cool then I would react in .15s and proceed to put a bullet through your non white brain.

Film: Red.
August 6th.

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Restricted and repetitive behaviors and interests are among the three core symptoms of autism


Yeah the dead jobbers who are now irrelevant to the story sure. Kaido is the strongest man in the world.

Why is everyone who posts this image an obnoxious cunt?

Isn't that kind of obvious? Previous chapter Kaido was literally sucking Roger's dick

> not in Wano

Oda was a mistake.

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Rocks > Roger > Prime Garp > Gorosei > Kong > Shanks > Blackbeard (Post TS) > Prime Whitebeard > Prime Rayleigh > Prime Sengoku > Dragon? > Prime Shiki > Awakened Luffy (Wano) > Oden (post Roger) > Kaido > Big Mom > Blackbeard (Marineford) > Old Garp > Old Whitebeard > Old Rayleigh > Akainu (Post-TS) > Old Sengoku > Akainu (Pre-TS) > Aokiji > Kizaru > Shiryu (Post-TS) > Luffy pre awakening (Wano) > Awakened Law (Wano) > Awakened Kid (Wano) > Luffy (Wholecake) > Katakuri > Ben Beckman > Luffy (Dressrosa) > Doflamingo > Mihawk > Marco > Zoro (Wano) > Sanji Germa Genes (Wano) > Oden (pre Roger) > Fujitora > Blackbeard (Impel Down) > Shiryu (Pre-TS) > King > Yamato > Catarina Devon (Post TS) > Sabo > Ace > Weevil > Zoro (Dressrosa) > Enel > Kuma > Avalo Pizarro > Yasopp > Pre Awakening Kid (Wano) > Smoothie > Cracker > Luffy (Fishman Island) > Magellan > Nightmare Luffy > Queen > Ulti > Luffy (Marineford) > Hancock > Prime Chinjao > Lucky Roo > Sanjuan Wolf > Jimbei > Fisher Tiger > Sanji Raid Suit (Wano) > Killer (Wano) > Sulong Carrot > Ichiji Vinsmoke > Niji Vinsmoke > Judge Vinsmoke > Catarina Devon (Pre-TS) > Law (Dressrosa) > Vasco Shot > Jozu > Flower Vista > Prime Hyogoro > Apoo (Wano) > Urouge (Post TS) > Jack > Snack > Hawkins (Wano) > Gecko Moria > Who's Who > Luffy (Enies Lobby) > Vergo > Kid (Sabaody) > Law (Sabaody) > Zoro (Sabaody) > Sulong Dogstorm=Sulong Cat Viper > Sanji (Dressrosa) > Brooke (Wano) > Robin Demon Mode (Wano) > Lucci (Post-TS) > X Drake (Wano) > Jesus Burgess > Van Augur > Perospero > Izo > Franky (Wano) > Sulong Pekoms > Cavendish > CP0 Agents > Haruta > Lucci (pre-TS) > Stussy > Ivankov > Pacifista > Urouge (Sabaody) > Oven > Daifuku > Page One > Sulong Bepo > Doc Q > Reiji Vinsmoke > Dogstorm = Cat Viper > Pedro > Tamago > Denjiro > Nami (Wano) > Chinjao (Dressrosa) > Crocodile > Zeff (Prime) > Killer (Sabaody) > Apoo (Sabaody) > Capone Bege (Wholecake) > Charlotte Amande > Vito > Caesar > Smoker (Punk Hazard)

Some people say Roger is a fraud because he sneaked in BM's place and stole her ponegylph instead of fighting her. I honestly don't know why Oda did this.

Wow you are super fragile

>Big Mom
>has CoC haki that can split the sky
>in the same level as Shiryu

Why so many autists in OP threads though?

Luffy's bounty was lower than kids. Bartolomeo's bounty was higher than people stronger than him.

EVERYONE who posts this is a cunt

in what way does splitting clouds kelps in combat?

She got clowned by Kid of all people


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Okay and?
Bounties are powerlevels, exceptions like child Robin aside

Full Steroids Hody Jones > Oars > Sentomaru > Sasaki > Black Maria > Bartolomeo > Charlotte Galette > Smoker (Marineford) > Kawamatsu > Ashura Doji > Zoro (Sabaody) > Montdour > Little Oars Jr. > Pica > Zoro (Enies Lobby) > Pekoms > Orochi > Gladius > X Drake (Sabaody) > Hawkins (Sabaody) > Sanji (Sabaody) > Luffy (Skypeia) > Sanji (Enies Lobby) > Rockstar (pre-TS) > Chopper (Wano) > Raizo > Kaku > Shishilian > Giovanni > Concelot > Kinemon > Kanjuro > Kikunojo > Kalgara > Noland > Monet > Capone Bege (Sabaody) > Robin (Fishman Island) > Daz Bones (Post TS) > Charlotte Raisin > Senor Pink > Inazuma > Bobbin > Boa Marigold/Sandersonia > Momonga > Opera > Numbers > Carrot > Fukaboshi > Neptune > Ryuma > Ginrummy > Headliners > Absalom > Jabra > Blueno > Regular Hody Jones > Jewelry Bonney > Koala > Randolph > Nami (Zou) > Robin (Sabaody) > Usopp (Wano) > Zoro (Skypeia) > Brooke (Sabaody) > Franky (Sabaody) > Chopper (Sabaody) > Zepo > Bepo > Old Hyogoro > Shinobu > Charlotte Basskarte > Charlotte Dacquoise > Charlotte Kato > Charlotte Cinnamon > Luffy (East Blue) > Zoro (Alabasta) > Bellamy (Dressrosa) > Baby 5 > Dillenger > Squard > Rebecca > Koby (Marineford) > Tashigi (PH) > Nami (Sabaody) > Perona > Kalifa > Kumadori > Fukuro > Hina > Nico Robin (Alabasta) > Usopp (Sabaody) > Wanda > Buffalo > Sadi > Charlotte Moscato > Duval > Helmeppo (Post-TS) > Mr. 1 (Pre TS) > Gedatsu > Shura > Ohm > Satori > Zoro (Whiskey Peak) > Nero > Sanji (Alabasta) > Jean Bart > Sky Knight Kami > Bellamy (Jaya) > Kashii/Oimo > Hannibal > Foxy > Usopp (Enies Lobby) > Bon Clay > Brulee > Kureha > T Bone > Pell > Chaka > Arlong > Broggy/Dorry > Zoro (East Blue) > Sanji (East Blue) > Chopper (Alabasta) > Polly > Streusen > Wyper > Ms. Doublefinger > Charlotte Flampe > Spandam > Sarquis > Roshio > Wapol > Mr. 3 > Miss Merry Christmas > Mr. 5 > Don Krieg > Helmeppo (W7) > Kicking Claw Force + Fatal Fuel > Dalton > Cricket > Tilestone > Peepley > Zeff (Baratie) > Nami (Alabasta)

Kidd is admiral level
He is Luffy’s main rival after all

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Exceptions like shanks who has literally only been an emperor for a 10th of the time that BM and Kaido have you absolute retard

Right has a huge brapper

soul vs souless

Splitting the sky is a feat only reserved for the likes of Roger, Shanks, Whitebeard, Kaidou, Luffy, and Big Mom. It is a show of how strong their haki is compared to everyone else. After this arc we know CoC haki > all. So there is no real argument against it.