Otome Game Sekai wa Mob ni Kibishii Sekai desu

Official V6 release.

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Why do you keep baiting yurifags with this picture? Some of them will legit fall for it and then shitpost the threads.

nice dolphin porn

Who's the dominant cuckcake and who's the submissive cuckquean in their relationship?

left looks like Saber

Finally another chapter of True Route

I prefer punished Olivia.

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Jilk looks pretty punished there. As the worst power ranger, I approve.

Preview of this week's episode.

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Yuri always win.

>Mylene is here


I'm late but goddamn the anime design is hideous.

Are there fan translations of Vol 8 and 9 anywhere?

Poor Angie
She looks terrible

>the queen

best girl and the first girl in Leon's heart that he actually puts his advances on and not he dykes are here.

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These two were made for yuri and threesomes though.

>he doesn't know

Is it me, or volumes 4-8 don't bring much to the table? The story could have progressed from 3 straight into 9 with little change.


And they are still most jealous of her.

It was much shorter in the WN. They also skipped some nice stuff like Leon actually getting healing sex with his fiancees, or him killing a rebel for trying to rape Luvia. I also liked isekai Serge more than the Capture Target Serge who happened to be closet siscon.
I like Noelle, so I guess her not being traumatized is a plus. Even if she seems to be the most useless of the harem, while simultaneously being the most valuable in-story.

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I feel like the ending with Isekai Serge was a lot better than the LN one. It had more weight, where Alberge chose to become the scapegoat to protect his son and how Serge and Leila both were now bound to the Republic for better or worse. Having the duty of restoring it from its shit position. There was more emotional impact with how both of them fucked things up due to naivety and selfishness.

That's fine and all but has there been even the slightest rumblings out of this guy at all in the last 2 years about when Sevens vol 11 will ever be released? As far as I know it's just been radio silence.

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I wonder who's going to voice Mylene the only thing the anime is doing right is keeping Seiyuu's a secret. I hope she has an ara ara voice.

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Does Sevens LN differ from the WN like this series and Evil Lord do?

>isekai Serge
Holy shit, that's a big change
Anyway, second arc should have continued one of the open plotlines instead of putting everything into fridge and jumping into fresh territory. Leon's PTSD could have been one of those thing.

So, shizuka itou?

Mylene would have been good to help with leon's PTSD.

Angie tops, but Livia is the clingy one that resists more bitches coming on to their sperm donor.

It's not right that Clarice get more ln promotional material then Mylene.

Yeah, Overall it's a more cohesive straight forward story. alot of later volume filler was moved and integrated into earlier parts of the story while most loose ends and pointless plot points that don't go anywhere or add anything of worth were just straight removed. For example things like the whole goddess' 100 floor dungeon and the valkyries were cut Aura was removed and her role is filled by Thelma alone who joins the party earlier. The main cast not being as much of a groip of squabbling harpies that they were in the WN is also a plus.

Sounds like a massive improvement.

There's literally nothing wrong with harem girls being bisexual so long as they remain loyal to their husband.

Why is she such a cunt?

It's a fucking travesty.

They love each other more than Leon.

I mean they still are a squabbling group of harpies. You also have Sophia added, who acts as kind of a buddy duo to Aria. She was a surprisingly good addition acting as another muscle head, but also one that Aria bounces off of.

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marrying Deirdre is necessary

It should.

>I mean they still are a squabbling group of harpies
Not to the point that Mr. Lyle needs to organize a death match to calm them down which coincidentally is the only omission from the WN I really miss, Miranda is also less of a bitch from the get go considering she has a real reason to attack Lyle in the beginning and gets most of her abrasions with the party out of the way after she joins. They still act like cunts but it's not nearly as bad as it was.



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>add Deirdre to the harem
>deny her bedroom turn in the rotation
>slowly change her S into M

Well her sister is willing to wear the collar and give the collar, so maybe it's the same with her.

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I didn't mind at first, but the more I watch, the more I dislike it. Oh well.

Marrying Clarice is necessary

It isn't but it will happen anyway

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Well necessary for her at least. That said I actually do like Clarice, she has some bro moments.

This was the one that was set to marry one of the dumbasses and went on a catboy bender after being dumped right?

I believe so. Redeeming broken sluts through the power of being the MC.

I literally just clicked this shit because of the OP picture.

>“I don’t smell a woman, so I’m not worried about that. But you’re doing something dangerous, aren’t you?”
Is Livia literally a dog?

>wives love each other more than they love you
Reminds me of a certain pair of tiefling twins...

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Yes, we've known she was a bitch for a while now

Huh, her boobs are pretty big. Too bad she's tainted in the worst way possible to ever become a wife.

Is villainess Livia a thing in the LN?

Marie sidestory, but it technically isn't even Livia and is instead the saint possessing her body.

Leon doesn't care about purity or virginity. He admires comfortable boobies.

>having sex behind his back while he's busy trying to save the world

Leon doesn't care, so she is probably getting in.

That's called polyamory.

Truly a man of taste

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