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been packing on the pounds lately eh Yuno

ok but why?
what usage

Not wide enough

Face mask.

Coof prevention

licking snack

Holy item

Slampig Yuno!

I'd gladly accept the crown.

Money making

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+10 buff to INT

To complete your gay outfit you dumb fuck.

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Imagine the smell

It's Yuno's birthday. Please be nice to her.

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I thought the hidamaris aren't for lewd?

Coffee filter

That's not a glove.

I hate Yuno!

You say something, user? Couldn't quite hear you over how wide Yuno's lats are.

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She's being bad! Needs correction!

Hidabaki Sketch?

Can someone translate this?

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I leave the rest to the other anons.


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still too skinny

I leave the rest to the other anons

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my art project

Girls have four mouths.
They need to wear mask down there too.

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still waiting for latest chapter TL

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Happy birthday Yuno.

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What is the symbolism here?

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if this is so well animated it can only mean one thing: it's the director's fetish.

Is it safe to share face mask?

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How the birthdays for Hidamari characters came to be (Y: This is a long story...)

-When Shaft started making the anime version they asked me what their birthdays are. I hadn't decided, so I made something up in my reply. This was for Yuno, Miyako, Sae and Hiro.
-I forgot all about that
-Later on, on 5th of May of some year, I started seeing tweets like "Yunocchi happy birthday!"
-I had forgotten about all that so I thought they might've seen it mentioned in one of the anime art books, so I just replied with "Thank so much for celebrating her birthday!"
-Somehow Miyako, Sae and Hiro all got tweets like that too. I didn't question it and just thanked people.
-When we were planning the Aoki Ume Exhibition in Tokyo, one of the organizers asked me if they should do something since the birthdays for Madoka and Miyako seemed to be during the exhibition.
-I finally decided to check what I had replied to Shaft way back then, just to be sure.


-Hardly anyone knows what the original dates were... so I thought it would be okay to stick with the dates most people know.
-There's a scene in the first season where Yunocchi is listening to horoscopes being read on TV, and she misses hers... even though she sees Taurus (4/20-5/20) being read.
->So the anime is inconsistent if her birthday is really on 5/5! (sweat)

(Even if it's not her birthday) let's keep 5/5 widely known as "Yunocchi's Day"... I'm sorry for this mess...

Still, thank you all the people who are celebrating today as her birthday, and don't feel bad if you've celebrated her birthday today over the years!
...I'll probably not reveal what her birthday was originally supposed to be since it would just complicate things. Thank you and sorry again.

(TL notes: quick and messy translation, probably plenty of mistakes but the main points should be correct enough)

good work

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>panties under garter

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no anime
fuck off

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bless you ume

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Why is that a bad thing? Please be patient, I dont know much about lingere

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how are you going to pull it off without taking off the garters first?

God i wish i could stick my face in Yuno's crotch and just never fucking leave

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... against what?

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Yuno's blood, sweat and tears, just for you user!

huh, I don't remember her at all, how does she die?

I feel like darker than black is forgettable even though I liked what I watched

With special SKILL.

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the first season is, the second one is more condensed and less stereotypical at least

based tlanon

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I imagine all right

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cute story. i wonder if anyone knows where those dates originated from?

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The commonly known dates are from the Hidamari Sketch DS game.

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