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Do you agree with the opinion that Caulifla and Kale are the best thing to happen to the franchise since the 90s?

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Me personally, I agree.

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>80 dollars now.

Do you agree with the opinion that C-

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Lost the tournament.

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Yes, but only Caulifla specifically. You should post more.
Gokubro btw

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>See shitty thread
>Hit 'reply' and open 'options'
>Type the thing that shall not be named
>Hit 'post'

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There is no reason to be a fan of this guy when she exists.

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Won cubby

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>It must be my birthday
Since I get two for the price of one
>Only 17 year old btw

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Kale? Fail!

There is nothing they can't beat when they are hand in hand.

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The fuck man, Jirenscholars are only 17? I'm 21. Stop making me feel old.

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>Bardock thread got pruned

Goku my best friend

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Jiren... he is trying to hurt you!

You mean massage

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No one is going to post in your thread. It will either die from no one posting in it, or you will just spam your deviantart folder until it hits bump limit. Then it will die, and we will make a new thread.

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not really
and that's coming from a cumbrain

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probably the best thing to come out of super, better than beerus and whis at least, well whis is good, beerus is pretty pointless

Whis is crap too

Goten's wives? Yes.


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Yep, you're posting 2 of his many wives.

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They love to get each other ready for him.


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Someone make a new thread the last one got archived.

kek, pathetic

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Jiren was kneeling here because of the weight he feels from being unable to move past his trauma, this was a critical point for Jiren's character arc, where his old values started to collapse. This is why Toppo's words caused for him to stand up again, he ditched his old way of life and realized perhaps Universe 7 could be right about trust. He stood up tall and proud because the trauma was finally gone, Jiren was free.
He was not kneeling because of 17's attack, that's a common misconception so I won't blame you.

Should have had Gohan and Pan's Kame gis


How does Caulifla feel about Kale being >50 times stronger than her?
That no matter how hard she tries, Kale will always be so superior to her, that nothing she can do will matter?
That Kale could kill her with a flick?

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All she can do is just prep Goten and watch

We're all dubchads here, right?


Vic? Innocent.
PEDOmation? Going to burn at the stake.

Jiren The Enlightened

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She has potential so she copes with it

Is really fucking shit.



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>That stare
She's about to pounce, Jesus