3x3 thread

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Interesting pic for Sailor Moon. Wasn't that the season-3 teaser scene from episode 89?

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And anime.

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Sonic X
One Piece
Death Note
Code Geass
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

one piece

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My Hero Academia
Attack on Titan
Please don't bully me, Nagatoro-san
Naruto Shippuden
My Dress-up Darling
Darling in the Franxx
Batman: The Anime
Sword Art Online

Shit thread
Give source on the upper left cuties


1/1 Haibane renmei, what are the other anime on your chart user?

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>Doesn't recognize karekano and the pokemon movie
you're better than this

I wish I didn't recognize Pokemon.

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Also manga

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Which ones Utena?

I Found Barthes In Sailor Moon Recently. Episode 7, "Usagi Learns Her Lesson: Becoming a Star is Hard Work", The Scene Of The Stage Upon An Empty Audience, Because Everyone Will Perform, Write Out Their Starhood In Plastic Fairy Folktales, Is Unmatched In Profundity For The Rest Of The Season. The Weekly Villain Cinderella, Plays The Role Of Collecting These Fairy Tales, Peasant Spells; Though She Is A Villain For The Purposes Of The Arc, This Is A Valiant Cause (In Fact Many Episodic Villains Allow The Sailors Indulgences In Occupational Dreams).

Casshern Sins, I

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>you're better than this
I recognized them, and the middle is monte cristo one, took me a minute. Whats the bottom keft, mid, mid right, and top left, top mid?

wow that sucks

I think mind game is the only one that hasn’t been mentioned yet, read through the other comments

>mind game
Bottom mid. I don't think bottom left and mid right were mentioned. Is mid right star driver?

pretentious af

Looks like it but not sure, left is kaiba

if that is kaiba then op is a massive faggot for choosing shitty pictures

I recognised it immediately, it’s from the best episode too. Now go be a retard somewhere else

>Ginga Tetsudo Yori
Another poster of culture, I see. Also, Utena’s artstyle and iconography is so distinct and recognisable that I’m not sure how people could confuse it for something else. Maybe I’m biased because I know almost every frame of the show.

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great taste user

not even close to the best episode, sorry about your shit taste.

Also, rating others since I apparently forgot:

What is the easiest way to make charts like this?

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Don't have it on me right now but
>Onnaie master kurosawa
>Koe No Katachi
>Devil man Crybaby


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>I Found Barthes In Sailor Moon Recently.
Did you let an AI complete this for you, user, or are you on experimental drugs?

I guess that depends on what you consider easy. I tend to go panel by panel, fitting them into their respective frames, and then import them as different layers and just assemble them to a bigger picture.


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2/2 If its the superior HxH 1999 version. Have to yet watch Victory Gundam
6/6 Great 3x3
1/1 But this much loli anime is disturbing

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Interesting. Can you elaborate on your opinion?

Don’t respond to the crossboarders
Nothing wrong with loli, and I’d hardly count most of those as loli shows

just finished rereading one piece for the fourth time since wano began

for as much as I love eva and nadia, FLCL definitely has sadamoto's best work as character designer

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Almost all of them imply some kind of gazing upon femininity from degrees of slight voyeurism to outright hardcore porn.

>Plastic Little
You're just a connoisseur who appreciates Urushihara's art style, right?
You're just watching that to look at Karin's thighs and ass.
>Sailor Moon
You're at least 50% invested into this anime only so you have a narrative background for when you fap to the countless hentai doujins.

How accurate am I ?

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I don't get it. Do you just like good animation?

I can tell from this 3x3 that you're in the double digit IQ range.

The way they type and the filename didn't make it obvious enough?

Didn't read but you're right.

you are a hole
you are american
you are brown
you are from twitter
you are from Yea Forums
you have no personality
you are undergoing an existential crisis

>How accurate am I ?
Not very. You only show a very shallow understanding of any of those anime. You should watch more than just battle shounen for a change.

Sauce of the first two?

>he's a Yea Forums crossboarder
That explains it.

Case in point. Your absolute disgust over anything that is in any way "sex-positive" makes you seem like one of those puritanian Christian fundamentalists.

>Utena’s artstyle and iconography is so distinct and recognisable
Absolutely. An Obsessing Revisit With Ohtori Over The Years Has Granted Me The Ability 2 Truthfully Know Its Anarchitect-Sapphic Blood-Rose Labyrinths, Though, So I Might Have An Acquired Advantage Over [Many] Others In This Department.
Being Retarded Is In Fashion! LOLSORANDUMBXD ^____^

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I need to watch jin roh

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That kaiba episode would be in my top 5 favourites, shame the second half of the show is completely nonsensical
Cool colours and decent picks
Explain yourself
utena is gay and therefore bad
I hate madoka but homura is one of the few good parts
Heike is bad remove it, just because it’s more “serious” than other shows doesn’t excuse the terrible pacing and over-focus on a character that doesn’t affect the story. Rest is good if not really my thing
Jin roh is bad and you’re not missing out on anything

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>Jin roh is bad
in what way?

Well not bad, but still pretty dull. I tend to dislike passive protagonists and while it gets more interesting near the end most of the film is just the mc staring into the distance or being led around by some girl who’s equally boring. If you’re gonna make a more character based story I need to actually be invested in the characters which is impossible when they’re all pieces of cardboard.
>but ptsd
Might explain it but doesn’t make it fun to watch


you're racist aren't you

Nothing racist about worshipping mugiwugi’s beautiful blonde hair and deliciously thick eyebrows. It would be racist not to






I'm a bit confused as to whether you are posting visual novels as visual novels or to allude to their anime adaptations.