Blue reflection

What was HER problem?

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She's a lesbian.

What problem? I don't see one.

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Any explanation as to why only she remained the same even after her ring/power was taken away in the end?

Coming from a shit series with some of the most boring games ever made

Coming from a shit series with some of the most boring games ever made

Trying too hard.

I'm pretty sure her last scene in the show is her looking at her red Reflector Ring, I don't recall her losing it. In Second Light it's shown that she's still a magical girl and keeps taunting Hiori and Mio who have regained their powers. She only loses her ring and powers presumably as a result of whatever was supposed to happen in the mobile game we'll never see. And if you're referring to her personality, Second Light shows that she was simply born with an inability to feel empathy and she turned sadistic because nobody was there to show her how to deal with other people normally. After she gets amnesia, Ao, Hiori and Mio support her and she turns into a good girl.

Sorry. Didn’t me to double post. My point still stands not only was the anime bad but so were the games. Boring story, barely above average characters, I almost fell asleep “playing”

couldn't feel anything cept pain

Uta is naturally fucked in the head.

Uta is a good girl.

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somebody post the picture of her holding a bag full of box cutters


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i know someone like this, they find suffering romantic in certain ways. There is something wrong with them, my guess is they are shchizos and overthink things to the point where they get depressed often and find ways to cause some sort of drama, the difference is they have an awareness of it and accept it. usually they just need friends or people to talk to know they are overthinking things and doing the wrong thing..

Ao will fix her.

Uta's wife will fix her.

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Not enough slaps.

Miyako could've been the first mahou shoujo that uses a frying pan for a weapon.

arigatou user

This show looks like some peak yuri. All I need to do is finish the first game first.

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The gay.

>not playable in the game

Now that's bullshit

You can still date her though. Isn't that good enough?

But I want her a s party member!

Blue hair.

The REAL question is what was Momo's problem.

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Loved the anime. The game really ask too much for you.

in the kokoro no top of the hirahara sisters the models appear in reflector mode of hiori, mio and uta, the game modifiers have not been able to unlock them?

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Her ring wasn't taken away. She's a disaster waiting to happen.

>gets away with everything

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I much prefer the anime, but I enjoyed the games too. If nothing else the OSTs were amazing.

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Some girls just can't be fixed that easily.

But Shino fixed up pretty easily.

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At least Momo has a job

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Sad there wasn't a continuation.

I still remember a few of the ideas I had for it. Maybe it'll show up in one of our rare BRR threads one day.

>implying she was fixed
She'll get slightly bullied, get a flashback, start a cult and there will be mysterious deaths at the school.

I shall wait patiently for that day.

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The first game was bit rough and unpolished, but the second one was easily one of the best games I've ever played.
The only thing it lacked were the hype battles with bosses, the first game did a much better job imho, and a botched ending. Even in new game + it's not good enough. It makes sense and it's thematic, but it should have been done much better.

Still worth the time to play the first?

I miss this show so much.

Blurays when?

After you buy both games and all the dlc

No, you do that and they decide to uncancel the mobage, then you spend all your wages for two years on premium rolls, then they make the BDs.

I'd say yes, it has issues but the interactions between characters carry it. It's a good jk simulator, you chat with friends and slay demons.

You know the answer.

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>Blue Reflection Ray
>no Blue Rays
What did Kishida Mel mean by this?

Onee-sama is fucking hot.

Why yes, I did enjoy getting super gay with her in the game, how did you know?

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If I didn't watch the anime and knew about Momo, I would definitely ship her with Ao. They are so good together.

Ao is a mary sue and I hate her.

Just self-insert, bro.

It's hard to self insert into a slut.

memory loss fixed her pretty good

That and intense girl-on-girl cuddling.

She's a chuuni edgelord, how can you hate Moon Shadow?

I will forever be mad at this series for wrecking a good concept with bad planning. There's no continuity between the games and the anime, and even between the games themselves. They can't even decide on a consistent set of lore, so things like the Sephira are completely different at a conceptual level in different entries in the franchise. It's like they gave 3 different teams a vague outline of the plot and then just let them go nuts and made no effort to integrate the finished products into a coherent story or universe

I only watched anime so no problem.

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They are more or less consistent, but only through background details and they trample each other more often than not with amnesia and timeline resets. Ray is made 90% irrelevant by Second Light.