Lets discuss FMA...

Lets discuss FMA. why do some people say they prefer the 2003 version over brotherhood when brotherhood is more truthful to the source? What could be the reason? can it be scenes like this what do you guys think

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It's because 2003 has based Nazis.

no aligator Ed no buy. Simple as

Women are worst at writing and comedy than men, so the original stuff in 2003 elevates the experience overall

FMA:B or KnY - which series has worse humor?

I like Scarface and Greed more in the 2003 version

>better soundtrack, though Brotherhood's is still good
>more consistent story - 03 starts as a story about two brothers getting their bodies back, and ends that way too.
>has a more consistent tone, doesn't fuck up every serious moment with lame comedy
>smaller cast means that characters get more development. fewer 'filler' characters than brotherhood
>no power of friendship
>better villains overall. Sloth in particular is underrated

Because the source was so possibly even more crap than 2003, which was already crap.

Anime legit peaked with croco ed


Learn English.


>>no power of friendship
they literally stop a transmutation with a hug

Because 2003 is better than the manga.
Being more faithful to the source material does not mean it's better. Compare Kubrick's Shining and the '90s miniseries that was more faithful to the source material and supervised by King himself (it is really bad).

Because manga>brotherhood. The 2003 version at least offers an alternative storyline rather than being an inferior version of the manga.

2003 main Villain is more compelling because the show builds her up as this massive mastermind behind all the world's evils so much so that Ed tells Roy he feels compelled to defeat her now that he has seen the evils of the world but this omnipotent mastermind illusion is shattered upon actually meeting Dante, a shallow and jealous old hag, who confirms that the world of FMA2003 would be a warring hellhole like ours with or without her. It is the loss of the final shred of innocence Ed had had left. He had clung to that notion that perhaps he can return to the blissful idyll of his childhood days before his mother died, hoping that all the horrors of the adult world he had witnessed were purely the product of Dante's scheming. Yet Dante shatters even that final hope (or cope) in their final confrontation, forcing Ed to leave childhood behind and become an adult, stepping, figuratively and literally, in the real world.

By contrast Brotherhood plays the incredible mastermind trope completely straight and the ending is all too happy, completely undermining the themes regarding war and the cycle of violence.

Furthermore, id like to point out that Roy killing Winrys parents in 2003 is better than Scar killing them retardedly in both the manga and Brotherhood.

I liked the way that Dante displayed all seven sins - she lusted after Hohenheim and Ed, she incited wars and conflict to provide souls for stones, she envied the beauty of younger women, she was proud in thinking herself above humanity, gluttonous in her desire for unending life, greedy in her hoarding of knowledge, and slothful in her lifestyle of sitting at home and letting others do most of her dirty work.

Not only that, but Dante represented everything the brothers had been struggling against from the first book. She was the embodiment of unethical use of alchemy. She wasn't all that compelling as an individual but she fit the series like a glove.

People who prefer one over the other are too closed-minded in my opinion.
I, for one, am fond of both versions but for different reasons.
What '03 manages to do that FMAB fails, in my opinion, is characterization.
Not only of Ed and Al but for all people.
Nina is a very prominent example.
In '03, you see how they're practically living together. Playing and what else. They're with the Tuckers for several months (or was it only weeks?). Both of them really grew to like her. And then bam! Shou fused her with the dog.
Not only the brothers felt sorrow and anger for Shou but the watcher also gets 'encouraged' (for the lack of a better word) to feel the same.
As opposed to Brotherhood, where she's shown for a few minutes and then the same happens.
Al and Ed still are furious but it feels more like, they're angry about the fact that it was his daughter, not really because she was also their friend.
Same applies to Hughes in this case, and you also learn 'more' about the Homunculi, how they come to be.

Now what Brotherhood does better in regards of '03 is the world building and history.
In '03, you see them wandering about and visiting far away places but it's all in Amestria (or whatever the country was called).
Amestria isn't the only place but there's Ishval and also Xing and they're both pretty relevant for the plot and not only there.
And also, Brotherhood has Mei.

I could write some more but I'm sure you get the gist of it.

I do feel that brotherhood intentionally rushed through those parts of the plot specifically because 2003 did it so well and was not trying to compete.

The main reason for me was manga/Brotherhood just lacked good villains. Father was a CRPG final boss, of all the homunculi only Wrath was remotely competent or threatening, Kimbley and Barry were pussies compared to their 2003 selves. FMA to me is a proof that a good villain is what really carries the story.

Yeah, exactly.
Although I must admit that I haven't read the manga once, despite watching both versions literally at least a dozen time.
I feel like, you have to watch both versions for the 'definitive version' and whole experience of this series.

Absolutely. Brotherhood biggest failing is that it's built as a companion piece to add onto and complete what 03 started, but taken as two halves of a larger whole, with some extra smashed in between, there's a great experience there. Anyone who advocates watching one and skipping the other is retarded.

Why do you place so much value on the source? Maybe some people find the adaptation's take on the material to be better?

Silence secondary

Just to play devil's advocate, your image is a good example. Brotherhood has way too many "loud scream and gag face" moments that piss me off. Otherwise brotherhood is the superior story and isn't a pointless tragedy wank like 2003.

The only thing to discuss about FMA is how overrated it is and how it never should have ranked above Steins;Gate in the first place. It's just another shounen story for kids.

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The manga is best, 03 has its ups and downs. Brotherhood removes too much, so its meh to me. Please use a different OP image for once.


You should absolutely read the manga, then. Brotherhood is like a watered-down version of it. 03 adapted the train chapter but Brothethood completely skipped it, for instance. Same with Yoki's introduction in the mining town. Then Brotherhood has these characters just appear with no explanation.

The OP (which keeps getting used for some reason) was one panel of the manga. Brotherhood changes a lot of moments in the first third to be chibi/simplified in their rush to get through that part of the story, and a lot of people on Yea Forums assume its 100% accurate to the manga.

It's also a case of manga humor adapting poorly to an animated medium - jokes that are supposed to last a second or two can go on for nearly a minute, etc

The source isn't as good as 03, simple as.

>Worst than
By your own statement, you must be a woman.

I like FMA B better than 2003. But for Hunter x Hunter I prefer 1999 over 2011.

But who knows if I would change this opinion if I saw these today.

Hang yourself

You first FMAbabby

Why do you give an ounce of a shit about what the literal goblins over at MAL rate? Why are you so insecure about the "popular opinion" your favorite animu has?

>why do some people say they prefer the 2003 version over brotherhood when brotherhood is more truthful to the source? What could be the reason?
It hard an overall stronger start. The parts where 2003/Brotherhood overlap, the 2003 version is typically stronger (because Brotherhood assumes you've seen 2003/the manga). Personally, I prefer the choice of colors and overall style of 2003 but I do feel the story for the manga/Brotherhood is stronger.

As for people who prefer the 2003 plot, I think they just like that it's darker or edgier. They'll often complain that the manga is too generic but I find 2003 to be equally generic but it has the edge factor. Also, I think nostalgia is a huge component.

I'm not insecure, just annoyed that shit for plebs like SnK SxF and FMA are somehow higher than S;G which was a better than all of those in every way. But go ahead and keep sperging like a faggot at the mere hint that there exists any other website than Yea Forums.

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The manga is the only good FMA. 2003 is a bad adaptation.

>just annoyed that shit for plebs like SnK SxF and FMA are somehow higher than S;G which was a better than all of those in every way.

Why are you annoyed? Who gives a shit? You can't make them have good taste. You're just inflicting pain on yourself for no benefit whatsoever

This is more or less accurate.

>to the source
Because accuracy to source material doesn't make something good, it makes something safe.

Women write better manga and anime than dudes because they are not shut-in faggots like the majority of modern male writers.

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>People who prefer one over the other are too closed-minded in my opinion.
People who prefer chocolate ice cream over vanilla ice cream are too close-minded.
It's a preference, there's nothing close-minded about liking one more than another. We literally do it with everything. Besides, liking one more than the other, doesn't mean that you don't like both, you just like one more.

2003 was newfag first anime and nostalgia is a bitch. Brotherhood is still better

KNY because it was overated garbage to begin with. People paid more to have less.

>As for people who prefer the 2003 plot, I think they just like that it's darker or edgier.

Honest q, why do you think 03 was supposed to be edgy? I've heard this so many times and I don't get the criticism. The show makes no attempt to glorify violence or suffering, the characters don't go through anything worse than people in their positions realistically would, relatively few characters die and their deaths and well used, and it ends on a happy and hopeful note with the heroes having achieved most of their goals. Why is any of this edgy?

Fun fact same director behind FMA:B is the same one behind Shaman King Remake. Basically the director is notorious for skipping filler action shit and getting to the point even if it means some hardcore ones hate the fact it is not "true to the source material" and long drawn out boring sections that add nothing.


>Who gives a shit?
People other than you, clearly.

well, what are their reasons for giving a shit? Do you think they're good reasons?

Doesn't Steins;Gate have a literal tranny in it?

No, they are two different directors. The FMA:B director is directing Healer Girl right now.

Also this isn't even true if you've seen the work he made literally before FMA:B, Kurau Phantom Memory, which was quite slow paced.

I actually have no idea. There is no logical reason for you to seethe and mald this much over the opinions of some people on a Chinese cartoon rating site

Are you literally retarded? Stop listening to Hunterfags.

I don't watch chunni shit like Steins;Gate so forgive me for not knowing

brotherhood, main villain:
>sits on a throne all season: I am the strongest, I am the best hurr durr nobody can stop me
>at the end got up from a throne and dies like an idiot

I have a hard time rewatching FMA because I read faster than they talk so more exposition heavy episodes are just suffering.

The emotional highs of Brotherhood/manga don’t even come close to the ones in the original series. The final leg of the original has some damn captivating storytelling and His Name Is Unknown may remain my all time favorite episode in anime.

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What the hell kind of retarded take is that? Yeah when he finally executed the master plan he had been working on for centuries he ate shit because of his massive hubris. Do you think that's bad writing or something?