Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu

Chapter 96 typeset is finished! Took a bit to get through all the social media posts, but I think it looks pretty good. I definitely took some of the script suggestions anons made in the last thread, too, thanks a lot for those!!

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I love you user

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And there it is! Looks like there's an extra week before the next chapter... We're close to the end of v7, though, so we should have some good stuff coming up!

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danke user.
by the way, are translator user and typeset user the same?

Thanks, user!

Thanks as always user

Yeah, the same guy does the TL and typeset.

Thanks a ton typeset user. Guessing this one would be a pain due to all the text.
Jarman is up btw

Norio tweeted this for Children's Day this morning

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Hey, also realized I had forgotten about this extra, so I threw it together before uploading everything to MD.

And yeah, I'm doing both the TL and TS! Keeping the text styles in line with the original is a really important a part of a translation to me, so I like to handle all that myself

Oops, forgot to post the page...

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Jesus yamada. That's a lot to pack in.

hantanyel avestaina

How the hell does she eat all of that?

Pigman's posts make more sense to me after the typeset

>Wonder if it's a date... Sigh...

Yeah, this definitely reads more as a woman who is jealous that Anna might have a more active love life at 14 than her grown-ass self ever had in her life than a guy who would see her getting a boyfriend as a betrayal.

She's going to be fat. FAT

Thanks, anonsito.

Well, this series is turning to shit. I fucking hate the whole actress shit and the cuck interactions Ichi is having with this is completely unnecessary. It sets it up for MORE bullshit about not being good enough for her because he thinks he's better off not angering stalkers or ruin her chances of getting good roles by sucking old producer cock.
Completely awful direction to take this, the twitter shit is retarded and his inevitable cuck fantasies over the next few chapters just tip it over the edge. This is no longer a cute manga.

user are you alright? There's no proof there will be cuck fantasies. I think you've been mind broken by NTR and need to take a break.

I pray to god that I don't end up as bitter as you one day.

It's me. I'm the fat salaryman NTR guy and I'm here to fuck your waifu. Ooga booga booga!

Look at that last page and tell me he's not going to be worried about what or who she's doing while she's away? He'll be fucking glued to her social media now. Ichi even says 'That's how it is in show business' when referring to the old guy. Completely fucking unnecessary and shit. I'm sure you guys will lick up this cuck shit but I'm fucking out of here.

I'm glad anons like you exist to remind me that no matter how far gone I may be, I'll never end up as schizo as you

That's right.

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I rather read facebook comments on mangakakalot than your rabid cuck hallucinations's NTR time

user he's pretty clearly angry and pigman for implying yamada would fuck around with her costars and shit. Ichi trusts her at this point.

Pigman's tweets legit feels like shit I read on this board sometime.
It's great

>Yamada joins Kanzaki's harem

Calm down pigman*1209

poor nee-san


>Jarman didn't include the navy pasta joke

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Yamada is the one who eats, not the one who gets eaten.

>those two looking at each other in the last panel
Heh, they know what’s up

Explain to me because I’m retarded

What is that link? Is it nips shitposting? Is one guy translating it into english?

It's a guy translating the posts in Bokuyaba threads on Yea Forums into Japanese.

You just have to spam it every thread until he picks it up

Thanks user

Turns out Yamada was the danger trying to get into his heart the whole time.

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>Scenes men will never understand

>Breakfast curry & potato salad
Makes me want to vomit just by reading that. What the actual fuck, Yamada?

>Restricted diet
it's anna's model friend, isn't it?

Yeah, it's almost certainly Koda Niko. The tweets about being ignored by a cab are the thing that really point to it being her.

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this manga makes me squeak and scream at the top of my lungs when something cute happens and it's the only one that makes me feel like that, thank you for your work

This is going the way of Oshi no ko

Ichi is Moe's boifwi

I don't know what is that, and I don't know if it is good or bad, and I think I don't care either.

This chapter is really bringing out the doom posters