Touge Oni 21

A new chapter just got translated!

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Hot, worth the trip to the moon

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I know it's basically just coloration on the skin, but it looked like her flesh was peeling off for a second because of the water dripping and that's fucking horrifying.

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cool new arc

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Oh fuck

Wew, so mr.monk caught up in politics, the girl stuck with the crazy sennin, and oni on the moon? Talk about splitting the party.
I wonder how the mangaka will split the focus.


Girl and monk will eventually meet. Boy gets spin-off hentai with lots kf happu dragon oni sex. And tons of dragon human babies.


sorry but Hitoktonushi is for En

dragon tiddies

This is a really cool page.

>Literally carries around sacred treasures with him
>Freaks out over the same mirror he just used

Mama mia...

Interesting new developments for sure. Wasn't expecting Birdman to show up for Miyo.

Cool look

>legitimately good story
>also shows titty
i love this trope

Bird Form wasn't something I expected.

Normal sacred treasures, and the very mirror used to lure out Amaterasu are different things.

Sounds like a fun storyline to see play out.

Thanks for posting.