Golden Kamuy

What was the most important lesson you learned from Golden Kamuy?

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Men make me hard

That some times in life, a man must fuck a bear

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This is the culprit's semen

That Yaoi artists are the best at drawing women

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>native cunny >>>>> everything

Kill encouraged species of animals for sport

The lowkey nationalism that cannot be hidden.

Grooming is not only A-OK when it's a cute girl doing it, it's good for the soul.

that the matagi sure are lewd

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my dude,femSugi is artist's self-insert

Killing is a sport

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Hot. Still needs to do more non-yaoi.

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Through these wonderful seven years I learned many things
>Ainu lolis are very hinna, especially for sisams
>A Nispa's most important part is his penis, and it must be a gentlemanly penis
>Grooming is a good thing, especially when little girls do it
>Otter stew is dangerous
>Matagis are aggressively lewd, especially when they're fat
>Boner is a state of mind, a way of life even
>You're not a real man if you don't want to become king of a tropical island and have a large family
>A bear's weakness is their anus
>Free beer is free

That sometimes, the loli is the groomer.

I saw some people speculate that the reason we never learned Vasily's patronym was because he was an orphan or the son of a slave.

Breed with little girls to carry on the Ainu legacy.

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Is Ainu a honorable Aryan

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You forgot to mention the real winner here.

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>Meets Sugimoto once
>Looks at her granddaughter
>Immediately tries to get them to marry
Based Huci using her life experience in order to help her tomboy granddaughter get her man.

>Why is my 12 year old granddaughter not married yet? I better fix this or they will call her the village weirdo.

>My turboautist huntress granddaughter has finally brought a man to the village, better strike while the iron is hot

Thje Ainu have hard to place origins

A brain damaged soldier is able to deliver a better proposal than most male mcs out there.


>What was the most important lesson you learned from Golden Kamuy?
No one gives a fuck about the Ainu

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>Asirpa-sama....I KNEEL!
Why is this little girl so powerful?

Russians are pretty good at drawing

Killing and eating wildlife is hinna

Same reason like blacks in hollywood.

That I want to cum in asirpas hairy pussy.

The most important thing is love

That the most fertile substance in existence is LEWD VIRILE MATAGI SEMEN

I would also put 15 babies inside Inkarmat.

Is the "they were all male except the eldest" a reference to something in the story. Something like Inkarmat being a good breeder for strong men? Feels like I missed it.

Manly hairy men should be featured in manga more. And I say this as straight man

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Ainu girls are the cutest

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I never understood why many soldiers and combatants ended up having Ainu wives throughout the manga.

In the last chapter, I finally understood why.

Osoma is sometimes called miso

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Nihei. Who had 15 children with 1 son and 14 daughters. Tanigaki basically has his children count in reverse genders

That leaving your revolutionary dreams to your 12 year old orphaned daughter is not a good idea. Instead of fighting soldiers, she married the first one she met.

Dirty little woodland gremlin with the worst taste imaginable

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So, how did it end?
Did he get the money? Did he fuck his blind sweetheart? What became of the native loli?

Woah based.


Read the fucking manga nispa


He got the money, blind sweetheart got some sugar daddy to fix her eyes so she didn't even need it, so he left her with the pity money to live with Asirpa. Also Shiraishi took most of the gold and made a harem.


>So, how did it end?
Battle between the 7th division against Sugimoto and Hijikata's group plus some Russian revolutionaries. Finishing with a fight in a speeding train.
>Did he get the money?
He got enough.
>Did he fuck his blind sweetheart?
>What became of the native loli?
Sugimoto is living with her.

What about the blind bitch? It was his whole motivation whenever i still read this

It's kinda weird that Tanigaki is one of the most lewded characters in yaoi fanfics despite literally being a breeding machine in canon

Damn exotic lolis always giving sisams weird cikapasis, in need of some correction.

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>It's kinda weird that Tanigaki is one of the most lewded characters in yaoi fanfics despite literally being a breeding machine in canon

This is literally why they lewd him. Also he gets the most fanservice in the anime. The only dakimakura of Golden Kamuy that I've seen is his. His chest hair is mythical.

You will give the hockey a shot right?

He tossed her some greenbacks and split. The cunny got to him.

Age gap + devotion+heterosexual = Patrician romance


Of course

Love this autist like you wouldn’t believe


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h-how did you know?

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The real Golden Kamuy was the friends we mad along the way

Sure, especially if it has the same kind of fanservice