Happy Birthday Miko!

Happy Birthday Miko!

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Best Girl!

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Look. The MIKO is a MIKO.

truly the best

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Miko a shit.


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Man, Miko is already 255 years old? Time flies...

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Why does Miko get so much hate?

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not for a goddess

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Cool headphones

those headphones belong to her boyfriend

Oh, that one's easy. Miko denied their headcanon. One of her haters, perhaps dogspammer himself, is an IshiFuji shipper. By "ruined the manga" he actually means "sunk muh ship". Similar to that are the ejected self-inserters, who like to shout "retcon" at everything now. They're probably the remnants of the cringe "/ourguy/" crowd who thought Ishigami had completed his character development already and become a gigachad or something. Those sorts plainly felt Mikofags were making light of his feelings, growth, and efforts and "cared more about shipping than the story or his happiness" or some shit, so it's only natural that they're bitter that the Mikofags were right. They imagine that in a world in which Miko did not exist, Ishigami would be that peak maturity gigachad that the school idol would love unconditionally.

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What the fuck are you even talking about?

Pay attention to what Mikohaters whine about, and what the old IshiTsubafags used to throw tantrums over. What it amounts to is shipping autism and and self-insert faggotry.

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thanks to Miko's influence, ishigami is what it is; their beloved ishigami.
ironic how those ishitgami-self-inserters hate miko

The idea that a large chunk of it could be because of Miko is offensive enough, because that could change their view on his motives/inherent nature. It's the difference between some dark knight meme and a stupid dork imitating something he heard a girl say one time.

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we hate miko here

we love Miko here
t. not ishigami

Woah user, we don't like your kind around here!

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what are the chapters for tomorrow's episode?

what did Ishigami get for her as a present?

He forgot like everyone else


himself dressed as a teddy bear

In English

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>no hip windows

>Miko's birthday is the same day as Nino's birthday
What could that possibly means?

God, I want to abuse her. Sexually and physically.

Ishigami is a stupid dork though.

Yes, but he used to have a ludicrous number of cocksuckers here.

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Her breasts are saggy in the pic, mikos don't wear bra?

and nopan too

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Just how Ishigami the ishigami likes it.

i hope she spends the day with her boyfriend

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Has the manga come back to Ishimiko yet? I'm not picking it up again if we're still on the Kaguya family telenovela.

Next chapter hopefully, Family arc just wrapped

Reminder she's a freak

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Happy birthday, cute Miko.

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Nope, but at least the telenovela shit is finally over. There's already a spoiler and it seems to be the usual post-arc stuco shenanigans chapter.

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Happy birthday best girl!

I hope she fucking dies.
She totally ruined the series

Happy birthday, Ishigami Miko!

I'll just leave this here and go to sleep, good night Mikochads

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>I'll just leave this here and go to sleep
You can only say that when posting a porn pic.

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Happy birthday, Ishigami's future wife.

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>17k likes and 3.5k retweets
>official hastag for her birthday
Stronk Miko. Birthday hashtags are started by fans the majority of the time, so it's cool to see official PR accounts start them.

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yeah everyone loves Miko

more ishimiko when?

Miko would definitely be a reddit mod

Happy birthday, Iino Miko.

I am saying it now....I want Iino Miko to breastfeed me.

Miko? Best girl.
Ishigami? Best boy.
Ishimiko? Cute and canon.

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God I love miko aesthetics

Now that Kaguya's arc is done are we getting the IshiMiko conclusion?

>Miko? Best girl.

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