Hunter x hunter

Could she have changed the outcome of the Chimera Ant arc if she had participated in the mission in NGL?

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Also, she'll be a liability since her only saving grace is her recuperation nen ability.


She's quite strong though

shame we didn't get to see hisoka participate, did he at least make gon or killua tell what happened and how strong were chimera ants in the manga

Nah I don't recall him giving much of a shit. He was too focused on Chrollo. It would've been fun to see how his presence might've affected the palace invasion plan though, since he's such a good tactician.

Actually yes. Morel wasn't 100% and her ability could fix that issue.

I highly doubt the hatsu we've seen during GI is her only ability.

Judging by her interaction with Killua, it is her only only ability.
But her massage that gets people 8 hours of rest in 30 minutes in invaluable.

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As a typical transmuter she's been shown to be devious and relatively dishonest so I don't think that interaction is enough to conclude she doesn't have other hatsu.

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The masseuse has a specialized purpose that isn't used for fighting, shouldn't it be considered a nen beast?

Cookie is much more likely Conjured than it is Emitted if that's what you're asking.

Why wouldn't it be transmuted and emitted?

Because she is a Transmuter. Anyway, Nen beasts can be conjured too. Like Abengane.

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She looks at the real thing too.

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I wonder what's easier for a transmuter, transmuting a nen beast and then just separating it from the body with emission, or conjuring it

Hisoka was kept out because the ants would have mindbroken him too hard.

It would've been so satisfying to see him do his usual battle-boner smug routine before getting promptly demolished by the RG

lol he'd have decimated them

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Who is the strongest chimera ant Hisoka could beat in a 1v1? I say Cheetu.

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Can Bisque beat Hisoka? Or other PT members?


She's a top tier nen user with decades of experience and it's been shown repeatedly that her thing is downplaying her strength, she's probably as strong as Razor

Even Gon-san could only fight her to a draw

What would've been the outcome if Gon san fought Yupi instead of Pitou?
after thinking about it I think Yupi beats him.

Yeah he would've died. Youpi is too durable

I thought Pitou was supposed to be the strongest guard though

What gave you that idea

mostly the massive size of her En

En mastery doesn't correlate directly to overall strength as far as we know, otherwise Nobunaga and Killua would be complete shitters, Kite would be vastly stronger than them both, and Zeno would be four times stronger than Kite which doesn't seem quite right

Zeno can do 300m.
He would be 7 times stronger than Kite, which is obviously incorrect.

My bad. But yes, that was my point anyway.

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I wonder what a nen user who discovers they're an enhancer or transmuter would do if they're not a fighter type, I mean these types pretty much confine your options to mainly offensive ones with a few exceptions like Bisky or Palm. You're kinda fucked if you're a ranged fighter or prefer support roles.

I think overall she is the strongest, as in I would always choose her to be on my team.
but in that particular fight I think Yupi would've won bc of his kit .

An enhancer could use Shu and Ko to strengthen a bow and arrow or other weapon, or use it to heal other people by speeding up their regen rate.
Come to think of it, it's kinda lame that we never got to see Gon combining his fishing rod with advanced nen techniques, I think it would've been way more interesting than only relying on Jajanken

Yeah healing is the only option for enhancers. For transmuters too (cookie chan) pretty much.
>fishing rod
It would've been cool, though the way he used it (with dexterity rather than strength) lent itself better to manipulation

I think because nen is basically you soul or life energy, it almost always fits your personality. so the nen type you get will be what you want.
also I think transmuter is much more flexible than enhancer.

>so the nen type you get will be what you want.
I don't think so. See Kurapika. It's definitely possible to get a type you don't want/one that doesn't fit you and you have to work with it nonetheless
>more flexible
It's flexible by design but it's not fit for ranged combat and support

Read slower.

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I knew you might say Kurapika. but even for him in the end he got what he wanted. something maybe even better.

She's basically Razor / Chrollo / Zeno tier.
Uvoguin's like strength (or something close) + dexterity and martial arts at an extremely high level + actually really smart + healing hatsu with probably more functions than what we know + 40 years of experience in battle.

We haven't seen the height of her power so it's hard to tell. Pretty much anyone not netero tier wouldn't change the outcome though

Forgot about Bill, yes. Not a very useful hatsu but I guess I'm moving goalposts
Yeah. You also have examples of people who kind of put aside their own category though, like Kastro, or even Netero to a certain extent since Guanyin is mostly emission(?)
Experienced nen users will find a way to work with the hand they're dealt obviously, but I don't know if that implies that one gets the category they want necessarily

>Who has literally never been in an on screen fight

Remember than Enhancement is just enhancing. Not just your strength or speed. There is a fuckton of things you could enhance that wouldn't make you a fighter. What about an Enhancer who would enhance his sense of hearing to the point of hearing stuff kilometers away? An Enhancer enhancing his brain? Stuff like that.

We never saw Razor in a proper fight but come on man, be honest. His dodgeball game has enough on-screen feats in it that we can infer how monstrous Razor would be in a real fight.

>speedreaders who fail to see how monstrously strong he is just because he hasn't fought anyone
Razor is a good filter

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Oh and I forgot, bisky's ability is like one of the best support abilities.
hisoka, silva, zeno ... all can fight mid to kinda long range fights if they wanted. but we haven't seen a super long range nen fight.

The fact Ging managed to beat this guy in what was probably a 1v1 says a lot about how broken Ging must be.

There was Ikarugo and his sniper ability.

>An Enhancer enhancing his brain?
Considering how retarded they tend to be, that would surely be a waste of a hatsu
Enhancing senses in general would be useful for sure though.

Yea, but I consider that one more of a Chimera ant ability fight rather than a nen fight.

I think Togashi is hinting towards Ging's main strength being ridiculous versatility/adaptability, I'm guessing he can fuck up just about anyone by simply analyzing what they're good at and developing countermeasures on the fly.

Netero was an enhancer and he's one of the most cunning guys out there. There is also Wing, Palm, Gotoh.
According to Hisoka personality test, Enhancers are straight-forwards, not dumb. Netero was pretty straight-forward in whatever he was doing. Want to have some fun? Promote one of my worst enemies as my vice-chairman. Let's go.

Bungee gum doesn't really allow for ranged combat. Mid range maybe.
They would need to use emission; throwing orbs in Silva's case, dragon dive being emission in Zeno's case

He'll be versatile as fuck that's for sure, but he will still have a completely broken nen ability. Something that will have to do with time, or something on the same level of brokeness.

>Not a very useful hatsu
One of the best hatsu in the series, by word of author, is an Enhancement hatsu.

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I don't know what it will be but at this point I'm pretty confident that he's a specialist with some fucky hatsu indeed