After 7 years, it's back !

After 7 years, it's back !

New chapter out

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link to the chapter

>whoah damn me got bullied me average me learn supa ki powah

koreans only think about kimchi and hating the japanese

How can you be on an anime and manga board and hate the japanese?

He hates Yea Forums. That's the only reason he keeps coming here to shitpost, and also why some of the janitors go out of their way to protect him.

And Korea bans bikini. Their webcomics look childish for No Korean webcomic have bikini or bikini armor. And Korea's only swimsuit is long sleeved shit.

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I like some works japanese people put out doesn't mean I like japs as a whole
most of them are shtiheads that deserve every bit of hate they get

And No bikini in Korean webcomic. It looks Childish.

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So another inferiority complex gook? you should've tell your fellow gooks to stop ripoff nips art style then, seeing you cockroaches hates nips so much lol

>hates japs
>but still keep ripoff jap manga/anime/game
>get angry when japs doesn't paid attention to them

I fucking hate this shit timeline

you bloody basterd bitch your mother bitch bloody

Mods and janitors will persecute this fucktard, but will protect Mario who is even worse. They also protect chinkshit advertisers. Reporting is pointless because they refuse to do their jobs correctly.

You Korea don't have bikini, and only swimsuit is that ugly long sleeved shit(how to call that), right?

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It's now a webtoon? Well all that waiting was for nothing. We toons convey action like garbage

>some new who MC
Ahhhh I can't do it man fuck this

What is this, The Breaker?

>Mods and janitors will persecute this fucktard
I wish


Thats the breaker? its a fucking webtoon now? why


Depends if he's a recurring character or a one-off.

And they are jealous about Korea bans bikini while Japan allows them.

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He's a major character he was in the promo art for the series

Souless. compare the art to this I was looking forward to it but I didn't know its coming back as a webtoon I lost all interest now.

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The artist said paneling is a pain. I wish I was kidding. Will try to dig up the tweet from the archives.

The long pan at the bottom was pretty good desu.

let's not pretend every single spread was like this
we'll have to wait and see

kill yourself mario

Found it:

>And since many people have inquired about it… For the next work, we are preparing Part 3 of Breaker with writer Geuk-Jin Jeon.
>This time, I think I’ll be working with scrolling like Trinity Wonder.
>I don’t want to do page work because I think it’s a difficult task and consumes a lot of energy.
>If you want a book… maybe… it’s so popular that it might come out if a place to publish a book appears.
>So… I’ll prepare well and see you in Breaker Part 3.)

>The long pan at the bottom was pretty good desu.
Yes it was nice but I still prefer the B & W format.
You are right. but in general it was still better than what we have right now.

>writer is literally named gook ching chong

I fucking hate this lazy faggot. Yeah it's harder but it's a higher quality product and it's what you did for the first 2 parts suddenly changing the format to save time is really disingenuous for the fans

Maybe he shouldn't have worked on 2 series no one asked for and focus on the breaker instead. its such a shame we got this webtoon trash for part 3.

I only read the original, never New Waves because I heard it had no ending. Should I pick it up?

what word is mario replacing ?

What's the chances of people complaining enough to get the format changed

Is this The Breaker Funeral thread ?

introducing a new protag that seems to be the exact same as the past protag is one of the worst ways to start a new part.

Yes, I liked it pretty well. It had about as much of an ending as the original.

wow korean fans are vocal about the new chapter and they're not happy


I can't read Korean, WHy is he suddenly capable to beat up his opponents with barrage of punches ? I thought Shi-Woo had more process back then

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I listened to some of their reactions and yeah they're pissed.

Wait, are you a vietnamese ?

it s shi woo pushing his arms, same as the punch on the first bully

i cant read korean, it looks like some bullshit puppeter skill or somehting

At least Pic related has nice fanservice scene for Japan allows bikini unlike Korea.

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Hang yourself. no one cares about bikinis

How about you Chinkshill knock it off with your Bikini Posting ?. This is a thread for a Dead Manhwa

are you blind too?

>average bullied kid learned ki blast and fight bullies and mafia and super mafia
This is getting old

It's fucking over

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Chapter 1 out

I can barely remember what this shit was about, but didn't the main dude turn into the leader of some clan or something? why is he a schoolboy again?


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super power ki master bullied victim schoolboy, easy to self insert

Looks like he's still attending school on the side.

damn beat me to it, but overall a pretty meh chapter 1. Throwback to how the series started feels kinda cheap, and the abrupt cut from him falling to punching the bullies was kinda jarring from a pacing perspective. Art was good, but I feel like it lost something with the format and color shift.

whoah a normal high school boy but actually he is the grand master of super secret ki blast group and he has super heavenly ki power to fight bullies, he is so mysterious OMG

5 years too late

I'm going to ask you from the deepest, nicest and most sincere part of of my heart. Please fucking kill yourself by suck starting a shotgun you fucking spastic sperg.

>have my mouse set to scroll a page per tick
>their site forces line-per-tick smooth scrolling for the authentic webtoon experience
Not sure if helpful or annoying

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So the reason why we have a new protag is because the writer forgot how he wanted to write part 3, and is now making it up on the fly now.