Gaikotsu Kishi-sama, Tadaima Isekai e Odekake Chu

Save captured elves

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If only the elves were strong enough to fight for themselves. That would be a cool idea.
But not for an isekai. Can't have that. They have to be poor victims.

>tfw you cant even dick the girls
Its all useless...

There needs to be a doujin where instead of popping out to help in each situation he just continues to watch
And then the last panel of each scene is him yelling he has a boner

>rape them after

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It's not rap, just a forced repayment

Preggo beastwomen today?

This show is so dull but I can't stop watching.


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Kill all humans.


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>God I wish that were me

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>armpit licking

We need another Rance OVA

Did they have panties in the manga?

Wait so he revealed his bone self to someone or is he just by himself again

Best boy, i hope there's a bank system in this world


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It was as if they were looking up to walking garbage.

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As expected of elves.

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So, Yea Forums? Where could they be?

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I can't believe Majima is fucking dead.

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Just like his bandit goons, he's kinda dumb to face two armed warriors who just blew up his wall while he's naked.

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Pitchads, WW@?

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He had some balls.

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Ponta hiding inside his shoulder plate was cute.

Read the mango.

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You can call it a shock, he's used to having authority and safety in his house and domains, people react differently in this kinda of situation.
I still remember when 2 black fellows invade my family house my brother frozen up while I got the gun and shot at them

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This show contains scenes that some spirit foxes may find disturbing.

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Because all of these settings use the fantasy logic of "if you touch a noble you're going to get fucked up and chased across the world by royal guards". Why this retard thinks he still has that protection when he fucks with the elves is a mystery, though.

Will she get raped?

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>Not wearing heels
Wasted opportunity.

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best time of week

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The marquis pissing off the elves who are selling magic stones that help with crop cultivation is really stupid.

God I hate Japanese knight armor—it looks so fucking stupid

just shove a sword through the back of his skull and be done with it