PSA: Kindly stop Scanlating, it is illegal.

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I retired a few years ago.

kill yourself bentoki

Your mom is an illegal.

Some words for the younger generation user? How do it feel being retired?

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I'm confused. Is this the scanlation thread?

lads, is any of you having a paid subscription in youngjump(.)world? i'm interested of paying one but i wonder if there's any tool out there able to extract the image from there (except if i have to develop the tool myself which i can't)
hakuneko seem to have the youngjump(.)world choice but someone pointed out from last year that it didn't work for the paid version and seemingly they never announced that such feature had been developed by then or not, so i have no idea if current hakuneko can fork from there or not
if there's user out there who already has the subscription can you try using current hakuneko version to try forking for the image from that website? if it can't can anyone recommend me some tool that can? thanks


I haven't even started. I want to govhome from work, try to typeset, get frustrated that I have to redraw, struggle to find the right font for the text, then give up until next week

mods over at aeiou can if you're willing to ask for third party help. Probably will need to give account credentials to them so they can rip.

Kids these days do it all wrong. Back in my day we had to walk to Japan to get raws. Through the snow, uphill both ways.

I miss some of the people I used to work with, but I don't miss scanlating at all. I guess the real advice is that scanlating isn't a job, quit as soon as it stops being fun.

Any ideas what font I should use for this? Or how I can most effectively replicate the shadow?

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Can a kind user find me HQ raws for this?
I know a couple sites I can buy it off of but I'd rather not work with 1200px raws

For the shadows, just use layer's style? then once you apply the style, right click the left arrow at the very left of the layer and hit "create layer" which will put the shadow in its own layer on which you can use a clipping mask for the pattern.

Yeah but I'm having a fairly tough time getting the effect down

I don't think he should, it was amusing seeing him embarrassing himself like that the other day

Program of choice?

Photoshop 2022

I tried to scanlate something but i didn't know these threads were only allowed on Thursday and i would get ignored and banned for posting about it otherwise. I had so many questions and stuff...
Now that I'm done and it looks good to me and I managed to clear up all the translation and wording issues (I think), I don't even feel much like asking anymore.
I spent a lot of time redrawing minor things only to look at the Spanish scanlation and realize I'm probably doing way more than needed. Especially since I still try to cover it up with the text anyway.

My main problem is thinking of a font to use other than wildwords...
And the sfx I'll worry about some other day.

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I don't scanlate but I would like to thank all of those that do. Thanks guys

what and where is that?

You're retarded?

>chapter one: 4 years ago
>chapter two: 2 years ago
thanks for putting in all the effort and picking it up, user

If I'm allowed a few words
>add punctuations
>avoid putting ellipsis on a separate line
>don't translate え as eh. tl it as Huh?
>center and resize the jagged bubble text
>resize all text in general to make it a little smaller
Otherwise it looks good, good job|


Frostbite comes to mind, but it might be a little too thick.

>Or how I can most effectively replicate the shadow?
Create drop shadow, then go to Layer (in the top menu) -> Layer Style -> Create Layer. After that, apply pattern overlay to the newly created layer.

There's nothing wrong with "Eh?"

>avoid putting ellipsis on a separate line
Yeah, I don't know what weird-ass mangas you've been translating with magically extra wide speech bubbles, but that's as unavoidable as it gets.

Thanks, I did try that, but it's less of a pattern and more of a shape composed of overlapping squares, which is kind of hard to replicate with pattern overlays alone

>There's nothing wrong with "Eh?"
But there is. It's not a genuine english expression that can be used as an interpretation of え.

>Yeah, I don't know what weird-ass mangas you've been translating with magically extra wide speech bubbles, but that's as unavoidable as it gets.
did you even see the page you fucking retard, the only instance of that isn't even in a bubble

That's not english bro. It reads like ESL N4's first translation complete with character name where it should just be 'you' amateur retardation.

>It's not a genuine english expression

>did you even see the page you fucking retard, the only instance of that isn't even in a bubble
So? you made a blanket statement.
In the case of that page, there was a narrow space in which the scanner needed to avoid laying text over the art as much as possible.

>can't draw for shit
>every fucking manga now has obligatory out-of-bubble narration/thought lines that cover up detailed artwork
>have to cover up those super vertical lines with a horizontal translation
I make do by stretching my fonts vertically, breaking up words as much as possible to increase the vertical length of lines, using thick strokes, and doing basic redrawing (i.e. connecting some lines and filling in patterns) for whatever is left, but Jesus Christ I swear I'm gonna run into something impossible that requires me to hire a fucking artist to recreate half a face or something sooner or later.

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I hope you find someone else to engage with you on those points, because I'm sure as hell not about to

>It's not a genuine english expression
>has been used in this exact context since the 1200s

>It's not a genuine english expression that can be used as an interpretation of え.
Gotta love it when someone assumes their limited experience with English is the only valid use of English there is.

In modern times it's an expression that's only used by the British (a certain type of British, mind you) in the interrogative sense. In common english it's
>used to ask for confirmation or repetition or to express inquiry in anticipation of the listener's or reader's agreement
You'd have to be extremely detached from colloquial usage of english if you genuinely believe that it's a legitimate term, or maybe just an overconfident ESL. Might as well start using Hark instead of Hey at that point

>add punctuations
>avoid putting ellipsis on a separate line
Yeah I wasn't sure about these. One of the guides said use punctuation but the original Japanese didn't sometimes, and I looked back on the previously translated chapter and they didn't either. And I generally tried to avoid putting ellipsis on a separate line, but wasn't sure if it was a big deal.

>don't translate え as eh. tl it as Huh?
Okay. I did in a later instance later actually cause it sounded better. But I thought it was a case by case basis.

>center and resize the jagged bubble text
Yeah it does look weird now that I look again

>resize all text in general to make it a little smaller
Okay, if you say so.

Man, you won't like the other pages.

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It's Shueisha, 1200 is all you're gonna get.

Listen, just because you went to ESL school and your teacher and textbook told you this, doesn't mean that native English speakers anywhere actually follow what you think should be true.
"Eh?" as a synonym for "Huh?" is older than all existing English speaking nations, and you should just accept that just like you should accept the singular "they" which I'm sure you also rant about.

Lets see how long it takes you to find one example of "eehhh" uttered in surprise in english media.

>but the original Japanese didn't sometimes
indeed, japanese usage of punctuation really doesn't translate that well into english. for now just add your periods.

it being archaic actually proves my point ESL retard-kun.

except he can't

Don't you mean "Hark,"?

How do I get into scanlating if I can’t speak or write a single lick of Japanese?

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Regardless of whether it's really used in English or not, it's close enough to normal English that people will still get what you mean when you put "eh" in. And that's what really matters, being understood. Your job is to translate, if you want to make buttery-smooth dialogue then write your own book or comic.

>replying to yourself

Find a translator and offer to do redrawing, typesetting, and/or proofreading for them.

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Where's the best place to find raws now? I'm only able to find raws with watermark. I'm probably going to end needing to buy raws at this point.

>And that's what really matters, being understood
Now you're just coping.

keep telling yourself that

hasn't stopped half the scan groups out there

>it being archaic
It might be old, but it still carries the same meaning to this day, retard. Nice dodge, but back to class for you.

I usually get my raws from manga-zip dot net but later volumes of series often end up being magazine scans instead of tankoubons, so look out for that.

Buying them is the only way and has been for a long time. All public raws are shit quality.

>1200 is all you're gonna get.

Buy paper and scan it?

Thanks, I found the magazine in ten seconds, but the tankoubon I was looking for wasn't there. I probably need to buy it anyways if I want the best quality.

>You'd have to be extremely detached from colloquial usage of english if you genuinely believe that it's a legitimate term
kys zoomer trash

"Heh" can be mistaken as a snicker/laugh. The rest are all valid, though.

Yeah but buying them is a hassle, I have to set up and use VPN to buy tankoubons for some reason, same for buying magazines older than three months I think.


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You don't need a VPN to buy most tankobon. Unless you live in some third world shithole that happens to be banned while civilized places aren't.
Most magazines can be bought for up to a year, you shouldn't really need more than that.

I need to if I want to pay with paypal, I can use credit card but I don't want them to have my credit card information if they find out I do scanlation.

>Unless you live in some third world shithole
There are still Americans doing scanlation believe it or not

I can pay with Paypal without VPN.

Writing an advice doc for proofreaders. Let’s hear those top tips editorial anons.

Then it's probably because I'm in Gayropa.

Will you share it here when it's done?

No, you're just making up excuses.

You can't teach proper English through one pdf.

I'm sort of confused over why you think I would lie about it. What do I have to gain by doing that.

What'd he do this time?

I haven't seen him in a while, but he really hates my guts. I do typesetting poorly and no redrawing just to spite him.

I can't stress this enough, make sure you emphasize how important breading room between chapter releases is. Drone TLs and monkey TSs have a tendency to shit out chapters on weekly basis like they're junk food for readers to stuff their faces with when in reality manga are closer to fine cuisine, best savored once every couple of months or so.