Summer Time Rendering

The copy is superior to the original.

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her shadow would just murder you

Wonder how far Episode 4 will get to, I can't imagine they'd be able to fit the rest of the festival into one episode.

Would be neat if they could end the ep where the festival "ends", but it might be pushing it. Maybe if they skip OP and/or ED again.

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Last episode ended right at Volume 1/Ch 10 and the festival ends at Chapter 19, so at the current pace it's going to be a two parter. But given how there's only 25 episodes to work with they're going to need to start rushing and cutting eventually, so who knows.

Going by the released preview, the episode will likely end at chapter 17. Next week we will see the end of the festival.

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That's pretty good, if we're lucky we'll see the four armed fucker at the end.

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Dawn of the final day, 2 hours remain.

Shirou likes this

>TOKYO MX、BS11 ▶︎24:00〜
Oh shit, I finally made it in time for once

Didn't shadow Mio just want to kill the original and take her place? So by herself, she's only a threat to one person.

Because in her effort to murder the original she becomes even more original than the original?

Did you forget how she killed the police guy and copied him on the spot?

Maybe she killed him because he was a perv.

All the shadows do, so you're right, but because of Haine they're a massive fucking problem for everyone on the island.

30 minutes remain.

What would sex with original Mio be like?

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She's a monster, not your wife.

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Office ladies aren't this hot

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dumb shadow
you can't ski in summer

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Ushio's shadow is indifferent from original, but Mio's is definitely far more superior than herself.

>Chapter 11 already finished
I forgot how short some of these chapters are.

Ruh roh.

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It's like Sakura and BB.

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What's that? You like fireworks?

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Brownbros we never had a chance, Ushio is so cute.

Why doesn't Summer Time Rendering just tell everyone he's on a time loop?

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And let the shadows in on it by mistake? Fuck that

rip sou...

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sou is such a chad

Next episode.

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The pace is pretty fast if this is the halfway point.

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Browndestroyer alpha female.

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No, shinchan, you are the demons.

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This guy was such a fucking nightmare to deal with when he finally reappears in a later loop

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So that's how they will censor.

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thot destroyed

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