Is it just me or is Chinese animation unironically getting really damn good?

Is it just me or is Chinese animation unironically getting really damn good?

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It's just you.

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Don’t care the fact that the characters speak chinese makes it fucking disgusting it sounds like a language made specifically for a race or evil rat subhumans

You are not wrong, chinamen will outdo nipmen in your lifetime.

There are some good Korean and Chinese animators. Doesn't mean full length TV & movie animation from those countries is any good over all.

not matter how good the show might be, as soon as hear that disgusting CHING CHONG BING MONG it goes off, horrible language to listen to.

Link Click was pretty good, I've heard.

Why does Mandarin sound so fucking disgusting but Cantonese and Hokkien doesn't?

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Now watch the actual anime of the 1st OP you linked. Looks amateurishly bad with only a couple of good cuts here and there.

King's Avatar S3 when?
I want Happy vs Excelent Era

Good individual animations but the cuts and the music don't feel linked together. It's slightly better on the second video.

Problem is it's never going to be good because of gay ass censorship laws.

Look how much better the sync is between the cuts and the video
it's almost like the animation is singing the song

nowadays it's much easier to make flashy visuals like in the chinese op but nothing can replace soulful talent


too bad chinks cant write anything that isnt generic xianxia

I feel like I should be impressed but something looks really off.

Probably the forced 60fps

I guess. What's up with that? Is that what the chinese prefer?

Keep coping, Reverend Insanity is better than any nipshit you care to name

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It's not some chinese exclusive thing at least, you can find things artificially made into 60fps all over.

it's not just the bikinis the would kill anything that's remotely fun or deep. It's like having a reddit mod dictate what content you can and cant publish.

most Chinese animation I've seen is just 3d garbage talking about some old lore.

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Reverend inasanity is the best story I have ever read! only 10/10 story

The first op looks great but that's about it.

i remember i made a thread similar to this last year and this samefag was here lmfaao
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The chinks are always producing good wuxia animation, when I watched link click i can't stomach the sound of the chinese language and how monotonous it is, esp the mc and white haired chink. But as i watch further episodes, it grew on me and I just disregard the chinky monotone and no emotions.. maybe I'll anticipate season 2 for it


>cant refute
name 5 chinese anime's that were funny and liked globally.

>interpolated 60fps video
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Xianxia in theory is based but as modern chinese write it its fucking sterile and the censorship only makes it worse.
Also, chink morality is disgusting.

not going to watch that
but good animation doesnt mean anything if the anime itself is bad
i'd rather watch good anime with bad animation than bad anime with good animation
watching bad anime for good animation is like playing a video game for the graphics instead of the gameplay

>2 chinkshit threads at the same time
You chink cockroaches are fucking disgusting, stop riding Jap dick

The webnovel that user mentioned was banned by the CCP specifically because it went against their cenrorship and criticised many aspects of Chinese society

China has no Danmei love and no bikini. Therefore it's better.

>my yellow man is better than your yellow man
Do you retards listen to yourselves?

Sadly their stories are either average at best or straight up sucks

generally anime that have a mix of both fanservice and decent plot do better than ones that stick to one.

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Not the yellow man with literally pigsqueak disgusting language though, chinkchongchangchung for you cockroach


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>on Yea Forums
He spams this nonsense everywhere. Mental illness is a terrifying thing as it can happen to anyone if they just get hit in the head the wrong way.

And none of them post a good Chinese

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It's probably a chinkfag trying to defend his thread instead of, i don't know, post a good Chinese stuffs

Jap has better sounding language than chink so Jap instantly better in my opinion. Also the so called chink "anime" "manga" is just literally a poor man copy cat version of jap anime/manga lol. Why chinks doesn't invent their own "cartoon" art lol? i thought they hates japs very much?

Japan also have Yuri, Lollicon. That's why it is more mature and better.

Holy cringe
Why don't you faggot post the only Donghua with good source material ?

chink martial art is a joke

Please gain a better taste in China

Which one is the biggest example of Yea Forums failing to self-moderate?

>Those flips
LMAO i am dead.

Eh. Is it even sustainable? I'm sure that many anime studios could go all out like this, but since the sales and profits would be the exact same, it really isn't worth it.

no need to cope over a chinese cartoon. its already surpassing studios like kyoani and the like

cowboy bebop is based on the manga

Don't really care, china has manpower so the animations is already better than the average anime, but the webm you posted is just cringe chink kungfu crap. Chink martial art is a joke and that webm just showed it

Korean too, i was watching some Korean live tv shows and their nasty ass eating habits coupled with their annoying language just completely turned me off.

How does it feel having a far worse taste than an obnoxious, deranged Mauritanian ?

>Why chinks doesn't invent their own "cartoon" art lol?
Because all free thinkers are immediately sent to prison

Any time I feel insecure about my mental state bikini user gives my ego a massive boost

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Ravages of time is really the last hope of Chinese

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bikinis aren't banned in korea

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The janitors are actively protecting CCP troll farm employees advertising for off-topic garbage.

I thought South Koreans are the ones who ban bikinis? North Korea also bans bikinis I think but they are based compared to soiboy korea.

Why couldn't Link click get Top 10 in dAnime's ranking then? Because it is too childish for Banning bikini costumes?