Spy x Family

Director is Loid's father?

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Yor will fix Spoofy.
All she has to do is hug him

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>Director is Twilight's dad
Yeah it's pretty plausible, considering he's a filthy Ostanian apologist who slaps his own son for wanting to defend his own country and frequently fights with his own wife. Traitorous fuck, Garden will burn to ashes.

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Imagine the rough sex between Spoofy and Thorn Princess

>Slaps his own son
>Berates his wife
>"T-there is not going to be a war! Ostanians are people just like us! L-love and peace, except for you and your whore mother!"
What the fuck was his problem?


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he has an ostanian mistress

>only in elementary school
>an absolute unit
I want Bill to be voiced by the deepest-voiced VA Japan has to offer, for the keks.

I vote for Morikawa Toshiyuki.

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Tetsu Inada

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>played grade school ball you know? Could've gone pro if I didn't miss that stella star

Next chapter when? This week or next one?

But user, Loid's mother is the mistress.

he can't keep getting away with it

this show is okay but how the fuck is it ranked second best anime ?
>inb4 taking myanimelist seriously
i know, but still

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Because it's artificially good

I'm more surprised at the worst SNK season being 3rd

Manga is so good the anime is getting caught in the slipstream.

Because it's good. What's so hard to understand?

So they both start killing young, but one is traumatized, and one is just fine?

You should never use mal as prove of a show being good or bad, people just spam 10 with bots accounts. Also, just look what has first place, the only use that page has is to search for va.

The destroyer of Garden
>son of military general
>monstrous strength since young age
>brain is smart enough to get into Eden
>the champion of kindergarten

Don't ever use MAL for your reference
Almost all of my favorite series is sitting on upper #1000ish. Spy x Family is rare case where they got it right for once

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Spoofy did it solely for revenge. The man lost everything and is now broken and alone.

Yor not only didn't lose everything and isn't alone, but hers is essentially just taking out the trash. At least that's what she was told. Trash that would have resulted in more children like her had they not been cleaned up.

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>artificially good
Is this the new ”fun is just a buzzword”?

>he missed the thread
oh user

The other one is retarded
Please understand.

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If only there was a post that explained it pretty well...

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Oh yeah because the rest of that list is perfectly sensible

The weak should fear the strong

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>he missed it
lucky bastard.

Loid is a manipulative asshole and I hope Yuri beats the shit out of him, Yor doesn't deserve this

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This post explains it pretty well:

That wasn't Loid, that was Twilight.

What the fuck

327K likes on Twitter for a straight white couple is massive

what is their appeal again?

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If you count slavs as white then yes, they are

Yor didn't throw away her identity repeatedly for "the greater good". Having Yuri as a reason to fight for grounded her throughout her life, that's why it's more straightforwards for her to Inuit what she wants and change her perspective earlier on into something she had to do v.s. unnecessary senseless killing that causes internal strife.

Loid didn't have that same purpose to ground him after his family died, so he went in with the vague notion of ending war- which is too big for anyone to single handedly take on. But he tries harder and harder to anyways by throwing more of himself away to eventually become "twilight". Without an actual person to care for and only the mission, of course it whittles him down internally into someone who doesn't know anymore what they really want in other people or fully recognize that he's come to care about others again.
Tldr: twilight's a mess because he had nothing but the 'guidance' of the state at war which is no guidance at all. Yor is similar, but having Yuri to take care of helped her stay centered on knowing herself and doing what she had to protect whom she cares about. Yuri is the reason she's not an internal mess, because making sure her brother grew up with better chances then her helped her put a stop to thinking on the aimless / senselessness of killing and war that Loid couldn't avoid.

I don't know what white is anymore. Aren't they from NotGermany? Shouldn't that be white?

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>straight white couple
>being annoyed by normality
wonder why nobody likes gay people

>gay people
that's an oxymoron

Onions x Onions

what does hunter x hunter have to do with this

Pairing halfbreeds with whites tickle the west's urges for colonization, hence their popularity

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>Typical elementary grade schooler, all cock but no cum

Germans aren't white

I want to breed Yor so badly.

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We know, Yuri.

Who are the whites then? Are they here with us right now? Can you describe them for us?

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>Had a tough day at work
>feel like giving up
>get home and see this
>suddenly healed, everything's gonna be alright

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twilight be gay as hell for not railing yor the second he laid eyes on her

twilight already fucked multiple women hotter than yor

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>Anya manipulates Damian's sincere crush on her for some spy mission
Truly her father's daughter

Who the fuck is Anya's father anyways

Yor is slavic

>62 chapters and Twifag is still set on abandoning Yor and Anya once the mission is complete
no character development whatsoever, why do people like him

>Loid is an asshole for doing his job
You romance niggers should know your place

>t. glownigger

What job? They are already fake married getting along nicely, there is no need for that shit.

Roland Spoofy.

T. Glowie

Yes there is. He needs to maintain the fake marriage and Yor is acting suspicious

Twilight knows that there is a better, more capable woman, waiting for him.


They're literal krauts user
As white as it can be

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No, her BIOLOGICAL father. Loid Forger doesn't even exist, so it's impossible for him to be Anya's father, especially after Operation Strix ends.

Her bio father is guaranteed to be someone evil.

Did you speedread the second Loid and Bond chapter with Loid looking apprehensive when talking with bond about duties

>the ostanians are the enemy, but part of me is the enemy

In which ways is this series appealing for an adult straight male?

Roland Spoofy sowed many oates.

>be Loid's father
>pretended to be a spy in Westalia
>your "son" started believing Westalia's propaganda
>slapped him
>mysteriously disappeared after the war
Can't wait for the epic reveal that Loid's dad is a spy, and Loid won't commit the same mistake.

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Unlikely for those abandoned by their own father not to abandon their own kids themselves.

>Roland Spoofy
>the soldier who fought in the Ostania-Westalis war
>sowed many oats
so are you implying that Roland Spoofy raped a lot of war-torn women who were under extreme duress during his tour? because that's what most soldiers do

>fucking Ostanian women
He has other issues to deal with.

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>drowns their children before raping them
Roland is a menace that needs to be stopped

That's Loid, not Roland. Roland is a bloodthirsty jarhead who wants to ruin his enemies' lives, be it man or woman.

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>missed the point

/jp/ tourist ESL here and i need some med

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