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Just in time.
Hi OP.

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Nice and early

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>Genius dies young

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This volume has my favorite moment in anything ever.
Hope I can hold back the tears

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What the fuck

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Based mindbreaking tactician

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Wild Sakuragi appeared!

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It's our time, tensaibros.

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>happy Mitsui
All is right with the world

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Are you talking about the moment he 'confesses' to Haruko? That's also my favourite part.

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No, but that one is awesome too

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The sense of anticipation is insane

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Is Sakuragi actually a genius?

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Only ten points bros there is a chance!

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Holy tensai

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>that bottom panel
Keikaku doori

God the expressions are so fucking good in this last volumes

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Are there any doubts left?

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Damn, Sakuragi got the opponent's coach shook.

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Lmao hiding behing the big guy...this really was a 200 IQ tensai move

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Manlet bros...

Oh fuck it's coming

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can't believe the coach just came all over asuka

Breathtaking spread

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