*nom nom mnom nom*

*nom nom mnom nom*

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Couldn't they give her a smaller burger? It doesn't even fit in her mouth

user, have you heard of chewing

Lolis can dislocate their jaws like a snake to swallow things bigger than their own head.

Artoria is eating a burger.

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Burger thread? Burger thread.

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I want a burger now

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one q uuuooohhh rter pounder please

Based American loli.

what the fuck is that

Hambaga suteki


thats salsbury steak

>no bread
>all ingredients disassembled on a plate

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is this the goyslop thread?

no it's the borger thread

What do you like on your hambagas?

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then you're in for a treat!

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Goyslop has infected japniggers too bros...

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No vegetables

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Cheese, lettuce, bacon, and a shitton of onions

No vegetables at all? No onion or pickles? Not even a leaf of lettuce?

>and a shitton of onions
Based and onionpilled.

Basically everything except pickles and potato.


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Onion rings, mushrooms, Swiss cheese

BLT, Fried onion ring, fried egg, double quarter with cheese and mustard.
Why is it so hard to get a fried egg on burgers in America?

All the typical stuff put in a burger and sometimes either avocadoes or grilled pineapple w/ some bbq sauce. Hope to see any other anons who like grilled pineapple.


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Anyone have the image of the jap sperging out about american hamburger sluts?

What place serves hamburgers with potato on the burger instead of as a sidedish?

Choose your burgirl

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Lettuce only, no ham, no cheese, no onions, no pickle, no bacon, no sauce.

i remember hating burgers as a kid cause it was too big


>and a shitton of onions
My nigga.

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Primanti Bros.

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It's not just a potato, it's basically mashed and fried potatoes in the shape of a patty.

Which is better, a girl eating one large burger or many smaller ones?

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comically large burger

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Does someone have that image or webm from Nosferatu Laika where the prime minister of notsoviet union says that the only thing the notamericans are good for are burgers?

comically small girl, normal size burger

One large burger, please.

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Give me bacon tomboy

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reminder that "aspartame bad" was pushed by the corn syrup mafia

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Both are bad, faggot.

Personally I think aspartame tastes worse so i avoid it.
Corn syrup also tastes worse than normal sugar but it can be hard to find soda that uses cane sugar unless you're going to a Mexican restaurant.

I don't care if it gives me cancer, it tastes like shit. "Sweet" for a fraction of a second and then a minute or more if bitter soapy aftertaste.

Is it only okay to share a burger after marriage?

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user no!

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hes in a better place now. huge tits are gross

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Is it true that some women’s pussies look like hamburgers?
I have never seen a woman’s vagina in real life.

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What is the point of shit like this? Is it weird American fantasy fetish shit that you have to see your favorite anime earing le burger?

your gross, faggot

This isn't burgers.

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Americans don't own burgers. They didn't even invent them.

It's raceplay shit at its most basic level.
>ahhh she's eating muh American meat
Amerifats are weird and gross

burger is Japan #1 favorite cuisine

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Burgers are good. Anime girls are good. Anime girls eating burgers is double good.

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