One Piece

How do you do fellow men?

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Usopp will have his moment this arc

Nami WILL save her virginity for me

Wano WILL be over within the next 3 months

>Yamato rejection
>Troon cope

Does Oda actually know what Croc's secret is or did he just asspull a reason to force Croc into a temporary alliance? It has been so long and the story is (supposedly) so close to ending that it doesn't look like Croc will ever be relevant again, let alone his secret.




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>even as a woman, he's got that aura
Then it's not really a weakness.

>He was the first opponent to defeat Luffy in a battle
Smoker bros we're not just forgotten, we're being erased

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Sorry, but I don't do fellow men.
I'm more into girls.

I'm in love with Charlotte Katakuri

Why did the mods delete the other thread but let the tranny one stay up?

the other thread was incest bullshit

Mod made this thread. She(he) couldn't stand the fact the other thread got more attention

Honestly I'm not sure

By Romancing Saga 2 logic, Hancock and Mihawk should be siblings.

Crocodile being a tranny makes no sense, he was probably just an okama for short while like Sanji

I'm afraid I took the liberty of disposing of that for her, long ago

More like 3 years.

Fuck it, it's getting 200 chapters.
Act 3 will be 101 chapters.


Plot twist luffy has did he has secret alter personas that are hidden


>The average Yamatofag

> Not in Wano

Oda was a mistake.

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You had too much to drink.

She really does have the nicest ass.

She and Smoker will appear in Act 4 and will linger until Act 5 when Smoker joins

Does he ever remember she exists?

Based, Morj.

>SaRe was too strong for Janny to handle


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Why would you want another worthless character in Wano?


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Could Luffy fit Kaido in his ass with a gomu gomu no goatse

Sanji's bussy is Zoro's

Tell me your secrets, Tashigis buttocks

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Linlin wins the ass contest

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Remove half of the Red Scabbards, Shitmato, Carrot, Hiyori and plenty more.

Smoker and Tashigi > every Wano characters.

>Janny deletes the kino thread
>the other one is a dead thread

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How do Zoro fans feel about Luffy defeating Kaidou and liberating Wano with Zoro "dead" and not being awake to see it?

>recent chapter is the same chapter as the last
>more samuraiwank, flashbacks, and Luffy using some "final" move
You know Oda you could've shown the SHs but apparently that's so fucking hard to do

Agreed. Except for Kaido if we're not counting his debut in Dressrosa arc.

Usopp's in it at least. Waiting for him and everyone with him to be saved.

In One Piece it definitely is.
No woman is capable.


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So what the fuck has Usopp actually achieved this arc?

Probably 108 chapters.

I no longer care about One Piece

Didn't ask

Letting an 8-year-old give her speech.
Not wanting to die and screeching it to those that want to.

he's saving Kiku's gorgeous ass

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kill yourself incestfag

I don't know which version I prefer, both are cool designs

He's gonna need saving himself at this point. Twice.

of course he will, he isn't a strong noble samurai

What if he was just a manlet and wanted HGH?

Zoro's shaved ass

I would prefer to suck on Zoro's fat tits

Imagine if Zoro actually straight up died, and Yamato took his place as Luffy's main muscle
She'd be the most hated character of all time

his tight sphincter can cut steel