MF Ghost (Initial D sequel) Anime

Are you going to watch it?

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No because the XP210 is the true successor to the AE86, not some licensed Subaru. Not that it's complete fiction in the first place.

The fuck are you talking about? MC isnt the same one on MF G. Why he should use any "successor" of a car?

hori shet

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oh cool. I haven't read the manga, is it as good as Initial D?


i know this bait will catch someone, but even the initial D anime had CGI, bros

captcha: GAY0K

Isn't there like 50 different Initial D seasons already

>starlet/celica/E110 successor

Finally a trailer

an ae86 beating silvia's and rx7's down a hill is fun and not improbable
a GT 86 beating a GTR in closed circut race is just impossible

>motherfucking ghost
sheesh japan

Been reading the manga since the raws of the first chapter dropped and it's pretty fucking bad.
It's all the worst parts of late Initial D amplified 3x.

No. There are too many things related to ID that it lacks.
>super eurobeat soundtrack
>arcade game tie-ins
>Weiss Kreuz geezer VAs

I dont care without Takumi.

What does the MF stand for?

Yep, and the art also got somehow way worse. It's basically just riding on nostalgia bucks from old fans

One of the Thing that carried Initial D was Takumi and his Autism
If you take that away it's just cars drifting

Probably, but I don't have much expectation.
I actually forgot about this manga after Mdex's fuck up, so I have a lot to catch up now.
Aren't the closed circuits used just mountain roads like what they did in Initial D?

>already starting off with good cars
>not poor guy with a rusted up shitbox

0/10 shit

only if there's eurobeat

Probably not, it does look pretty good for CG car shit, but yeah, probably still not gonna watch it

I feel like you'd like the anime "F"

>video title is "Eurobeat"
Cautious optimism, will catch at least ep 1.

86 is shitbox compared to what MC's competitors are driving (Ferrari, Porsche, Audi, etc.)

You're delusional if you think they can animate car racing for hundreds of episodes hand drawn


they could, they just choose not to, why do you settle for less?

holy shit are you retarded...

Yes. I like Initial D and i will be ready for it's spiritual successor next year.

this is a seasonal anime, not Redline.

This is the most brainlet tier fucking response ever.

I’ve just been in this place before!
Higher on the street


Technically he's right, but animating it weekly would be like sentencing animators into WW2 era forced labor

>Are you going to watch it?

Absolutely not.

ID is absolute shit. Never has a mangaka gotten so far with hideous art and shallow characters through the power of sheer car autism.

I remember reading the manga and it was so fucking boring. It's like reading the last arcs of Initial D all over again (regarding how boring it was). Maybe seeing the story in motion will make it more interesting but I'm not holding my breath for it


Final answer: no

>retards expecting 2d cars
You are trying too hard.

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Did the anime adapt the whole manga?

Impreza peaked in 1998 and never looked good even once since then.

Initial D had CGI since the very first season and everyone say it's part of the charm

Doesn't change the fact that it's a negative still

What set up is the 86 running that it can keep up with any r8?

Which are faster: Initial D racers or Formula 3 racers?

>have Takumi die off-screen
That's a no from me

absolute shiteaters.
I'd take a 24 episode racing anime with hand drawn cars over 10000 episodes of CGshit. People like you who consume pure shit are literally the only reason they don't make 2d racing anime.

>actual non-crap looking cars in anime in 2022
can't stop me from being atleast a little excited for this

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I don't remember Takumi being dead in the early chapters, is that a recent development?


Naoyuki Onda is a good get for this

Yeah, I don't read it myself but I remember a thread about a year(?) or two ago where in a chapter it's just mentioned "he got into an accident while practicing and can't race for the rest of his life now".
Was probably a thread about how Shigeno hates his characters or something.

He can't race but he is not dead.

It's not. It's like everything bad about the later stages of Initial D but far worse since the characters are even more bland. Also the same face problem is amplified in MF Ghost.

Also it's kinda boring.

To make it "fair" what happens is that during the races the more powerful a car is the worst tires they have to use. What annoys me is why couldn't the MC use something other than a GT86? Why not give them a RX-8 or even something foreign?

Literally the most soulless car ever. Well, I guess these days we've got shit like Teslas, but those aren't really cars.

Imagine having your previous series be about having the MC find his love for cars and racing, and doing his best to improve over the course of 20(?) real life years to the point where that's his entire life. Now that character and turn him into a cripple who'll never be able to race again and have it happen off-screen in the sequel manga.

He's dead Jim.

The competition has some weird power/weight/tire regulations on cars that just so happen to perfectly suit the MC and his shitbox despite being the worst car in the running.

The safety car

I really dislike how every other racer just uses high-end supercars compared to the MC in a normal GT86. Can't there be more variety in the cars in the race such as some other racer using a car like a Civic SI or a Golf GTI in a weak but skilled style, or a modified car with an engine swap like a LS-swapped Miata?

because 86, and a rival using an rx8 would get my cock rock hard

Isn't there a shitty love triangle between the MC, a race queen, and the GTR driver?

>everything bad about the later stages of Initial D
Stage 4 started to get boring to me glad I'm not alone in this.