I can't take any story seriously if it has silly stuff in it no matter the 'theme" behind it

I can't take any story seriously if it has silly stuff in it no matter the 'theme" behind it..

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>taking stories seriously

Yeah my ex is like that too, turns out she is an absolute retard that thinks she is hot shit because of her social studies degree

then japanese media isn't for you

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You seem like a type of guy who likes sniffing his own farts and make pretentious comments

this seems awfully too detailed? I think you are projecting.

I mean I like sniffing my own fart under the blanket, but this is beside the point

Don't worry kid, everyone grows out of their edgy phase eventually.

That's a shame, but not everyone can do everything. It's important to know your limits.

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Ok chuuni

>I mean I like sniffing my own fart under the blanket
kek I remember a guy who actually had this fetish and would sniff his gf's fart under the blanket.

>I can't take any story seriously if it has silly stuff in it
I'm sorry that you're a no-fun faggot.

But I really enjoyed Made in Abyss? because it was all fantasy. It just feels wrong to have a bat pop up and be god, while everything is just normal. it just ruins the immersion. Stories are great when they represent one idea and focus on it.

I havent read billy bat, but i usually only have an issue with that if something absurd only gets introduced like way late into the story

then how did you miss the point so hard in a comic literally about the spread of ideas

So who was the Billy bat?

Damn that sucks you should try non fiction

Your loss

Did you finish it? I think it's time to learn to commit
It's not introduced halfway into the story it's infact the story.

Billy Bat for me was one of the best things I'd ever read, and the symbolism of the bat was immaculate. At least when it hits you.

It's literally a story about Mickey Mouse being a god. What immersion is it breaking?

I think this was too baity for people to discuss the manga as I originally intended. I find it astonishing the no one tried to explain Billy Bat's role in the story or why is he a good character from as a counter argument. God Yea Forums is shit.

>It's not introduced halfway into the story it's infact the story.
Hm yeah, then the issue seems to lie with OP

>made a retarded post
>anons called you retarded
Woah... Yea Forums is truly dead...

>as I originally intended
If that was your intent you failed miserably. Nothing in the OP suggest you want genuine discussion.
>God Yea Forums is shit.
Correct, as long as you're here.

Don't know if you've finished it but he's literally a cosmic being. There's not much else to it, he's an alien that took on that form because of various circumstances. Obviously there's plenty of actual thematic meaning behind billy bat, but if you want a literal explanation of it, there you go.

I already made like 3 threads to discuss it but they just get archived with 0 replies, I made this bait just to prove Yea Forums's retarded hivemind. Muh 'old is shit', 'you are a newfag'. My posts didn't fail to attract people's attention, they intentionally avoid them.

>I already made like 3 threads to discuss it but they just get archived with 0 replies
Sadly you won't get much discussion going unless you are talking about the latest hottest shit and FOTM

I find it contradictory that the average Yea Forums moe shitter will accuse you of being a normalfag or a newfag if you tried to discuss anime here, when you can easily discuss it in a subreddit or a discord server if you want, I come here to actually avoid the fags. Just your average 4channer from another board.

literally no moefag comes on other threads to say that people discussing anime they like is newfag or normalfag behaviour unless provoked. and even then, they arent saying you're a newfag for discussing anime you like, they're saying you're one for shitting on moe.

you're overestimating the shitposters' etiquette but it's mostly just a couple of schizos that can be safely ignored

Depends. Generally, yes.
It's a delicate balance.

I especially hate silly companion animals/spirits

you should be upset about that shit being dragged out, not resolving anything and not making much sense instead.

Define "silly". You mean something that causes you tonal whiplash?

Your loss faggot

At least put the name of the manga in the title, retard
Most people don't know about it and assume you posted a random image to make a shitpost

You clearly don't take life seriously as well so I believe you.

I can't think of a single anime with no silly elements, other than maybe monster, LOGH and violet evergarden, the most boring shits ever made

How do you take life seriously, then?

>Most people don't know about it
This is your average phoneposter.

Well you have to actually attack the material you want to talk about you fucking amateur, not just say "Hurr, I'm a boring retard"

>nobody ITT actually recognizes Billy Bat or has read it
Holy newfags.

and it never occurs to you that maybe the bat is a metaphor?

>I find it astonishing the no one tried to explain Billy Bat's role in the story or why is he a good character from as a counter argument
What the fuck is the point if you yourself admitted you won't take the argument seriously because it features a silly character
are you fucking stupid?

i thought billy bat was a allegory for the interpretation of divine will and that each person struggles to understand its meaning because in all instances, you are only left with a charactiture of what God's intention truly is, yet ultimately all of those faulty intepretations coinciding with His plan.

Maybe after 20th Century boys shitting every single bed towards the end, especially in its sorta sequel but actually just continiutation, I never wanted to read anything by this man ever again.

Feel the same for Batman. For all the moody and dark themes it's just a guy in a bat costume beating up criminals.
40K can be the same when it forgets it's just a setting tailor-made for entertainment.

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You know, with all the anime adaptations of things I thought would never get them suddenly popping up, what are the odds of a Billy Bat anime in the next... 3 years?

Well thats just sad user, but you can always get your hands on some russian novels or something i guess

Guess what: Billy Bat is like that too

Ah, to be 14 again.

Pluto comes first. Hopefully.


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I'm pretty sure they can recognizes this very well. That's their level.

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The English language has few words to express OPs idiocy.

Yes and if you had sucked a dick in the OP everyone would have called you a faggot, but the retardation kinda stood out this time.

You talk like a woman.

Oh fuck, someone crack open a thesaurus.

>bro, go read Monster, it's a good, immersive and down-to-earth serial killer story

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if you want serious stories japanese cartoons for horny teenage boys are not the place to find them.

I'll most likely read this at some point. Read all of 20th century and am currently reading asadora. I just like Urasawa's stuff, I especially like that he draws realistic looking japanese people with noses. The actors of the live action for 20th look like they came straight from the pages.

I can take unrealistic things seriously.

Urasawa is great, but I never liked the girls in his stories, maybe they have a different appeal that's really not for me

>20th Century boys
>ruins your prefect manga

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I like how he writes from the perspective of several protagonists and have them eventually cross paths. I've only read Monster, 20th and Billy Bat however and the latter two kinda shit the bed with their endings

Do it, like other anons already said the ending is kinda meh but the first 100 chapters were really good and original imo