Shingeki no Kyojin

Will we see more Rico Brzenska i n anime?

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She should appear in the last episode

Fuck off BAcuck

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Last episode

Reminder that wanting fewer badly written female characters doesn't mean being insecure of competition.

>BAcuck thread gone
Kek. Fuck off BAschizo.

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please sister....

Dilate, seethe, etc. you know the drill.
Historia is the worst character in the series and you know it.
Even Mankasa is better, and she's literally a non-character.

You’re going a bit too far

I rabu Rico

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Mikasa? I love her!

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>hold on sasha, once my meds dissipate will eat eren

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Is that Armin with Knife or Historia?

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Same shit

Attack on Shittan is absolute garbage, full of plotholes, Isayama is a feminine looking retard who can't write a proper story or a proper ending. The only good thing about Attack on Shittan is Floch Forster, love him, the only reason I don't completely regret wasting time on Attack on Shittan.

There are far better manga/anime out there, like Baki, Berserk, Holyland, Parasyte, Monster, 20th Century Boys, Akira and to a lesser degree Gantz.

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It's this user

EH baby will play with BAby and JM baby
LH will have a baby in the afterlife

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BAsed BAchad

>You won't see Floch, Erwin and Historia execute the traitors

Sorry, but only boy Annie has ever had romantic feelings is armin.

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Cute and canon

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Of course not, Chairstoria would be busy sitting on her favorite chair doing nothing but ordering Farmer to give her some icecream

Genuine question, why does flochroach have so many pajeet fans? Every time when I saw a FlochFag, after checking their post history, 7 out of 10 times they turn out to be a schizo pajeet. Why is that...? Trannybomb is full of poos aswell.

Based poos

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The question is quite easy to answer. Floch is the closest character to being a nationalism driven hero of his country. Indians in general are really nationalistic so Floch usually feels right for them.

>7 out of 10 times they turn out to be a schizo pajeet
What the hell are you saying right now? So those are streetshitters making those Onion Coupon memes and giving whites bad rep? Based pakis

No. Her peak was Season 1, 2 and Junior High.

>grows from a coward in the battlefield into a brave selfless warrior and martyr
>was always a smart guy who didn't sugercoat anything, spoke his mind freely, even when he was a coward on the battlefield
>single-handedly organizes and manages the Yeagerists into a proper functioning organization that take over Paradis
>Stayed loyal to Eldia and Eren until his last dying breath and words
The majority of modern European peoples are too self-hating and brainwashed to appreciate such a character, that is why Floch has many non-European fans. He is extremely popular with middle-eastern people too, from the comments and footage I saw on YouTube.

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Why does Historia makes you seethe so much she did nothing

Fuck off pathetic asslicker.
>mentally ill samefagging
Cringe, Kys.

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>The majority of modern European peoples are too self-hating and brainwashed to appreciate such a character, that is why Floch has many non-European fans. He is extremely popular with middle-eastern people too, from the comments and footage I saw on YouTube.
This. Can say the same about Caucasia as well. Only people hating Floch here coincidentally believe that they mustn't have anything to do with their country other than being born there. Story doesn't have much nuance. Literally a /Pol/tards dream world, but it does awesome job dividing people according to their morals.

user stop being rude to her, Eren was like her only friend and maybe Mikasa.

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>Story doesn't have much nuance. Literally a /Pol/tards dream world
How so? Erens genocide crusade turned out to be a farce, he dies a childless virgin cuck, Paradis gets wiped out by future advanced bombardments. I think most people who dislike Attack on Titan are those who you call /pol/tards.

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She deserved more friends

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So beautiful couple

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Yes that's what I am saying by no nuance. Isayama built the world with binary choice. 2 sides and only 1 can live. There was no way to fight back the world without full rumbling. Population of the world outnumbered Paradisians 5000 to 1 I think and even after rumbling it was impossible to outbreed them. partial Rumbling could help only 50 years. It was either genocide or get genocided. Eren left 20%? They came back and carpet bombed whole Paradis a century later. /Pol/tards I am talking about wish the world to be that divided so they can actually justify their hate for everyone and everything.

>he believes any of that is nuanced


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Eren was too hot for Mikasa or Historia

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Kek you don't fool me genocidekek
You loved the shitty worldbuilding until your self-insert proved to be a pathetic incel

but mikasa looks like a model

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Oh, I understand what you meant now.
I don't believe that is nuanced, I misunderstood something else.

His hardening technique is too strong

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So pretty

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Yes of course. It's a matter of perspective you know? We saw the story from the view of Paradisians and that's why I was rooting for Eren. If you think I have any problem with Warriors trying to save their homeland then you are plainly wrong. The problem I have is with traitors actively fighting against their country.

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/pol/tards loved timeskip SnK though.

Perfect snk pairs

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>traitors actively fighting against their country.
Not canon lol
get fucked

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>Not canon
Holy shit I found a retard

This was the moment I hated Levicuck and Hongo. The way they chose to help their enemies and project their cuck minds onto Erwin is fucked up. Very fucked up.

Levi and Hange are other victims of shitty writing, don't blame them. They acted pretty occ after timeskip, like Eren and the majority.

Don't care, they are traitors to Eldia

Characters can be victims of their author, it's not their fault that Isayama wrote them in such an ooc manner.

You can cope, you can seethe, but the last arc is too removed from the actual story to be considered canon, isayama said it himself: he peaked long before it and had given up by then. Therefore it isn't canon.

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Levi is understandable but what's wrong with Hange? Levi was there just to murder Zeke and he's an Ackerman after all. Why the hell is Hange defending their enemies and dooming his own people in the process?

I hope this is true because I fucking hated characters getting cucked and becoming traitors. If that removes Cuckren from story it's a win. That's what I want as well retard.

nah cuckren is funny so it stays lol

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Yeah kinda. I want to see how they animate him crying. Oh boy that will be a shitshow

>the last arc
I would say timeskip along when Levi chose a kid over his commander for ''muuuh resting in peace because everyone is a slave of something'' like some ooc borderline schizo. If he wanted Armin to live then make Eren and Mikasa rebel against Hange and Levi or something like that

You will never be Eldian idiot