In an Anime mood

>In an Anime mood
>Come to Yea Forums
>It's all either nu-anime, or painfully mainstream series/movies
Fuck me, I don't care about anime at all, all I want is JAPANIMATION!

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based japanimationchad

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>Come to Yea Forums
This is where you went wrong. Fuck off, shitposter.

Then make a thread on Japanimation instead of making a thread complaining about anime. Most people also want to talk about newer shit rather than bringing up series that have been discussed to death.

Yea Forums fags watch the weekly shit because it has enough low views to satisfy their mentally ill elitist minds

Golden Boy is pretty mainstream

Based old anime appreciator. Modern anime sucks

>I don't care about anime at all
Fuck off then.

What are some good Japanimation recs? Preferabbly beyond the usual Bubblegum Crisis, Gunsmith Cats, Pat Labor picks.

Same as it ever was.

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u want taiho shichau zo ova

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Looks good, can't wait to check it out!

Genma taisen

Goku Midnight Eye
Lily C.A.T.
Gammu Settu Machu Pichu
Parasite Dolls

>Lily C.A.T.
Incredibly based, loved that one.

So go watch some retard.


Kill yourself, 2020 election tourist.

>how to spot someone who's new to anime
We've already discussed all this shit to death. Shame you weren't there, zoomzoom.

ITT: gen Z kids mentioning painfully mainstream anime and pretending they're somehow obscure

I guarantee you OP has watched less anime but overall qualitatively more valuable ones that the sum of all the moeshit and seasonal shit you keep shoving down your throat

I don't care if I look like a zoomer, I just want people to watch cute policewoman anime

The reason I watch seasonals is because I've already watched every classic, user. I'm not going to sit here rewatching the same stuff over and over again.

Have you watched Hanada Shounen-shi?



>I've already watched every classic
Not an execuse to consume garbage , move on to literature and arthouse cinema and watch/read every classic

>on Yea Forums
>no threads about my favorite anime
>don't start one
>instead start thread about how theres no threads about my favorite anime

I am sorry to have ever doubted you, sir.

If you're a fan of anime, you want to watch anime, not good works from other mediums. Fucking tard.

You're in a rut you need to broaden your horizons. At the very least move to the adjacent world of world animation.

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I don't need to, because I enjoy watching seasonal anime. What rut am I in, dumbass?


not most people, just most of the autists on Yea Forums and reddit.

have you heard of a story called... devilman?
can i interest you in it?
it's not animation, but it's japtoons.

That doesn't even rhyme

if you haven't seen memories watch it ASAP, best anime ever, all 3 shorts are top tier kino
Also unico and the island of magic, gauche the cellist, and toei's puss in boots from 1969 are all masterpieces of animation

retarded post

holy fuck I've been trying to remember what the thief and the cobbler was called for months, thank you

ozanari dungeon was a fun, high quality OVA

There is enough cel anime to last you a lifetime. No idea why people constantly keeps complaining about the way things are. Same shit in Yea Forums. It’s a “old good new bad” psyop which is so conservative mutt mentality it’s not even funny.

The janitors protect anti-Yea Forums and anti-anime trolls, yet delete frog and wojak threads. They are inconsistent and should not be allowed to be janitors.


there are only like 20 good pre 2000 anime

>have you heard of a story called... devilman?
Devilman is unironically one of my all time favorite manga and anime. Yeah, I know the OVA is unfinished, but what we got was so damn good. Also fuck Crybaby, way to take an actually deep interesting and nuanced series and make it pretentious wannabe deep arthouse garbage.

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There are like 0 good post-2010 anime

>le sanctity of my pedo autist board

polar bear cafe thooooooooo

>Come to Yea Forums
>instead of /ar/
Rookie mistake

That was such a shit all style 0 substance animation


I'd kill for an Anime Retro board.
Seriously Hiroshimoot, who's on your hitlist?

animation is an art, a more complex one than storytelling in my opinion

Then ghibili movies are masterpieces lmao

pretty much everyone agrees ghibli movies are masterpieces, yep

Anime itself is derivative of Fleischer and Disney cartoons, if you're unable to appreciate those you aren't properly appreciating anime and its origins.

Ghibli was a mistake.

have you seen samurai flamenco?

>he dosent know

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Ghibli makes the best animated movies in the world of all time and if you disagree you're extremely pretentious

There are like 0 good anime no matter the period of time.


DBZ movies thooooooo

>user is in Anime mood
>comes to Yea Forums
>instead of starting a thread about an anime he starts a complain thread

>start a thread abput old anime
>dies in 3 replies because board is infrsted with zoomers that only watch moeshit

E-Celeb hands typed this.

most anime coming out is bad, true anime fans should be complaining