>fight is meant to be the ultimate strength slugfest
>is just people explaining things the whole time
i hate this

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>explain things
wow such boring
>dont explain things
wow such asspull out of nowhere
There's never winning with you people.

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i know the demon back powers baki up at this point, i don't need a literal macrosecond breakdown to understand why and how he's so fast

Sounds like you needed much more exposition and walls of text, since you still peddle the powerup meme as if the demon back was a shitty shonen transformation.
It's always there, baki has unnaturally developed back muscles because of his hanma blood. There is no "powerup", it's the baseline.

I fucking hate punch/kick flurries so much. It's way cooler when characters take turns hitting each other with their strongest moves even if that's not how people really fight in real life.

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i don't peddle it as if it's a shonen transformation, i think of it more as a 'going all out'. which i don't blame baki for doing, considering oliva turned him to jelly just a second ago

Seems like an autistic way to argue semantics because you're hurt by the word "powerup"
It's the exact same shit as Baki getting kicked around for 2 chapters until endoprhins kick in and he is a completely different fighter

to elaborate on this further... i was really looking forward to this fight, and it does have great moments, but i feel like a lot of the narration and the 'average human' retelling thing happens way too much. i'm not saying you can't have that in a fight, it just felt like a bit too much

>he turns into a ball and swallows baki using his muscles
This and pickle arc are comedy kino

>ability that boosts power, speed, and endurance
>only bestowed through the special hanma genetics
i'm sorry but you're looking at the baki naruto eyes here

>only bestowed through the special hanma genetics
I don't think this is actually true.

>a heart
is fighting gay now?


Is being tall because your parents were tall a special ability?
>boosts power, speed and endurance
Headcanon, it boosts back power and that's it

I miss this artstyle

Baki should have lost that fight.

Baki should've strengthmogged Oliva and then obliterated him with actual techniques, finishing with a neat grappling move or something.

>Headcanon, it boosts back power and that's it
Demon back seems like a flat boost to everything. Hanmas also have the Hanma brain, or at least Baki assuredly does. Which may give you many advantages over a normal brain.

the retarded analogies are ky favorite part of baki tho

If it makes sense then it’s not headcanon, even if we haven’t seen it, just common sense

jack dies at the end of the arc

Does Baki have more cool esoteric knowledge like pic related or does it turn into homoerotic punching full time

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>fight is meant to be buff gay porn

I fixed this for you

foreshadowing for the ultimate mime

yes, baki is a meme
you read it to laugh at the stupid shit, not for actual fighting

I'm so gay that I caught up to jojos and even I'm not gay enough to read Baki

I refuse to belive it

It has a lot of philosophizing.

You're a weak gay

No I read it because I love the characters and themes

>People explaining things
This is literally all of Baki, half of it is cool choreography, the other half is pseudoscience and debunked 20th century superstition, and we love it for that

>What characters could beat Jack?

>And what characters could beat Baki?

The only one that could beat Jack CURRENTLY is Yujiro. No one else can do. Kegaya could be a difficult fight too, but we don’t know for sure.

Jack, Motobe, Yujiro and Kaku could all beat Baki. Probably missed someone tho.

Oh yeah, Musashi and Pickle both could beat Baki too

Jack would probably lose to Musashi but he would beat Pickle.


KeGAYa sounds better

I miss this Itagaki damn it.
This was the sweet middle point between exaggeration and movement.

If imagination has no limits why don't they just imagine themselves stronger than their opponents?

Yeah I'd have been seething if that time Yujiro threw Baki off a building there was no guy explaining how supposedly impossible it is to fall from that height and survive

It's Itagakism. The manga is not DBZ/jutsu spam fest. It's more like poetry. Read the Yujiro vs Kaku chapters if you want an example. Yes it's absurd but Baki was really never a serious manga after Maximum Tournament.

That’s true
BUT I don’t give a shit
Baki is still an amazing manga and Itagaki is still an amazing mangaka (except he takes too many fucking breaks) but other than that 5/5 stars

I like Baki too and it's the absurdity that gives it a charm. Like when Itagaki explained Synchronicity or why Speck suddenly got old.

>I fucking hate punch/kick flurries so much.
They can be done wrong but I like how Itagaki handles them

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It’s spec not speck, retard

They do be lookin snazzy nigguh

I feel that sometimes people in these threads totally fail to recognize how cool the entire sumo arc was

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Because the stronger you are the bigger your imagination is. It's not like it has limits, but their opponents imagination just goes further.

honestly i think one-sided flurries are the best ones, when you can actively see the other person getting absolutely smashed by it. kengan's constant flurry battles where neither person takes a hit while wildly swinging arms is boring as fuck

I don’t

Not true

Ken-what? The fuck is Kengay?

kengan is another fighting manga, ashura is the original and omega is the prequel. it's got a lot of sequences where two guys just throw fists at each other and lightning speed and neither of them take any damage whatsoever

so many cool panels so many great moments

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I know what kengan is
It’s shit btw

>grappler baki
>doesn't grapple
>the retarded analogies are my favorite part of baki tho
Baki is like Akagi but with more autism.

One thing that I don’t like about Itagaki’s art style is that he makes a lot of the characters (side character or minor/less important characters) look the same. Like, look at Katsumi and Kehaya, they have the same nose, the same eyes
And not just them, Itagaki made Sukune look identical to one of the sumo guys and had to make Sukune black to make him stand out. Itagaki… get your SHIT together

then why'd you ask, retard

>types like a normalfag
>is retarded
I'm trying read a manga not a lightnovel retard

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Suck my ass, bitch

Shibukawa is lame

It's you who's lame

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Shibukawa should die already

katsumi bros... its time

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it's obvious it's you just bitching why don't you leave if you don't like the series?

Why are you a Katsumifag? Why do you like him so much?

he punches fast and hard

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Eat my sock, I’m a bigger Baki fan then you, you retard.

Been a fan for at least 7 years now, so stfu and fuck off.

You know 1/10 of what I Know about Baki

So… that’s it? What the fuck? What kind of a stupid ass reason is that to like someone?

Everyone and I mean EVERYONE in Baki can punch fast and hard. Wtf?

Yujiro, Baki, Pickle, Jack, Oliva, Doppo, Spec, Dorian…. Etc etc etc

Wtf? Shit reason. Shit taste.

go stirr your conflict someplace else child

Take the L like a man and leave already, nobody wants you here