Is it okay to like Snake?

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Fuck Snake.

>Fuck Snake.
Ok I will.

You tell me

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Of course it is

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>literally the most complex character in the entire series
>fanbase hates her


She wanted to kill Araragi despite most of cast trying the same thing

So people got mad because Snake threatened their precious self-insert? Somehow I am not surpised.

I dunno, Snail is pretty complex

Its only mentally ill catfags
everyone knows that its crab>snake>monkey>doll>ghost

Actually, anything less than passionate love is unacceptable.

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Who's that?

My OC, she's pretty cool


araragi self insert? lol stfu cunt you clearly know nothing about mono i bet you didn’t read the novel too

She's 13.

I have a feeling it's because some of the fanbase is braindead and does not understand passionate love. So when they see it, they automatically think that person is mentally ill or has some issues, but usually it's those types projecting their problems onto them. jm

>most complex character in the series
The fact people believe this bodes ill for the series.

She's 2D.

Araragi IS author self-insert, at least his personality. A lot of character in his works share similarities:
>They don't want to live
>Low self-esteem
>Hate interact with others
>Some sort of psychopath trait, something always "wrong" about their mentality

You did not even read the fucking series let alone watched it.

What do her feet look like?

Passionate love? Is that like Deep Love?

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your examples are low iq hating to interact with others doesn’t equal self insert just stick to other anime if you’re cursed with a room temperature iq

Deep Passionate Love.

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keep telling yourself that, user.
Have you read Nisio's other works? He has his obligatorily self-insert character in every single one of them.

Reminder that this "show" is pretentious and made for literal perverts, anyone who likes it is a degenerate and probably autistic.

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WELL spoken.

And the dialogue is 90% useless garbage.

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How so?

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you probably have zero taste go watch shonen

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Go be a PEDOphile.

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That would be an insult if i was a paedophile but luckily I'm not a paedophile since I'm attracted to women, checkmate bitch

wtf is wrong with these arms and legs ?

the hands are malformed and monstrously large

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Please explain in vivid detail what, exactly, this image is meant to convey.

This thread is all the proof we need that Yea Forums is fucking dead.

Being dead is not the end of existence

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Keep telling yourself that, user.

>shit until her only actual arc
>only actual arc included Kaiki
Sorry your shit wife grabbed the coat-tails of an actual character, but you got things confused. Might have been better if you had multiple arcs through the series like everyone else, but let's be honest you're not getting the final scene anyway.

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she's the second best girl,first is Bat
she's too complex for them,they can't handle complex characters
opinion discarded

what do you mean?

>is mastermind
apologize now, faggots

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As long as you actually like her character and not because you have some ultra degen fantasies about being last in line

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why not both?

Snail > Bat > Snake all 3 are top tier.

Is this a Monkey thread?

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I can have both. So vaporize yourself.

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I like the vampire

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Yes, snake is a great character, at least was when she got her own arc.

wait that's which season ? I don't remember seeing this

The willpower RRRG demonstrated by not fucking her senseless is inhuman

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Is that a dick shadow on the mat?


>most complex character in the entire series
that would be math