Oh shit

oh shit

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What happened?

no no no no no no

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Tarumi won.

oh no

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Adacute, i love her

I wish I was her

adachi more like hitachi

You want a fat girlfriend?

You wouldn't?

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Pure sex

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I want Adachi and Shimamura together
I don't deserve happiness

S2 when

her mom said a little bit of pudge is always good so she isn't self-conscious about her weight

She found out she's a gay dork.

After Citrus and Yagakimi S2

Book girl deserved better

Fat girls are smelly.

Adachi's smell is even stronger.

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god I wish that were me

You just know Shima's panties were flooded

Lesbians love fishy smell after all.

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Literally just Adachi and Shimamura if they lived in an aquarium.

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How did she catch the gay?

She's the one spreading the gay.

>ywn have an adagf
It isn't fair, bros

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By me.

Well done Shimamura.

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Buy and read the light novels
Hope for figures
Think about Shimamura every night

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I came to this thread for fishy lesbians and was not disappointed.

I utterly love how this author draws women/girls, he makes them look so pretty, what is it that makes his characters so alluring to me? Is it the lips?

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Buriki is not the author. And he didn't work on Adachi.

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She wet the bed? That is my fetish.

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This is a Tarumi thread now

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Tarumi is the cutest Yaya, at least

Daily reminder that the anime took the height gap away from us

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The cheapest prostitute too




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Cute consensual molestation


>making your child become gay by keeping her with Nagafuji throughout school
Hino's mum is based

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Shimamura later talking with one of the girls
>Do everyone on the class thinks we are gay?
>Yeah, pretty much
Also Shimamura later on the middle of the class
>Why don't you tell me what made you so gay for me Adachi?

>Adachi looking at lesbian porn for the first time

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uh-oh she had a bedwetting accident hope she got her pull-ups on

Adachi must love lesbian JAV considering it's all rape. She self-insert as the rapist and pretend Shimamura is the rape victim

Well, she is doing it right, rape is the only way to have sex with Shimamura

>about to lose my virginity
>Shimamura wants to play ping-pong

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Tiring Shimamura is part of the plan, less resistance that way

The lesbian brothel is two blocks down.

>I wish I could tell Shima about my part-time job there. There's this cute college student called Asumi all my colleagues are talking about and I'm kinda hoping she books me next even though I usually prefer older ladies.

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>Books Tarumi
>Asumi realizes she loves Nao on the same day and gives up on prostitutes forever