English dubs

>give Komi's dub a shot
>end up loving it
>check out other shows' dubs
>not bad
When the fuck did English dubs get to such an acceptable quality?
It feels like Japanese voice acting has stagnated in comparison.
You already know what a character is going to sound like just by their appearance alone.
>white hair, red eyes, killer, male
>Quick! Go grab that one actor who does the the soft-spoken, self-insert MCs, but with an unsettled flair!
Nakanaka's English VA is way better.
UNITED STATES OF SMASH was way better with the reverberation.
The last stand-outs I even remember from Japan were Hibike Euphonium's, and Rikka from Gridman

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>You already know what a character is going to sound like just by their appearance alone.
This is a good thing you mong.

Local dubtard shocked at notion of voice suiting a character

>UNITED STATES OF SMASH was way better with the reverberation.
No it wasn't. Just another generic Sabat voice lmao

And you dare to say something about stagnating when you praise the guy forcing himself into every series

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Kek in what fucking world would the opposite be good? OP can't stop huffing his own farts.

Dubfags get the rope.

Well put OP. Subtards are just perma mad because they arent japanese and dont know what theyre saying, and read subs because they think reading makes them look smart. Just read a book ffs lmao

starved for (You)s huh?

English sounds like shit, it is a shit language

No actual discussion or opposing viewpoints besides Just
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Even if that were the case, does it really matter if the (You)s are all the same. I could literally post anything else and still get the same responses. Wouldn't even have to be contentious. Could be "What did you guys think of the latest episode of such and such"
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Cringe tryhards. Go listen to your crappy burger voices instead of spamming walls of text about you licking their shoes.

>japanese VA is better because... it just is ok!!
Inconveniencing yourself so you can pretend you're japanese isn't worth the effort dude. Just give it up and watch the dub. No one is impressed that you're watching it the "proper" way and no one would care if you watched the dub. Just do what makes the most sense instead of continuing this weird inferiority complex you have

Why are you crying about it, user


One punch man dub is better than the original

I watch Shaman King with English dub because the Netflix subtitles are garbage and the Spanish dub is meh and it's surprisingly good. I still prefer Japanese, but it feels better to get more information while having a decent dub.


It's time Yea Forums.

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... or not. Did you post the wrong image?

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Who says we were rollin? I just wanted to talk about ninjas.

I like Higiri

when is this getting dubbed?

why snake team only got two people?

Remember when dub threads used to be an instant ban? What happened to that?

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They still are on other anime imageboards like smuglo.li
We got soft.

Imagine believing any of this. Dubing peaked almost a decade ago and has somehow gotten worse. I did like what they did with united states of smash though

>You already know what a character is going to sound like just by their appearance alone.
So should they find the biggest blackest girls to be the VA for lolis?

What makes an user seethe like this? Is it an affliction?

>Know the voice I am hearing belongs to a fucking pig who wishes I were dead
I would rather hear some lady I don't understand who I don't know shit about. English VAs have ruined it for themselves.

>killing your self
>and then your family

It stopped being funny for them. Mods aren't as autistic as you.

>watching komi
opinion discarded

dubniggers please fuck off back to r*ddit

A number of things, but the most important being time and practice. Over time they got better by keeping at it like any other skill. Old VA's started moving on from voicework and into the support roles like ADR and scripts etc, they went through the growing pains of the early dubbing scene and can better prepare new talent. Lots of VA's don't just do anime they also do a lot of voicework in video games so they're getting more practice.
Plus now that anime is becoming more popular overall in the west, Sony (who merged Funimation and Crunchyroll) has a vested interest in increasing the quality of dub adaptations in various languages since most audiences aren't willing to put up with shows in a foreign language, let alone a "cartoon".

Why is 3 girls the ideal number of harem member?

>find dub of komi because of this
>it's the same old squealing american ladies trying to voice teens
fuck you op

I'll maybe watch dub again when they get new VAs instead of the same ol washed up 40 y/o's that funi circlejerks.

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Whatever I pick sensei anyway

Dubamerilards deserve the fucking rope.

it's the same issue people have been blasting dubs for though. Too little variety in actors and I agree. Japanese dubs have sounded the same for awhile now. It's like same face except for the voice: same voice.

I'm an enjoyer of both subs and dubs, just depends on the series and the teams behind it so it's hard to make a blanket statement. But dubs go largely unnoticed because people on this site are really biased and autistic. They have very little concept of what good voice acting actually is and can't overcome the barrier of "I don't understand Japanese, so it sound better by default". A lot of folks here just regurgitate the elitist mentality of "East good, west bad" despite the fact almost all the content they consume is fansubs made by non-Japanese people.

Glad at least someone discovered the world of nuance. Have fun!

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Why do they upset you so much?

That's just a real roundabout way of saying they're purityfags user.

>not whatching it in the far superior CHADTALIAN dub
Kek. Pathetic

It's usually the script that ruins it. Nowadays, they like to insert some woke shit in it or something like that.

>white hair, red eyes, killer, male
>Quick! Go grab that one actor who does the the soft-spoken, self-insert MCs, but with an unsettled flair!
This is what dubs do, you retard. There's like 50 people total working on anime dubs, so you get the same faggots in everything.

English is not my native language, but I watch English media in English intead of dubbed and recognize the acting is better. Are you saying that's wrong too?


Are you seriously talking about typecasting in Japan when english dub cancer has some of the most egregious fucking VA reuse out there?

God dubtards really are something else.

Here's another to try if you haven't yet.

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>When the fuck did English dubs get to such an acceptable quality?
Since the late 90's, some shows even before that like DBZ, that was always better dubbet, even some fandubs/parodies are better.

This EOP argument is the most retarded thing ever. You're basically advocating for nobody to ever learn a language because they can't interact with it if they're not actively learning it. Just say you're just giving additional reasons to be treated like the subhuman you are.

why are subfags so sensitive?

Italian dubs are shit. Three talentless VAs on rotation.

Modern dubs are cancer, translated and produced by faggots who hate anime

komi's latin american spanish dub is objectively a better experience than watching in japanese

Look dude, I can guarantee, you will change your mind very soon, just keep watching dubs and originals and you will eventually see how lazy dubs are, maybe I cannot blame you for thinking dubs are "good", but I can guarantee you will change your mind, everyone always is like this with dubs, they are like "hey, this is not bad, this is good" only for a short-term.
I will have to disagree that Japanese voice acting has stagnated, the quality is of Japanese voice actors is top notch as it always has been.
And that is purely speaking about performances, ignoring the awful script changes that happen to some dubs, I do not know how frequent this problem is as I've stopped watching dubs even out of curiosity a long time ago.

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